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  1. From her controversial rise and fall from power at Google, to her dramatic reshaping of Yahoo's work culture, people are obsessed with, and polarised by, Marissa Mayer's every move. She is full of fascinating contradictions: a feminist who rejects feminism, a charmer in front of a crowd who can't hold eye contact in one-on-ones, and a geek who is Oscar de la Renta's best customer. Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! tells her story. Back in the 1990s, Yahoo was the internet. It was also a $120 billion company. But just as quickly as it became the world's most famous internet company, it crashed to earth during the dotcom bust. And yet, Yahoo is still here, with nearly a billion people visiting it each month. Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! tells the fly-on-the-wall story of Yahoo's history for the first time, getting inside the board room as executives make genius calls and massive blunders.Dan Loeb, a tough-talking hedge fund manager, set his sights on Yahoo in 2011. He grew up idolising the corporate raiders of the 1980s, building a career being more vicious than any of them.Without Loeb's initiative, Marissa Mayer would never have been given her chance to save the company. This book tells the tale of how Dan Loeb spotted the real problem inside Yahoo - its awful board - and tore it apart, getting two CEOs fired in the process.When Marissa Mayer first started at Yahoo in 2012, the car parks would empty every week by 4.00 p.m. on Thursday. Over the next two years she made plenty of mistakes, but she learned from them. Now Yahoo's culture is vibrant and users are coming back. In Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! Nicholas Carlson also explores what may be the internet's first real turnaround.

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  2. Turn browsers into buyers, boost traffic, and moreBuild your store from scratch, or make the one you have more profitableHis online business has been paying his mortgage for years. Now Rob Snell is sharing his Yahoo Store secrets for planning, building, and managing an online store that delivers the goods Here's how to profit from keywords, handle credit-card payments, find out what's hot in other stores, maximize your marketing efforts, and much more.Discover how to Use the Yahoo Store Editor and Manager Plan effective store navigation Use better images to sell more products Build successful advertising strategies Generate more traffic from search engines

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  3. An in-depth biography of Marissa Mayer, the saviour of Yahoo. From her controversial rise and fall from power at Google, to her dramatic reshaping of Yahoo's work culture, people are obsessed with, and polarised by, Marissa Mayer's every...

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  4. Groundbreaking strategies for reaching millions of customers online and boosting traffic, sales, and profitsThis full-color, seminar-in-a-book presents a proven plan for maximizing your online profits by leveraging the top three services: eBay, Yahoo and Google. You'll learn to: expand an existing eBay business to reach millions of targeted buyers; Open a Yahoo store to build a thriving direct-to-customer business; and send more customers to their online retail business with improved search engine placement and targeted adword buys using Google. "How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo , and Google" explains how to use cross-merchandising and integration strategies to promote sales and manage inventory across multiple sales channels.

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  5. WWW may be an acronym for the World Wide Web, but no one could fault you for thinking it stands for wild, wild West. The rapid growth of the Web has meant having to rely on style guides intended for print publishing, but these guides do not address the new challenges of communicating online. Enter "The Yahoo Style Guide." From Yahoo , a leader in online content and one of the most visited Internet destinations in the world, comes the definitive reference on the essential elements of Web style for writers, editors, bloggers, and students. With topics that range from the basics of grammar and punctuation to Web-specific ways to improve your writing, this comprehensive resource will help you:Shape your text for online readingConstruct clear and compelling copyWrite eye-catching and effective headingsDevelop your site's unique voiceStreamline text for mobile usersOptimize webpages to boost your chances of appearing in search resultsCreate better blogs and newslettersLearn easy fixes for your writing mistakesWrite clear user-interface textThis essential sourcebook—based on internal editorial practices that have helped Yahoo writers and editors for the last fifteen years—is now at "your" fingertips.

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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Yahoo! Style Guide : Paperback : St Martin's Press : 9780312569846 : 031256984X : 06 Jul 2010 : From Yahoo!, one of the most visited Internet destinations worldwide, comes the definitive reference on the essential elements of Web style for writers, bloggers, editors, businesspeople, and students.

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  2. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Yahoo : Paperback : Kessinger Publishing : 9780548724149 : 0548724148 : 03 Nov 2007 : This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

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  3. Vice-President of Direct Marketing for Yahoo! and the man who Business Week calls ‘the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age’ explains Permission Marketing, the ground-breaking concept that enable marketers to shape their message so that consumers will willingly accept it.

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  4. Enjoy hours of family fun and entertainment with The Game of Life Empire edition! Featuring famous brands including Puma, Yahoo, Xbox and more, this Empire edition of The Game of Life is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Pick a career and branded vehicle and go through life collecting brands along the way. Action cards send players on fun adventures along life’s surprising twists. Features Branded Game of Life game board 4 player vehicles For 2 to 4 players Suitable for ages 8 and up

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  5. Grab something tasty. Uno, dos, tres. No time to clean up. Got to scram from this place. Yahoo! Two little cowboys are running riot. Watch out! Caramba! Mum the sheriff is out to catch them. Holler and hoot as you chase the naughty cowboys through their house and garden – and have yourself some rootin’ tootin’ fun! Celebrating imaginary play and dressing up, this cheeky rhyming picture book is perfect for story time. Teach your children some Spanish words too with a Spanish vocabulary dotted throughout the text and a handy glossary and pronunciation guide. With bright, funny illustrations from Tom Knight, this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek book is perfect for fans of Aliens Love Underpants.

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  6. Stay connected and in touch with the Microsoft L2 LifeCam HD-3000! Perfect companion for Skype video calls with a 720p HD image quality 16:9 widescreen ratio for video recording Works for Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and AOL Instant Messenger The Microsoft L2 LifeCam HD-3000 is a handy gadget that allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family. Thanks to its universal attachment base, it can be used on your desktop, laptop or notebook. With crystal clear image quality and noise-reducing microphones, the Microsoft L2 LifeCam lets you experience better video messaging – all within the comfort of your home or office.

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  7. Ship’s surgeon Lemuel Gulliver is stranded on the island of Lilliput after his boat founders. In the first of many weird and wonderful adventures he meets a diminutive people prepared to wage war over the correct way to crack an egg. The castaway also visits a land full of giants, with wasps the size of partridges; a floating island where the best brains are engaged in trying to extract sunshine from cucumbers; and a land of civilized, rational-minded horses who show up the repulsive, humanlike Yahoos in a very bad light. Both a children’s fantasy classic and a scabrous satire on politicians, philosophers, scientists – indeed, humanity itself. Gulliver’s Travels is as fresh, amusing and bitingly savage today as it was when published to wide acclaim almost three centuries ago.

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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Arm : Hardback : Harper : 9780062400369 : 0062400363 : 05 Apr 2016 : Yahoo's ead baseball columnist offers an in-depth look at the most valuable commodity in sports--the pitching am--and how its vulnerability to injury is hurting players and the game, from Little League to the majors. Every year, Major League Baseball spends more than $1.5 billion on pitchers, five times more than the salary of every NFL quarterback combined. Pitchers are the game's lifeblood. Their import is exceeded only by their fragility. One tiny band of tissue in the elbow, the ulnar collateral ligament, is snapping at unprecedented rates, leaving current big league players vulnerable and the coming generation of baseball-playing children dreading the three scariest words in the sport: Tommy John surgery.--Provided by publisher.

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  9. Free Delivery Worldwide : In the Hot Zone : Paperback : HarperCollins Publishers Inc : 9780061228759 : 0061228753 : 01 Nov 2007 : In this fascinating journalistic memoir, Yahoos first news correspondent takes an adventurous and poignant look at world conflict and the future of media. Photos throughout.

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  10. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Power Presenter : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780470376485 : 0470376481 : 13 Feb 2009 : Jerry Weissman is the presentations coach to Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and many of America's top executives, including founding Yahoo! CEO Tim Koogle, Intuit founder Scott Cook, Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings, and many others.

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  11. Free Delivery Worldwide : React - Up & Running : Paperback : O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA : 9781491931820 : 1491931825 : 01 Sep 2016 : Hit the ground running with React, the open-source technology from Facebook for building rich web applications fast. With this practical guide, Yahoo! web developer Stoyan Stefanov teaches you how to build components-React's basic building blocks-and organize them into maintainable, large-scale apps.

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  12. Free Delivery Worldwide : Tor and the Dark Art of Anonymity : Paperback : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform : 9781512049589 : 1512049581 : 16 May 2015 : The NSA hates Tor. So does the FBI. Even Google wants it gone, as do Facebook and Yahoo and every other soul-draining, identity-tracking vampiric media cartel that scans your emails and spies on your private browsing sessions to better target you.But there's hope. This manual will give you the incognito tools that will make you a master of anonymity!Other books tell you to install Tor and then encrypt your hard drive... and leave it at that. I go much deeper, delving into the very engine of ultimate...

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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Notes From A Defeatist : Paperback : Vintage Publishing : 9780224072700 : 0224072706 : 13 Nov 2006 : Sacco paved the way for Palestine with his powerful triptych on modern war and its innocent victims, originally published in his comic Yahoo and collected here: 'When Good Bombs Happen to Bad People' chronicles the effect of aerial warfare on civilians, from Germany and Japan in World War II to Libya in 1986;

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  14. Free Delivery Worldwide : Gulliver's Travels : Paperback : Wordsworth Editions Ltd : 9781853260278 : 1853260274 : 01 Aug 1997 : Reports on extraordinary lands and societies, whose names have entered the English language: notably the minute inhabitants of Lilliput, the giants of Brobdingnag, and the Yahoos in Houyhnhnmland, where talking horses are the dominant species. This novel attacks the political and financial corruption.

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  15. Free Delivery Worldwide : Gulliver's Travels : Paperback : Penguin Books Ltd : 9780141198989 : 0141198982 : 29 May 2012 : Lemuel Gulliver shipwrecked and adrift, subject to bizarre and unnerving encounters with, among others, quarrelling Lilliputians, philosophizing horses and the brutish Yahoo tribe, that change his view of humanity - and himself - for ever.

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