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  1. The Most Worthwhile Hair Remove Cold Wax StripsDIRECTIONS FOR USE Before use, test a small part of area where hair is to be removed and wait 24 hours. If skin appears normal then to be proceed Before waxing make sure the area to be waxed is clean and dry If you have oily skin, rub a little talcum powder (baby powder) on area to be waxed Take out a wax strip and gently rub between the palm of your hands. This will easily help separate the strips Slowly peel the strips apart Apply the strip to your skin and rub several times in the direction of hair growthVERY IMPORTANT STEP — PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Grab the strip at the bottom and QUICKLY pull the cloth strip off your leg, in the direction opposite to hair growth while keeping the skin taut. Always pull smoothly and as close to the skin as possible Don’t pull the strip outwards or upwards. A quick pull will ensure more effective waxing Use oil or cleansing wipes after waxing. This will remove any residual wax Temporary redness in the waxed area is normal. Avoid exposure of waxed skin to the sun for 12 hours. Rub baby oil on waxed area to soothe and comfort the skinImportant tips on waxing: For best results let the hair grow until it’s at least 3 mm long. However this product works well even on hair upto 1.5 mm longWARNING Waxing strip should not be used on moles, treat areas of skin which are broken, inflamed, irritated or sun burnt skin with varicose veins or by people suffering from diabetes or circulatory problems Do not wax eyelashes, inside nose or ears, or directly upon private areas Not suitable for people with extra sensitive or problem skin or people using retin-A products Not recommended for the elderly or people with loose skin. Redness on waxed area is normal However if irritation persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice Keep out of reach of children

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  2. WT - 101 Electric Heater Waxing Paper Hair Removal

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  3. Double-Faced Wax-Free Tracing Paper-Assorted Colors 3"X19" 5/Pkg

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  4. Plain White Waxed Paper Straws You receive 25 straws 8" Long straws Quality checked hand made paper waxed straws Made from FDA food safe paper and ink Very strong and durable tlbc white paper straws, white straw, straws, paper straws, white straws, paper party straws, wholesale paper straws, white party supplies, white retro straws, white party

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  5. It's time to face up to facts waxing is the easiest way for men to highlight the very best aspects of their body and free it of unwanted hair. Now with Zeos For Men Paper Waxing Strips Refill and wipes it's easier than ever to achieve that pinnacle of male grooming, removing hair without the fuss and lengthy process shaving often requires. The result will be the same every time supreme smoothness, for even the most sensitive of skin types, that lasts for six weeks.Zeos For Men Paper Waxing Strips Refill and Wipes make sure to use the most proven ingredients as relied upon by salons for incredibly close waxing (as close as 2mm) without the irritation. For added care the After Wax Wipes combat inflammation before it can occur, making the best of Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil for tough, natural protection. Wherever it's applied the quality will be the same, sleek results that you can rely on.Ensure hair is between 5mm and 10mm long and dry and clean. Apply Zeos For Men Roll-On Wax in the direction the hair is growing and apply Zeos For Men Paper Waxing Strip. Remove strip as quickly as possible, repeating if necessary.Includes30 Paper Waxing Stripes6 After Wax Wipes

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  6. The wax paper is Insert in a food container or use with a plate ,makes clean up easy and you have less dishes to wash.You can use the waterproof food paper for many kinds of food.Can be used the sheets paper for baking, oil proof, wrapping burgers and packaged nougat etc.Wax paper pure, no fluorescent agent, high strength, good transparency, can be assured use50 sheets/box ,The size of each wrapping tissue piece of paper is 21.8*25 (22cm x 25cm ), single extraction, the use of very convenientThe paper can be use for Microwavable, Decorative, and Sanitary

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  7. :Whether it's an evening dinner inside at the kitchen table, a breezy lunch-time picnic, or a barbecue on a hot summer day, serve your food in style! Designed to be placed in the bottom of a fry or sandwich basket, these wax paper liners will help soak up the grease from your favourite pub foods. Featuring a fun newsprint design, this pack of 24 disposable liners will make both serving your guests and cleaning up afterwards a breeze. Everyone will love reading the news of the The Daily Fry printed on the liners while enjoying their favourite snacks. Perfect for french fries, burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, sandwiches, potato chips, pretzels, and more! The liners can also be easily rolled and shaped for use in a french fry stand cone. Serve and entertain easier.

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  8. :These waxed paper square sheets are made right here in the USA and are safe for food use.

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  9. :Features: Waterproof, greaseproof, non-stick paper. Suitable for foods, cake, stationery and wrappings. Beautiful paper and enjoy you own style.Specifications: Size:250*218mm Quantity: 100pcs Pattern: as the picture shown Colour: as the picture shown Package included: 100 pieces * Wax paper

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  10. Classic Deli Design - Perfect for picnics, barbecues, lunches, and concession standsGrease Resistant - This paper can handle burgers, fries, and similar foodsGreat for wrapping sandwiches!Excellent basket liner for fries and other foods!Microwavable - Can be used as a disposable microwave liner

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  11. :Features: Waterproof, greaseproof, non-stick paper. Suitable for foods, cake, stationery and wrappings. Beautiful paper and enjoy you own style.Specifications: Size:250*218mm Quantity: 100pcs Pattern: as the picture shown Colour: as the picture shownPackage included: 100 pieces * Wax paper

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  12. :Add a little something extra to your next meal by using these red and white chequered basket liners and sandwich wraps. These festive papers are sanitary, grease resistant allowing for easy clean up, and complement just about any meal. • Standard red and white pattern • Complement any restaurant or event • Grease resistant dry wax coated paper • Microwavable • Decorative and sanitary • Great for lining plastic serving baskets • Perfect deli sandwich wrap • Dimensions: 30cm by 30cm • Best for wrapping sub sandwich • Recommend use with New Star Fast Food Baskets Add a set to your shopping cart now!

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  13. Waxed paper for your microwave and baking needs! 6.97 sqm

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  14. :These waxed paper square sheets are made right here in the USA and are safe for food use.

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  15. :Keep your kitchen, restaurant or deli ready with this 15cm x 27cm interfolded deli wrap wax paper.Interfolded wax paper products like these 15cm x 27cm sheets are a great way to save time and improve efficiency in your kitchen or business. Their pre-cut, interfolded design gives you a uniform sheet each time, and makes it easy to grab the next one for fast service. They are great for a variety of applications!Multi-UseThese sheets can be used for almost anything! Use them as liners for bakery display trays, pick up baked goods to hand to guests or customers, or you can also package sandwiches and deli meats with them.Interfolded DesignThese wax paper sheets are already pre-cut to a 15cm x 27cm size, so you get the same, uniform product each time. And because they are interfolded, the next sheet will pop up in the box and be ready to go when you need it.

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  16. :BagDream Glassine Waxed Paper Bags Focus on recyclable shopping bag more than 10 years, BagDream is the professional manufacture which devotes to providing the competitive price, excellent products and service. •Our glassine waxed paper bags are flat without the square bottom, which cannot stand alone. With no expansion gussets on sides either, the wax paper bags are perfect for flat items, like cookies, treats, snacks and etc. •Please pay attention that they are waxed paper and not baking parchment, so do not bake your food with them. Glassine Waxed Paper Bags Specifications: ☑ Glassine bags size: 12cm x 17cm ☑ Package of glassine envelopes: 100pcs/pack

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  17. :Paper wax coated liners are the perfect compliment to almost any meal. These liners are red and white chequered sheets measuring 30cm by 30cm . They are a professional quality, resistant to grease and will last in the microwave. These festive papers are perfect for every day use, special events, and restaurant use! This pack of 50 sheets is meant for use with the BBQ Butler plastic food baskets. They come with a if customers expections are not satisfied.

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  18. Name: Wax Paper For CandyQuantity: 500pcsSize: 12.5x9cmUsage: Home Made Baking Candy, Sugar, Cookie, Biscuit,etc

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