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  1. The Fit Meter accessory is much more than a pedometer – it’s an activity meter that tracks a wide range of everyday activity. * Wii Fit U trial software download required The Fit Meter accessory is much more than a pedometer – it’s an activity meter that tracks a wide range of everyday activity. It records not only the number of steps a user has taken, but it also takes into account the intensity of those steps – was the user running or walking? The Fit Meter also measures altitude, so wearers get credit for climbing stairs or walking uphill. All of these data points combined provide users with an accurate overview of their day’s activity, including a detailed calculation of the number of calories they burned. This data can then be transferred wirelessly to Wii Fit U via the Wii U GamePad with just a touch of a button. The Fit Meter transforms users’ everyday lives into workouts, encouraging them to get active and stay active. The 31-days trial version of Wii Fit U will be available to download free of charge from Nintendo eShop between 2nd November 2013 and 31st January 2014 and will work for 31 days from the day it is first played. Using the software, users can stay active with 77 different activities, including 19 new training activities, many of which take advantage of the Wii U GamePad controller. Users who want to continue using Wii Fit U beyond the 31-days trial period can unlock the time restriction by synching a Fit Meter accessorywith their trial version of the Wii Fit U software*. This will allow them to continue playing Wii Fit U for an unlimited time. * Wii Fit U standalone game sold separately

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  2. Work out in comfort and style with the PULSE Fitness Mat and Balance Board Cover for Wii Fit. Made out of high quality material, the Fitness Mat can also be taken out of the house to your own yoga / gym sessions. Your balance board is an incredible piece of technology but unfortunately it is prone to marks and stains from regular use. The Balance Board Cover will always keep your Wii Balance Board mark free and fresh while providing extra grip for your feet.

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  1. Description:Compatible with playing Wii Racing gameBest Fit Slot for holding the Wii RemoteSimulation controlling, let you feel excitingPure White Color and made by Durable PlasticEnhance the joy of playing gamesPackage included:1 x for Wii steering Wheel

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  2. Description : Wireless Remote Controller for Nintendo Wii & Wii U Console Features : This Remote Controller is a wireless, battery operated controller that works by sending a signal to a small infra-red strip which you place at your TV set. The combines the motion-sensing technology and feedback technology. With motion-sensing technology, this Remote has the ability to sense acceleration along three axes through the use of an accelerometer. Audio and rumble feedbacks allow you to feel like in a real games acoustically and tactually. In short, this Wireless Remote Controller for Nintendo Pink is worth ordering. Designed for Nintendo Wii & Wii U. Build in Vibration Motor & Speaker. Cover by Money-Back Guarantee. Specification : Region Free : Suitable for Vary Region Wii & Wii U Color : White Note : This product does NOT come with Motion Plus Function. Package Includes : 1 x Wii Remote Controller ( White Color ) Detailed Pictures :

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  3. Description : Silicone Soft Gel Protective Case Cover for Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Silicone cover has durable characteristic & it can effectively prevent Gamepad from dust & scratch; Lightweight & Thin Appearance : Thus, it is available to Store Game Pad in pouch as well; Skidproof : Gamers can still grasp Gamepad tightly; Stylish Color Design; It fits Gamepad perfectly : Thus, all buttons are accessible to play. Specification : Material: Silicone Color: Black, Pink, Blue Package Included : 1 x Silicone Case For Wii U Gamepad Detailed Picture :

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  4. Description : LCD Screen Protective Film For Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Controller 100% brand new & high quality. Easily adhere & remove; Effectively prevent screen from scratch & dust; Anti-glare surface design reduces the glare when viewing the screen under strong light sources atmosphere; It fits gamepad screen perfectly. Ideal accessory for screen protection. Instruction : 1. Please do not perform the installation in the dusty environment. Please read installation steps from the two tabs on the front and back protector layers before performing installation; 2. Apply screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen. Package Included : 1 x Screen Protector 1 x Dust Cleaning Cloth Detail Pictures :

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  5. Description : Wii HD Connection HD HDTV Output Convertor Adaptor It allows Wii images output on HDTV via HD Port; It comes with 3.50 mm Audio Port for better sound effect offering; Supports all Wii display modes : NTCS 480i, 480p, PAL576i; Ideal accessory for Wii Gaming enhancement. Specification : Color : White Input : Wii console input Output : HD Female & 3.5mm audio Size : 7.30 cm x 3.70 cm x 2.00 cm Weight : 100g Package Included : 1 X Wii HD Output Converter 1 X User Manual

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  6. Wii to HD HDTV Video Converter Adapter HD 480P WII2HD 3.5mm Audio Product Features: Wii-LinK, is a converter for the Wii console, it outputs video and audio in full digital HD format and supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i). Using with just one HD cable, plug and play for true-to-life video/audio effects on your TV/monitor. Features: Video and audio in full digital HD format, no transmission loss. Works with DVI monitor. Hassle free, plug and play as you go. It can connect with PC speakers and headset directly. No power adaptor, no messy cordsjust use one HD cable. Supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i). Provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colors and resolutions. Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry. Specifications: Color: White Power consumption: Below 2W Supported Video input Mode: Includes all the display modes of the Wii console (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i) Supported HD output Mode: Outputs pure digital HD video/audio signals Input Connector: Wii AV Multi Out Plug Output Connectors: HD Connector & 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Product weight: 100g Product size: 7.3 x 3.4 cm Question and Answer 1. Various versions of Wii compatibility All output format Wii2HD support: 480i, 576i, 480p,576p, will automatically through advanced video processing algorithm into HD 1080p or 720p output 2. The output HD compatibility Wii2HD automatically determine the optimal scheme, TV set, projector, and corresponding output HD 1080p, HD 720p, DVI 1080p, DVI 720p, Supports all HD/DVI input interface display device 3. Serious fever? Wii2HD actual power consumption is 1.5W, in the long-term work, the shell will be slightly with temperature. The temperature is normal, can work reliably for a long time Package included : 1 x Wii to HD Converter

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  7. Description : Motion Plus For Nintendo Wii Remote Controller Plus Silicon Protective Case Designed for Wii Remote Controller (Old Version Controller which Motion Plus is NOT included); Lightweight & easily connect to Wii Remote Controller; Enhance accuracy & capture exquisite motion while during gameplay. Additional sensors can respond to wrist's slightest motion & induces obvious reflex; Now it is available to play Motion Plus Required Games which are included but not limited to Wii Resort Zelda Skyward Sword; Specification : Weight : 80g Color : Black, White (Optional) Package Includes : 1 X Motion Plus For Wii Remote Controller (Black/White optional) 1 X Black/White Silicone Case Detail Pictures :

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  8. Description : Black Remote & Nunchuk Controller Bundle For Nintendo Wii & Wii U Features : 1. Excellent design for collecting an original controller and motion plus togethe 2. This controller combines the advanced motion-sensing features of for Wii MotionPlus with for Wii Remot 3. Built-in speake 4. High Quality Anti Skid Silicone Case included protecting the for Wii controller from dirt, shock and damag 5. Wrist Strip included for safe when us 6. Comfortable to hol 7. Smaller, lighter and better looking compared to old remote with motion plus 8. Compatible with any version of for Nintendo Wii consol 9. Colors : White,Black Specifications : 1. Power : battery x 2 (Not included) 2. Cable of nunchuck : approx. 85cm in lengt 3. Length of Wrist Strip : Approx. 22cm Tips : How to connect your new Wii remote : 1. Turn on the Wii console 2. Open up the SD flap on the console 3. Take the backing off the Wii remote where the batteries goes 4. Press the red Sync button on the console 5. Press the sync button on the remote Package Included : 1 x Nunchuck Controller for Nintendo Wii 1 x Wrist Strap 1 x Silicone Case Detail Pictures :

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  9. Description : 5 Color Safety Hand Wrist Strap Set For Wii DS 3DS PSP Effectively prevent eletronic device from slip on floor; Suitable to most eletronic device included but not limited to mobile phones, mp3 players, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS & Nintendo Wii remote controller; Come with a safety clamp which used for fastening the wrist & prevent slipping; One set Hand Wrist Strap contains following colors : Black, White, Blue, Pink & Green. Specification : Color : Black, White, Blue, Pink & Green Package Included : 5 x Wrist Straps Detail Pictures :

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  10. Description : Wrist straps can safely fasten to wrist in order to prevent slipping; It is suitable for mobile phones & mp3 players as well. Specifications : Color : Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink (Optional) Length: 17.5cm 21.5cm (with lanyard) Compatible Model : Wii Controller, PSP, 3DS, DS Package Included : 1 x Wrist Strap

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  11. Features: 1. Exquisite design for Nintendo Wii Remote Controller; 2. Comes with Skidproof Design; 3. Support 2 PCS Controllers Recharge simultaneously; 4. Blue LED Light indicates charging process; 5. Power supplied by USB Port; 6. Ideal charging accessory for Wii Remote Controller. Specifications : Voltage Input : DC 5V Voltage Out put : DC 2.6-3V Notes : Regarding Charging Batteries, they are 900mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs ONLY. Package includes : 1 x Charger Dock For Wii Controller 2 x 900mAh Battery Pack for Nintendo Wii Remote Controller 1 x USB Charging Cable

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  12. Description : 16 MB Memory Card White For Nintendo Wii & Gamecube Plug & play; It is used for storing Gamecube Save Data on Gamecube or Wii Console; Ideal accessory for data storage. Specification : Capacity : 16 MB Color : White Weight : 45g Package Included : 1 x 16 MB Memory Card for Nitendo Wii & Gamecube Detail Pictures :

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  13. Description : 64 MB Memory Card White For Nintendo Wii & Gamecube Plug & play; It is used for storing Gamecube Save Data on Gamecube or Wii Console; Ideal accessory for data storage. Specification : Capacity : 64 MB Color : White Weight : 45g Package Included : 1 x 64MB Memory Card for Nitendo Wii & Gamecube Detail Pictures :

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  14. Description: Wireless Infrared Ultra Sensor Bar Remote Inductor For Wii PC Game Controller Features: 1.Support PC and online games. 2.Support bluetooth wireless mouse. 3.Wireless function and easy to set up 4.Ideal for Wii gamepad in the application of PC 5.Power supplied by AAA battery(not included). 6.Support custom settings of game controller. 7.Player could set export, import and alter in each game. Package includes: 1 x Wireless Infrared Sensor Details pictures:

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  15. Features: With this EZCAP Full HD 1080 60FPS game capture,you can record the game more easily. No need to install any driver, you can use any 3rd party software to capture or stream your HD game, or other HD video source It can be used for video conference, game collection, multimedia teaching scenario, etc,it has superior performance and compatibility than the previous versions. HD GAME CAPTURE: Based on the high speed USB 3.0 technology, It can capture one signal channel HD HD video signal. Suitable for devices with HD output such as blu-ray player, PS3/4, Xbox one Wii U etc. 1080P 60FPS HD Quality: Capture resolutions up to 1080p at 60fps with hardware accelerated up-scaling/down-scaling. Automatically converts input audio formats to 48 KHz PCM stereo audio LIVE STREAMING: Audio & Video Record ability from external devices via HD port, easy File Save & Share via Computer, compatible with popular streaming software and services like OBS Studio, VLC etc Compliant all the HD Souces: Record HD signal source directly, No HD splitter needed any more PLUG-N-PLAY: No driver or external power supply required, Low latency for game, meeting, live streaming. Share to youtube, facebook and twitter,Not support Mic-in for comment Specifications: System support: Windows 7,8,10, OS X 10.9 or later, Linux. CPU:PC: Intel Core i5-3400 + NVIDIA GT630, Notebook: Intel Core i7-3537U 2.0 GHz + NVIDIA GT735, Mac: i5 quad-core or above, VGA card supporting DirectX 10, Sound card, 4GB RAM Powered USB 3.0 port: Intel chipset with native USB 3.0 host controller (Renesas, Fresco ) Resolution: 720 x 480 (60p) 720 x 576 (50p) 1280 x 720p (50p) 1280 x 720p(60p) 1920 x 1080 (50i) 1920 x 1080 (60i) 1920 x 1080 (24p) 1920 x 1080 (25p) 1920 x 1080 (30p) 1920 x 1080 (50p) 1920 x 1080 (60p) Software compatibility: OBS Studio (windows,OS X); Windows Media Encoder (Windows); Adobe Flash Media Live -Encoder (Windows, OS X); Real Producer Plus (Windows); VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux); QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X); QuickTime Player (OS X); Wirecast (Windows,OS X); vMix(Windows); Potplayer(Windows)and etc. Development interface compatibility: DirectShow (Windows) DirectSound (Windows),V4L2 (Linux) ALSA (Linux) OS X (QuickTime) Package Included: 1 x EZCAP 261 USB3.0 HD HD Video Capture 1 x USB3.0 Cable 1 x User Manual

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  16. Features: High order CPU processing technology, built-in chip control technology Special hiteffects, reliable drum frame, advanced turn resistance difference design Lightweight portable design, easy to carry; Reasonable price Suitable for games, music and sports Connect console through Wii controller expansion slot, it is faster and more convenient. Support frames design and built-in links slot Low power Specifications: Wii drum using digital circuits,adopt advanced technology CPU design Wii drum connect console through Wii controller expansion slot,it is faster and more convenient Wii durm supporting frames design and built-in links slot Taiko drum and drumstick simulation design,good feeling This Wii accessory with drum frame,anti-skid device Working Voltage: DC 3V controller slot voltage Working Current: <10mA Connection: Connect with Wii remote controller Package Included: 1 x Drum 2 x Drumstick 3 x Stand

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  17. Specifications: 1. RGB Scart Cable for Nintendo Wii Console 2. Cable Length: 1.76m 3. Type: US / EU Plug Package Include: 1x Cable More Details:

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  18. Specifications: 1. 100% New ... 2. High quality generic (non-OEM) 128mb MEMORY CARD 128 mb for Nintendo 3. Gamecube GC WII 4. Compitable For Nintendo Wii 5. Could be use on both Wii & Gamecube console 6. High speed and efficiency product 7. Easy to use and Quality assures 8. Real 2043 Blocks Non-compress 9. Compatible with:Nintento Wii/Game Cube Package Included: 1 x 128 MB Memory Card

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