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  1. Antibacterial yarn prevents the growth of bacteria. Featuring a screw on mop head, the Sabco self wringing cotton mop needs no special bucket. Simply push the sleeve over the mop head to wring out all water. Replacement head available. Premium squeeze mop with click on and off easy change 300mm wide sponge. 100% cellulose easy change sponge. New improved wringing action squeezes more water. Scourer to assist with stubborn marks. Easy �Pull� to wring mechanism.

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  2. Thanks to its autonomous navigation system it collects and retains dust and hair on an electrostatic disposable pad totally by itself. It is ideal for all types of floors, and cleans under furniture. The flexible base is especially designed to reach corners and along the walls. Maintenance is easy and batteries are rechargeable. Easy to use in 3 simple steps: - Fix cleaning pad to the soft base using Velcro - Select cleaning program and let it clean by itself (30 or 120 min.) - After it stops, dispose the cloth if necessary

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  3. Take the chore out of cleaning floors with the DR FUSSY Spin Mop Bucket System - Microfiber Mop with Easy Wringer Bucket This easy-to-use mop and bucket combination takes the toil out of mopping with and adjustable length handle to suit the users height and high quality wheels that help it easily glide across the floor. The built-in cleaning solution dispenser and drain hole means that bending over to constantly wring and change water is reduced to a minimum. The swivel head combined with microfiber mop heads ensure every spec of dirt is lifted with effortlessly. Great for tiles wood and bathrooms the spin bucket system cleans homes in one fell swoop.

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  4. This high quality Home Ready Easy Spin 360 Degree Swivel Microfiber Spin-Dry Mop 9 Litre Bucket is a must have item to keep your house clean It is very easy to use and convenient to clean every corner of your house to make your living environment comfortable. The bucket comes with wheels and handle for easily move it around when it is full of water. It comes with 2 round microfiber mop heads. The mop rod is adjustable to it can be adjusted to anyone in order to make it easier to useThe microfiber mop head is strong durable high absortion and easy to clean The round mop is 36cm wide so you can clean more area in one go saving you time The bucket spin-dry mechanism is made of rust resistant stainless steel in order to make it stronger and more durable. In addition to that the bottom part of the bucket is designed to help clean off the dust from the mop so you can prevent spreading dust and dirt when you rinse the mop head. The height adjustable mop rod is also made of stainless steel for added strength.Cleaning is a necessary but a tiring thing to do and this item will sure make your life easier.

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  5. Premium cotton fibers can be impregnated with polish to enhance dust collection.

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  6. Unblocks tough clogs in 5 minutes Inside the box: - 1 x Tool: The flexible tool pierces and loosens the clog - 1 x Gel: The powerful gel penetrates the clog to unblock it

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  7. Clean hard floor simple and quickly with the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop. The highly absorbent mop and lightweight aluminium base make cleaning floors effortlessly. The Mop head’s special weave and long fibres break up and hold grease and dirt providing exceptional cleaning power only using water. The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop works on all hard floors including laminate, stone, tiles and wood.

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  8. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Danoz 23020.01 H2O Mop X5 Super Clean Kit from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  9. Fresh Mop - All Purpose & Floor Cleaning Fresh Mop is a hard floor cleaner designed for high-gloss floors such as terrazzo, marble and slate. It will not streak on glossy stone floors or polyurethane-sealed timber floors. Key Benefits It is a highly active low alkaline detergent- dilutes upto 1:80 It is safe for use on sensitive surfaces It is ideal for mopping - rinse free It is effective in hot or cold water It is based on regrowable raw materials It is biodegradavle It is economical, non toxic and ilda It is versatile and leanes a lingering perfume Available in  5L(Online & Instore) Chemical Attributes pH Level 10.5 +/-0.5 Sizes: 5L, 20L Perfume: Lemon For Use On... FRESH MOP is a lemon scented neutral cleaner that will remove fats, oils, dirt, spillages, vehicular road dirt, floor traffic, soilage and spills of all kinds from all hard surfaces, polished floors, tiles, fittings, windows, ducting, walls and paintwork. FRESHMOP is safe on terrazzo, marble and slate, cars and trucks. FRESH MOP is ideal for any surface not harmed by water. Brochure & Information Safety Data Sheet ( PDF 138KB )

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  10. Oates D/C Flat Mop Window Cleaning Bucket Part No: IW-058R Ideal for pre-soaking microfibre pads prior to flat mopping and ideal for window cleaning equipment. Durable and chemical resistant Ergonomic handle Extra wide shape Colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between work areas Product Dimensions: 310 x 645 x 445mm

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  11. 2-pack of steam mop pads to suit the Black and Decker Steam Mop

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  12. Includes 8 separate microfibre steam mop pads to suit the Hoover Heritage 5630 Steam Mop so you can use different pads for the different areas of your home. Buy in bulk and save with Clean Up.

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  13. H2O HD Steam Mop Super Clean Kit contains every cloth for your home or cleaning business. Set Includes: 1 x Micro fibre pad 1 x Coral cloth mop pad 1 x Coral cloth for window cleaning 1 x Micro fibre cloth for garment steaming 1 x Coral cloth for the duster Set requires H2O HD Steam Mop Accessory Kit (not included)

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  14. H2O HD Steam Mop Super Clean Kit contains every cloth for your home or cleaning business. Set Includes: 1 x Micro fibre pad 1 x Coral cloth mop pad 1 x Coral cloth for window cleaning 1 x Micro fibre cloth for garment steaming 1 x Coral cloth for the duster Set requires H2O HD Steam Mop Accessory Kit (not included)

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  15. Pop on this mitt to dust delicate china with infinite care, reach into tight spots and clean any surface – and the 75-130 cm extending aluminium squeeze dry sponge is perfect for floors and windows. The mop with a 30 cm triangular head is perfect for hard floors. Dry, they attract and hold on to dust. Damp, they suck up dirt and water so your benchtops and floors will be dry in seconds. You can even replace them when they wear out. Features: • Extendable Squeeze Dry Sponge mop • 30 cm Triangular Floor Mop • Cleaning Mitt • Use wet or dry -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  16. Lee Products-Crafter's Easy Clean Pre Moistened Hand Cleaning Pads: White. Quickly and easily remove ink, paint, glue and other tough stains off hands, working surfaces, tools and more This package contains fifty 3 inch round pre-moistened hand cleaning pads. Non- toxic. Made in USA.

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  17. Oates Clean Unlabelled 15L Mop Bucket White from

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  18. Heavy duty plastic body is lightweight and hygienic. Non-slip foot pedal and castors provide greater maneuverability

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  19. Oates Clean Dust Control Mop Microfibre 60cm Refill Blue x6 from

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  20. Oates Clean Sm-013 Car Wash Mop Complete With Handle from

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