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  1. Wahl Designer Hair Styler

    High blade speed (6000prm) for fast cutting. Includes cutting comb & oil, guides 1 - 4. Made in the USA - True Professional Quality. Shunt Motor for more cutting power. Vibrating magnetic motor for long life. Precision ground blades with taper adjustment for smoother cutting.

  2. Wahl Groomsman Cord - Cordless Shaver

    Features: Ergonomically shaped trimmer for an easy & safe way to trim & shape your beard & moustache. Precision ground high carbon steel blades stay sharp longer. Cord & cordless rechargeable operation. Charging indicator light. Locking on/off switch. 6 position ‘acculock' comb attachment, 3 close trim attachments. ‘Holds all' storage base, oil, cleaning brush and comb. Replacement blade set WN1001-100.

  3. Wahl DD5439NE Hair Dryer

    It is a powerful 2000W motor, integrated Tourmaline technology and two concentrator nozzles, the WAHL designer 2000W Hair Dryer helps you achieve salon quality hair styling from home. It has Integrated Tourmaline technology to reduce static and maintain healthy looking hair, High power AC motor for faster drying, 3m long lasting cable for durability and mobility.

  4. Wahl Supadryer Hair Dryer

    Ergonomic design. 1800 watts with 2 heats and 2 speeds. High power AC motor for faster drying. Bonus diffuser. Available in Black and Baby Pink.

  5. Get FREE Shipping Today when you spend $50. Made in the USA. Powerdrive cutting system provides even, smoother cutting. Taper control lets you customize each cut. Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades. New ergonomic design with soft touch grip. Color key on clipper gives you quick identification of comb color and size.

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  6. Get FREE Shipping Today when you spend $50. Use to maintail lubrication and top performance of clippers and trimmers. Ideal for all clipper types.

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  7. Get FREE Shipping Today when you spend $50. 2 Year Australian Warranty. Made in the USA. Patented zero overlap blades for ultra-close cuts. Self-sharpening precision ground blades stay sharper longer. 6 Guide Combs: 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm. Perfect for head-to-toe total grooming. 12 pieces included. Australian appliance, 220-240 Volts.

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  8. Get FREE Shipping Today when you spend $50. #7 snap on comb. For 7/8

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  9. * Self sharpening precision ground blades* 10 individual guide combs* Compact detailing trimmer* Easy, rinse-clean trimmer blades

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  10. KM-2 TWO SPEED ROTARY MOTOR CLIPPER A professional rotary motor, gear drive, fan cooled clipper suitable for professional groomers and vets as well as the home enthusiast. Features precision ground high carbon steel blades (#10 standard), cleaning brush and oil. Optional comb attachments available. - Powerful 45w rotary motor, gear driven clipper - 2 Speed operation: 2400rpm & 3000rpm - Fan cooled motor for cooler operation and longer life - Detachable Blades - Made in Germany

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  11. Wahl KM ACCESSORY PACK The Wahl KM accessory pack features plastic attachment guides in 5mm, 9mm and 13mm to get your customers started. Also included is a pet comb and basic grooming scissors.

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  12. Wahl Pocket Pet Trimmer A colourful palm sized trimmer, compact and contoured for easy handling. Designed to be hidden in your hand while working around the face area of your animal, especially animals that react to a clipper around their ears. Has fine toothed narrow blades for accuracy and precision in edging, outlining and fine design work. - Battery operated cordless pocket trimmer - Quiet, Lightweight - #40 'Fine' Precision Ground Blades - Ideal for around eyes, ears, whiskers and paws - Includes Oil and Cleaning Brush - Blade guard and user instruction - Two close cut trimming guides - 1 x AA Battery included

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  13. Wahl KM-SS Single Speed Clipper Clip - Groom - Shape! This Single Speed Pet Grooming Clipper makes pet grooming easier. Designed for all over grooming including full coat clips. Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Also great for horse trims around facial areas and bridle path clipping. Professional Clip Off/Clip ON blades for easy blade selection. - Powerful 45W rotary motor, gear driven clipper - Single Speed operation: 2400rpm - Fan cooled motor for cooler operation and longer life - Detachable Blades - Includes comb attachment guides in 5mm, 9mm, 13mm - Includes instructional DVD and Grooming Scissors - Suitable for all professional uses - Made in Germany

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  14. Wahl KM-2 Two Speed Clipper

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  15. Wahl Super Cordless Dog Cat Clippers For professional grooming - whether it's detail work or finishing touches - choose Wahl Super Cordless Clippers. Suitable for both cats and dogs, it comes with a powerful rotary motor clipper and a cord or cordless operation. The 90-minute run time is more than enough to give your pet a professional level grooming, and the adjustable blade makes it suitable for clipping pets of all sizes and all types of hair! Do you struggle to deal with your pet's long nails? The Rufus & Coco Safety Nail Clippers & File are easy to use, and��have a nail guide to help prevent over clipping.

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  16. Who wants to Save hundreds of dollars a year on Dog Grooming? Perfect for a full groom or an in-between grooming touch up, it will save you the dramas of knots and matting. Use them as often as you like for an in-home, stress-free groom and Spare your best friend from the pain of matting. A regular trim in the home means a stress-free groom. Wahl KM-SS Clippers Features: Powerful 45w rotary motor, gear driven clipper #10 Blade attached Single speed operation: 2400rpm Fan cooled motor for cooler operation and longer life Quick detachable blade system - optional sizes available Gasket to keep hair out of clipper Snap-off air filter for easy cleaning Flexible switch cover for longer life Great for use on Horses too! Contents of the Kit Wahl KM-SS Pet Clipper Grooming Scissors - standard BONUS Cordless Nail Grinder Cleaning Brush Blade Oil Hard Case 4 Metal comb attachments Buy Now for these Super Bonuses while they last!

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  17. Wahl Competition Series Blades are made in the USA from premium heat-treated, high-carbon steel for a Rockwell Hardness rating of 64. Wahl blades are treated with a special hexavalent chrome finish for superior rust and corrosion protection that prolongs blade life. The smooth cutting design leaves a show-quality finish. They are a fantastic blade used with the Wahl KM-1, KM-2, KM-5 and KMSS. They can also be interchanged with Andis, Oster A5 and Laube professional detachable blade clippers. We carry the following blades to make it easy for you to select right size for your needs. The price varies between the different blade sizes. #50 Blade Size .4mm #40 Blade Size .6mm #30 Blade Size .8mm #15 Blade Size 1.5mm #10 Blade Size 1.8mm #9 Blade Size 2mm #8.5 Blade Size 2.8mm #7 Skip Blade Size 3.8mm #7F Blade Size 3.8mm #5 Skip Blade Size 6mm Coarse #5F Blade Size 6mm Coarse #4 Skip Blade Size 8mm #4F Blade Size 8mm 3F Blade Size 10mm Ultra Coarse

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  18. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Cordless Senior Precision Fade Clipper Features an adjustable thin profile blade for precision fades, with a flat bottom that allows for closer cutting. The blade adjusts to zero overlaps with a thumb adjustable taper lever for increased flexibility. Expertly engineered in the USA for outstanding quality.

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  19. If your body was a car, you wouldn't buy it, would you? Not with all the upkeep involved. However, the act of self-grooming separates us from the other species on planet Earth. We care about the length of the follicles shooting out the top of our scalps, and we want our beards to speak of our wisdom, not insidious intent, a la scary back woods lumberjack with an axe. When you have a Wahl grooming product in your home, you're widening the gap between man and beast. Professional barbers have worked alongside Wahl for over ninety years, to ensure that every self-care product meets our 21st century expectations. If your memory tends to serve you better when you have a visual guide to work from, then you'll probably take quite the shining to Wahl's 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb Kit. Working alongside all Wahl ‘5 in 1' detachable models, these combs glide through the hair with very little effort to provide a smooth finish. Plus, each comb is colour-coded for quick visual reference, and store within a storage box that makes comb selection quick and easy. With Wahl at your disposal, they'll be calling you the neighbourhood barber in no time. 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb Kit features: Designed in the USA. Stainless steel attachment combs. Provides a pre-determined shave via colour-coded combs. Designed to work on all Wahl ‘5 in 1' detachable models. Combs simply snap on to the end of your shaver. Includes a storage box and lid. Includes: #1 1/8" Comb (Red). #2 1/4" Comb (Purple). #3 3/8" Comb (Dark Blue). #4 1/2" Comb Comb (Orange). #5 5/8" Comb (Yellow). #6 3/4" Comb (Pink). #7 7/8" Comb (Green). #8 1" Comb (Light Blue). Storage Box - 14 x 12 x 7cm. If you're shipping this product overseas, please keep in mind that all our electrical appliances are fitted with Australian/New Zealand electrical plugs and are designed to be operated on 230V/50Hz as standard.

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  20. Spare your best friend from the pain of matting. A regular trim in the home means a stress-free groom. Whether you want a between-grooming trim or precision clip, youll be able to tackle any coat type with these powerful clippers, capable of handling everything from general purpose grooming to precision clipping, thanks to both normal and high speed settings. Wahl KM 2 Speed Clippers Features: 2 speeds - perfect for home or professional dog grooming Normal speed is general grooming and precise clipping around the face of small and large animals. "High" speed is faster and is designed for fast body clipping. Quick detachable blade system Comes with #10 blade, cleaning brush, KM2 oil and instructions Versatile - compatible with other blades Removable filter screen improves air flow and cools motor Always cool: Optimum cooling and simple cleaning with replaceable air filter. Powerful gear-driven rotary motor Lightweight - 390grams without blade Cord length 3 meters - professional round cable Smooth ergonomic design fits easily in your hand BONUS ITEMS Large Slicker Brush to help remove matting Double-Sided Pin and Soft brush for smoothing Wahl's KM2 clipper is perfect for: The Toughest animal clipping jobs Thick, double coated breeds Intricate professional clipping jobs The technical details: Ultra strong professional technology: 45 W power motor for continuous heavy load Vibration-free due to shock absorption 2 Speed operation: 2400rpm & 3000rpm Fan cooled motor for cooler operation and longer life Detachable Blade Warranty of 1 year against any manufacturing faults - you deal with a local supplier with any warranty claims - no expensive overseas shipping What you get in your kit: KM2 Speed Clipper Competition Series #10 detachable blade Cleaning brush Blade oil Slicker brush Double-Sided brush Save yourself and your pet the stress (and cost) of grooming with a regular in-home groom .

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