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  1. Geraldine James, is a true flea marketing expert. She begins with the 10 Golden Rules (from arriving early and knowing how to work the stalls to training your eye to spot treasures amongst the rubbish). The following chapters on china and glass, textiles, furniture, metal, art, jewellery and gardens explain what to buy, what to ignore, how to clean and repair and when to call in the services of a restoration expert. There's advice on how to display your finds and how to build a collection. Finally, there is a detailed directory of Geraldine's favourite flea markets, from Round Top in Texas and Los Angeles' Rose Bowl, to the markets of Paris and the south of France and the country towns of England. Vintage, retro, unusual, quirky and one-of-a-kind - all these words perfectly describe the bounty to be found at a flea market.

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  2. Conservative and modest, this stripped-down black fedora perches high on the head and is part of the signature CREDENCE BAREBONE look. An excellent choice for everyday cosplay and costume wear, this hat fits most adult heads. Officially licensed merchandise for FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, we take care to block the 100% polyester hat for rugged sturdiness and long-wearing style. Faux suede brushed texture is as understated as the gribbon hat band detail that will give you an air of mystery, regardless of which city you might be exploring.

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  3. This Work With Me Book will teach you about building relationships with customers, investors, employees and colleagues. It contains lessons on leadership, building support, collaboration and more.

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  4. Let Andrew Winter give you the inside scoop on what you really need to know to avoid the traps and pitfalls of the property market. With his varied and extensive experience as a real estate agent, property commentator and host of the Lifestyle Channel's Selling Houses Australia, Andrew provides expert advice on finding, buying and selling your home. In this down-to-earth guide, Andrew takes readers through the essentials of the property market in Australia -- from how to win at an auction through to how to turn your house into a buyer's dream ... and everything in between! With his trademark humour and honesty Andrew also gives a behind-the scenes insight into how real estate agents think, and how to beat them at their own game. Insightful, fun and straight-talking, Andrew Winter's book is the essential guide for anyone buying or selling a home in Australia.

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  5. Aspects of the traditional property system in Australia and New Zealand are dated and no longer work for buyers or sellers. Many first time home buyers are unable to purchase, even with government grants and concessions. Home Owners are finding in increasingly difficult to make their mortgage payments, as interest rates rise. Sellers are unable to achieve their sales price as banks have pulled back on their lending, making it increasingly difficult to borrow. Negative gearing has been the preferred property investing strategy, yet why are Australia, New Zealand and Canada the only three countries in the world who use it for tax benefits? In How to Buy a House for $1 Rick Otton, with over two decades of property investing experience, lays out the strategies to solve these current problems. This book will transform the way readers think and invest.

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  6. Does your pup "go" where you don't want? Then you need the Spotty Dog Training Spray. Often dogs go to toilet in the same place because of the smell that signals it's ok to go there (they probbably went there before!). This is a good thing when they have previously been in the right place but when it's your living room carpet, it's not! Spotty has specially formulated the toilet training spray to help you teach your little pup about house training. The Training Spray shortens the time it takes your dog to learn where they should go. This Spotty dog training spray can be used to encourage your puppy or dog to toilet in a certain area. It uses smell to signal to your dog that it is the right area. Features: Easy to use - just spray on the area following the package instructions. Shortens the time it takes for your dog to learn where is right to do their business. Works both inside and outside. Spotty training spray 473ml Directions: Spray a small amount on newspaper, puppy pad, or any other place meant for elimination. Encourage your dog to smell the spot, and reward him for eliminating in the right place. Repeat this procedure until your dog eliminates there without your supervision. Always praise your dog for perforning the desired behavior - consistency is key.

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  7. Are you looking for an alternative to a career path at a big firm? Does founding your own start-up seem too risky? There is a radical third path open to you: You can buy a small business and run it as CEO. Purchasing a small company offers significant financial rewards-as well as personal and professional fulfillment. Leading a firm means you can be your own boss, put your executive skills to work, fashion a company environment that meets your own needs, and profit directly from your success.But finding the right business to buy and closing the deal isn’t always easy. In the HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business, Harvard Business School professors Richard Ruback and Royce Yudkoff help you:* Determine if this path is right for you* Raise capital for your acquisition* Find and evaluate the right prospects* Avoid the pitfalls that could derail your search* Understand why a “dull” business might be the best investment* Negotiate a potential deal with the seller* Avoid deals that fall through at the last minute

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  8. Two professionals with encyclopaedic knowledge of what’s on the market – having tried and tested hundreds of products – help you navigate your way through a seemingly impenetrable jungle of baby equipment and apparel so that you come away with just the items you need without spending more than you have to. Helps you choose the essential products instead of those that are optional extras or a waste of money Explains what to look for when buying, how to decide whether something is suitable for your own situation, and makes plain often confusing terminology Showcases star buys – those products, which are the best of their type and good value Alerts you to ways to save money, be eco-friendly or ensure safety Contains useful, detachable shopping lists

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  9. Series 3 of Go Back to Where You Came From will investigate how current changes in Australian government policy have affected the lives of refugees and asylum seekers, going to countries which are at the heart of today's debate - including Syria and Baghdad. Casting six Australians with preconceived ideas about refugees and asylum seekers and sending them to experience a refugee's journey, Series 3 will be the most compelling, timely debate so far.

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  10. Oscar-winning director Michael Moore returns with his most provocative, subversive and hilarious film yet. Moore plays the role of 'invader', visiting a host of nations including Italy, France, Germany and Tunisia to commandeer policies and ideas that will improve prospects in America. What he finds is that the solutions to America's most entrenched problems already exist in the world - they're just waiting to be captured.

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  11. Get the Right Boat at the Right Price

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  12. Practical advice on finding and buying a yacht new or used that's ideal for your budget and sailing ambitions.

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  13. HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business by Richard S Ruback Only from Mighty Ape

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  14. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Poster Book by Scholastic Only from Mighty Ape

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  15. Red Flag: Your Guide to Risk Management When Buying in China is a book for readers who source products in China and who wish to understand and mitigate the risks to acceptable levels. Sourcing in China can be rewarding yet challenging. Unmet...

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  16. Lead from any level with the power of buy-in Work with Me shows you how to master the art of the 'buy-in.' You achieve better results when people go along with your ideas because they want to, not because they have...

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  17. Go Back To Where You Came From series 3 DVD as seen on SBS. The series that got the nation talking returns, but this time featuring six prominent AustraliansSix Australians, most with a connection to the refugee issue, agree to challenge their strong views on refugees and asylum seekers by embarking on a dangerous journey which they see the world as refugees. Divided into two groups, they live with refugees in Australia one with a resettled refugee family; the other with a refugee on a bridging visa. They experience life on board a people-smuggling boat and meet asylum seekers turned back by the Australian navy. The participants get a first-hand look at human trafficking of asylum seekers and visit the worlds newest city a desert refugee camp, home to more than 80,000. The series builds to a dramatic conclusion when participants visit two of the most dangerous places on Earth and come under fire from ISIS. At the end of their journey, the groups reunite to assess the ...

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  18. Go Back To Where You Came From DVD is the complete first season of this thought provoking show. Six Australians agree to challenge their preconceived notions by living with and as refugees for one month. To do so they will trace in reverse the journeys that real refugees took to reach Australia. Along the route the participants will debate argue and perhaps change some of their opinions. Not one will be untouched by their experience.

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  19. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them All Over Print Collar Dress 2XL Only from Globalgear

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