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  1. 205 55 16 Tyre. Michelin Primacy 3 is a superb premium touring vehicle tyre that features as an Original Equipment (OE) for leading luxury car manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Its four wide lateral groove design enables enhanced performance with improved handling and braking…

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  2. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Michelin Primacy HP is a quiet, comfortable tyre engineered for luxury touring sedans. It provides precise dry handling and shorter stopping distances in wet conditions thanks to its unique rubber compounds. This also ensures increased sport handling for overall performance on…

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  3. 0-30 PSI in approx 4 minutes Switchable between PSI,BAR & kPa DPS Digital Power Source Technology - USB socket ideal for charging mobile phones 1 x 12V power socket. White L.C.D digital display

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  4. The new Lithion 2 tyre uses a flexible bead, is available in two sizes (23c and 25c (grey only) and ideal for your set of training wheels. Great performance, excellent grip and long endurance means this tyre if fit for plenty of hours on the road.

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  5. Michelin Pro Optimum Front Tyre Michelin has developed separate front and rear tires to take into account their specific requirements: The front tire carries 30% of the weight load and absorbs 100% of the braking effect. For this reason, Michelin engineers made it a priority to develop a tire with…

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  6. Simply a tough, durable efficient, no nonsense tire, it's a smart choice for everyday riding. 700X23C (23-622) / 30 TPI / 290g / 87-116 PSI / red, white This item is sold by 1 tyre.

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  7. Why combine multiple rubber compounds in a single tire? In the case of the Michelin Pro3 Race tire, Michelin engineers specified a 6mm band of super grip rubber on each tire shoulder.* The result is a dramatic increase in cornering adhesion, by as much as 27%!* Tread wear in the center of the tire…

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  8. Louis Armstrong, Louis Armstrong & Tyree Glenn - Satchmo at the National Press Club: [CD]

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  9. 235 45 17 Tyre. The latest from Michelin, the Pilot Sport 4, expands the envelope of performance even further with better wet and dry braking, improved performance, and even better wear. The PS4 is an ultra-high performance tyre which replaces the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, and is widely…

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  10. 225 55 18 Tyre. Whether thinking about a long trip, or looking for class-leading comfort and refinement, Michelin’s Primacy 3 ST is engineered for large and upper mid-sized luxury vehicles. Designed to provide exceptional ‘on-road silence’, the Primacy 3 ST is also engineered for long-lasting…

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  11. 225 65 17 Tyre. Designed for SUV vehicles, from small compacts to larger and luxury types, the Latitude Tour HP combines comfort, safety and a luxurious driving experience. With an emphasis on comfort and safety, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP also provides secure handling and braking performance in…

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  12. 265 65 17 Tyre. Whether you want to ride the highways in comfort, or go for an off-road adventure, the multi-purpose Michelin Latitude Cross is the premium fit for your SUV. It offers the off-road performance of an all-terrain tyre, thanks to the Mud Catcher tread pattern, so you will feel secure…

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  13. 225 40 18 Tyre. The Pilot Sport 3, Michelin’s Max Performance Summer tyre, is not only eco-friendly but also offers exceptional on-road grip in dry and wet weather conditions thanks to the asymmetric tread design. Michelin’s Pilot Sport 3 tyre offers the perfect balance of tread life, fuel…

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  14. 295 80 22.5 Tyre. The Michelin X Multi Z is an All Position tyre designed for trucks and buses in regional and highway applications.

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  15. 205 65 15 Tyre. The Michelin Energy XM2 is a longer-lasting tyre, offering great fuel efficiency and maximised safety. With a specially-developed tread design, the Energy XM2 is able to adapt itself to the irregularities of the road surface, providing plenty of grip - especially in tight turns -and…

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  16. 225 65 17 Tyre. MICHELIN Primacy SUV tyres are engineered to give all-round performance and safety to your choice SUV. Together with an optimised rubber compound and precision arrangement of tread sipes it delivers impressive wet road handling and maximum wet road grip. Its tread pattern…

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  17. 265 70 15 Tyre. The Michelin LTX All Terrain is a light truck tyre that offers amazing fuel efficiency an elongated tread life.

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  18. 205 45 17 Tyre. Looking for a tyre specially engineered for super sports cars and ultra high-performance handling? The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the tyre for the job. Whether accelerating hard or cornering at a high speed, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport ensures maximum grip thanks to the…

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  19. 235 35 19 Tyre. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres are engineered for ultra sports performance delivering faster lap times and maximum grip. It has excellent wet road handling with deeper tread grooves integrated within its tread pattern for effective water dispersal and reduced risk to aquaplaning.…

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