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  1. wombaroo-cat-milk-replacer

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  2. Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer 5KG

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  3. Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer 215gm

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  4. With his trademark folksy wisdom, Earl Proulx tells you how to recycle those things we all have lying around the house into ingenious solutions without spending money on fancy cleaning solutions, or pricey gadgets. Some of Earl's particular favorites are kitty litter (as a cleaner for oils pills and as a base for a soothing facial mask) and, of course, vinegar (to clean just about anything, unclog showerheads, as well as trap fruit pests), duct tape (as both tick remover and a protection against blisters), and milk jugs (bird feeders and clothespin holders). His fun and inventive ideas also include:Ant-proof your home with lemon juiceCover up furniture scratches with a dab of iodineUse powdered milk to soothe sunburn and remove makeupMake an earring holder out of window screenRecycle bubble wrap for a toilet tank insulatorOrganized by location inside and outside of the house, this essential compendium will make you pause each time you start to throw something (old blue jeans, ice cube trays, coat hangers, egg cartons) out in the trash.

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  5. Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer is a complete nutrition for orphaned kittens or as a supplement for queens with large litters. Closely resembles queen milk and has the same nutritional benefits. Feed new born young Impact Colostrum for the first day then milk every two hours for the next three days, then four hourly till the end of the first week. The second week feed milk every six hours. The third week feed milk eight hourly until weaning begins.

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  6. Complete nutrition for orphaned puppies. Can be fed from birth. This milk resembles bitch milk and has the same nutritional benefits.

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  7. :Lose a strap. Using your iWALK2.0 so much it is starting to see a little wear. Get some extra straps in no time! Strap pad included.

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  8. :Drinks are more fun and easier to drink with straws! You will love these straws as addition to your favourite Tumbler cup or as replacement. You can also use them with any other cups or bottles to drink your favourite drinks or smoothie. The straws have a ridge to prevent sliding out of the cup. The Cleaning brush is just the perfect accessory to keep these straws clean.

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  9. Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer 1KG

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  10. Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer 215gm

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  11. Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer 1KG

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  12. Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer Under 0.6 220gm

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  13. Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer Over 0.7 250gm

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