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  1. little-petface-chew-tripod

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  2. **NOTE** Enter Compare10 on checkout for 10% discount on orders above $2000. Use your newest lighting fixture to make the right statement! Cavier Tripod Floor Lamp has a vintage reclaimed look for a stylish, industrial feel that will give your home a charming and unique aesthetic.

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  3. **NOTE** Enter Compare10 on checkout for 10% discount on orders above $2000. Put emphasis on any area of your current setting using the trendy Columbus Tripod Floor Lamp, an exquisite large lighting fixture that works just as great illuminating dim corners from the interior as it does as a standalone piece you can show off in your home’s entrance.

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  4. The Miller Air 3001 Alloy Tripod System is a lightweight system built for indoor and outdoor shooting conditions for both video and photo applications. It includes aluminum alloy tripod legs designed for quick setups and breakdowns, and a pan and tilt fluid head offering constant drag in all temperature ranges. It also includes a quick-release camera plate, pan handle, and weatherproof, padded soft carry case. The system features a 2- 5kg payload range. The tripod legs are height-adjustable in two stages between a ground-hugging 23cm and secure 160cm. A neoprene grip on the upper leg section provides a comfortable way of moving the tripod when it's already set up. The fluid head offers two selectable counterbalance positions and 90° to -75° tilt range. It also provides a 60mm sliding range for the included camera plate. The tripod has rubber feet that wind up to reveal spikes for use on soft ground. The camera plate offers 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera-mounting screws, and a 1/4"-20

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  5. 7 (Plus zero) positions of selectable fluid Pan/Tilt drag 8 positions of selectable counterbalance Rear facing “all in one location” control panel Quick release, 120mm sliding camera platform with large Euro camera plate Illuminated bubble level and pan/tilt indicators Positive calliper disc brake system and safety tilt lock 150mm/5.9” Ball levelling Water and dust resistant lightweight alloy construction Twin Telescopic Pan Handles Dual side mounts for view finders and accessories Heavy Duty 1 Stage Alloy tripod with quick action leg locks Multi adjustable Mid Level Spreader

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  6. Iconic designer replica Striking tripod base and simple, ruffled shade for a mix of contemporary & classic Versatile design that makes a statement Sturdy metal and fabric structure in a bold red colour Light bulb not included Measurements: 37cm (D) x 60cm (H) Following the creative guidelines of the 1997 creation that emerged from the minds of two Barcelona-based designers, Replica Santa and Cole Tripode Table Lamp is the result of a merge between classic and contemporary styles, the lamp fe

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  7. Iconic designer replica Striking tripod base and simple, ruffled shade for a mix of contemporary & classic Versatile design that makes a statement Sturdy metal and fabric structure in a bold, intimate red colour Light bulb not included Measurements: 63cm (D) x 183cm (H) Replica Santa and Cole Tripode Floor Lamp is a quality reproduction of the 1997 aesthetic created by the renowned Barcelona-based designers. This stunning floor lamp features classic design elements combined with striking con

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  8. Jusino ST-580 Fluid Pan-Head The Jusino ST-580 is a fluid Pan Head that allows you to tilt and pan with ease, for camera setups weighing up to 6kg. It includes a large handle for fluid action and stability. Pan heads are great for landscape and travel photographers as they are geared for straight lines and angles. The addition of a large handle and fluid motion makes this a great option for videographers too. The head comes with a quick-release plate for fast removal. Quick Facts: Pan Head with Tilting Arm Great for photographers and videographers. Max load - 10kg. Fluid movement and smooth panning action. Whats Included: 1 x ST-580 Fluid Pan Head Fluid head weighs 500 grams. Smooth motion and separate locking panning base. Quick-release plate included. Available in Black. 1 x 6 year warranty card. Speak to our online chat about this product now ! or call 1300 88 33 32

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  9. Jusino GH-10 Gimbal Head for Tripods The Jusino GH-10 is a gimbal head for the professional and serious enthusiast photographer. Gimbal heads are great for large telephoto lenses and heavy DSLR cameras for use in Wildlife and Sports photography, as they allow you to pan and track with maximum fluidity. The GH-10 features a quick-release plate as well as degree markings and measurements along the vertical column. Quick Facts: Great for wildlife and sports photography. Track your subject with smooth and quick movement. Max Load - 5kg, great for large telephoto lenses. Whats Included: 1 x Jusino GH-10 Fluid Head Max Load - 5kg. Gimbal head weighs 850 grams. Built-in spirit level. Great for wildlife and sports photographers. Pan quickly and fluidly on the vertical and horizontal axis. Quick-release plate included. Available in black. Size 230mm x 205mm x 75mm. 1 x 6 year warranty card. Speak to our online chat about this product now ! or call 1300 88 33 32

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  10. This handheld or tripod fixed anemometer provides quick and easy readings of the current air speed, temperature and wind chill. The unit also stores data regarding the maximum and average numbers for each variable.The ICQM 1644 has the ability to instantly calculate the current wind speed via the Beaufort scale. The unit is extremely compact and lightweight, making it the perfect addition for anyone who needs to take accurate air speed, wind chill and temperature related readings in the field.The miniature tripod stand is included with the ICQM 1644, providing users with everything necessary to get started immediately. What does the ICQM1644 Measure? • Air Speed • Temperature • Wind Chill Features• Beaufort scale• Small tripod stand• Compact and light weight• Retains maximum and average wind speed dataSpecifications• Measurement Range: 0.5 m/s to 29.9 m/s(starting speed required of 1 m/s), 0.64 km/h to 107.82 km/h• Air Speed Units: ft/min, miles/hr, km/hr, m/s and knotsDimensions• 115 mm x 45 mm x 16 mmWarranty• 12 Months

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  11. The Leica D510 package contains all you need for precise dustance measurement and convinient aiming. The additional tripods makes it easier to perform different task requirements. The Leica FTA 360 adapter provides a convinient fine adjusting system for accurate aiming while the TRi70 is small and handy tripod for general use.Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter features:• Measuring Range: 0.05m – 200m both indoors and outdoors, even in bright sunshine• Measuring Accuracy ± 1 mm (ISO 16331-1 certified)• Digital Pointfinder / Viewfinder with 4x zoom• IP65 – 100% water jet protection and dust-tight• Power Range Technology• Measuring Units m, in, ft ; 50 Points MemoryLeica FTA360 Tripod Adapter features:• Stable adapter with fine adjustment for convenient and accurate aiming• Minimized measuring deviation for indirect measurement• Fits perfectly on Leica TRI70, TRI100 ; TRI200 tripod• High precision tripod adapter for the Leica DISTO D510.Leica TRI-70 features:• Small and handy tripod for every day use• Aluminium tripod with easy fine adjustment• Bubble level• ¼” screw on a stable and turnable head plate• Transportation length: 0.45m• Weight: 1.4kg• Working height from 0.40m to 1.15m (including screw-out central pillar)Leica carrying case features:• Robust, attractive and protective carrying case• Each item is visible in the case, nothing will be lost or forgotten• Designed to be stacked upPackage contents:• Leica DISTO™ D510 laser distance meter• Holster• Hand loop• Leica FTA360 tripod adapter• Leica TRI 70 tripod• Leica robust carrying case• 2x AA batteries• Calibration Certificate• Quick Start Guide• Manual / safety instructions on CD

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  12. The Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A Tripod is a travel-friendly tripod that has reverse folding legs to make the tripod as compact as possible. Each GoPlus Travel tripod includes the versatile centre column that goes from vertical to horizontal without the use of any tools. This design allows the column to be used as a lateral arm, perfect for when you want to shoot down or over your subject. In addition, because the column can be set to almost any angle, it allows the camera to be set at ground level. This tripod is the ideal choice for all types of photographers, including nature, landscape, photojournalist, studio, advertising, industrial and wedding photographers. Features Versatile and Adjustable Centre Column Quickly change the position of the centre column from vertical to any desired angle without the need for any tools. Compact The tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180° making it small enough to carry just about anywhere. Go From Tripod to Monopod The Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A Tripod can be easily converted into a monopod without the use of any tools. Simply combine the removable leg and centre column to create a full-size monopod. Patented Twist Lock Benro’s easy to use rubberised locking grips, combined with anti-rotation legs, enable fast and fumble-free set-up, plus weather and dust-resistance not found on other tripods. Stainless Steel Spike or Rubber Feet Tripods are equipped with interchangeable screw-in rubber feet and stainless steel spiked feet. Multi-Position Leg Angles for an Extra Measure of Flexibility Benro tripod legs can be independently locked into place at different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level. Comfortable Foam Grip A thick layer of closed-cell nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides a comfortable grip when carrying your Benro tripod. Centre-Column Hook A removable hook can be screwed into the bottom of the centre-column, allowing you to hang additional weight from th

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  13. The Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Tripod Kit is a lightweight, 3-section aluminium tripod with a ball head. Holding up to 7kg, this is ideal for both video and photography. Independent friction control, full 360° panning, and a unique ‘Locked / Unlocked’ twist-lock system, make this tripod an incredibly versatile and durable solution when shooting. Central column moves from 0 to 180 degrees Legs adjust to 20, 40, 60 and 80-degree angles Enables extreme low-angle photography Outstanding loading capacity 3/8 threaded connector in tripod canopy Advanced twist-lock for quick setup Tripod bag included Features MACC (Multi-Angle Center Column System) With a unique quick action centre column, you will enjoy quick, simple and intuitive "twist and lock" positioning at any angle of 15° steps. And range rotation of -90° to +90° that supports unlimited creativity, while significantly improving results in any field of photography, landscape to macro! Central Column & Lock Mechanism The Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100’s mechanism offers one handed, effortless smooth operation and rapid action set-up, while our unique hexagonal central column ensures enhanced rigidity and stability. Leg Angle Selector Achieve perfect positioning and balance of the tripod to match any working terrain, by using the strong and steady 4 angle leg setting options of 20°, 40°, 60° or 80°. Advanced Twist-Lock The Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 features ultra-fast 35° turn to "lock" or "unlock" twist locks to ensure instant leg extension/contraction. This exceptional new system is engineered to support an unmatched loading capacity in comparison to any other tripod in this segment. Alta Link The tripod canopy is fitted with a 3/8 threaded connector, which will allow an easy connection of additional accessories, such as lighting equipment and articulated or flexible arms, thus linking our users to incredible new creative possibilities. Superb Build Quality and Multi Featured Manufactured with first rate ma

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  14. Vanguard VEO 265CB with TBH-50 Ball Head Dedicated to photographers who love to travel, VEO tripods offer a new breed of super lightweight, compact usability. The VEO 265CB offers photographers a full-featured and sturdy ball-head travel tripod kit in lightweight carbon fiber. Quickly swing the VEO column into place, connect your camera and you’re ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Robust 26mm legs combined with a new leg lock design, which allows you to adjust tightness, support cameras up to a Pro DSLR with grip and long telephoto lens. A strong ball-head tripod includes an Arca Swiss compatible plate for quick camera attachment and release. With feet that can be converted from rubber to spikes, you'll be ready to shoot in urban or outdoor environments. Easily position legs to three angles with the simple push of a button. With the included adapter, adventurous photographers can capture low angle shots or shoot macro photography. A stylish design with soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip. Use the included carrying case when you are ready to take the VEO on your next photo adventure. Exclusive rapid column rotation for compact transportation and instant set up Strong stainless steel flip locks with adjustable tension technology High loading performance of 8kg (17.6lbs) Made of Vanguard's lightweight, high quality carbon fiber Includes Multi-Action ball head with Arca-Swiss style compatible QS-60S quick release plate 5 section carbon fiber legs with 3 different angle options Extra low angle photography adaptor option included Soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip in any weather The VEO 265CB comes with a full warranty from Vanguard Australia.

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  15. Beike BK-45 Panoramic Gimbal Tripod Head Gimbal Tripod Head made of high quality aluminum can hold up to 10Kg #BeikeGimbal #GimbalHead

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  16. A versatile stabilising accessory from Benro A handy addition to any travel kit, is this Benro BK10 selfie stick and smart mini tripod combo. Combining these two useful items into one compact package means you are always fully equipped to capture the best selfies, videos and more, thanks to an item that can fit into your backpack. Suitable for use as a tabletop or ground tripod, the height is adjustable from 180mm to 850mm, leaving you well poised to tackle any subject from any angle. Both horizontal and vertical shooting is possible due to the tiltable head which can be moved easily to various angles. When the legs are closed it is easy to grip and use as a selfie stick, for quick and easy self-portraits, on the go. This Benro product is suitable for small compact digital cameras using the ball head, as well as easily adapting for the use of smartphones and GoPros. If you are looking at starring in your own images, this is the right accessory for you. A removable Bluetooth controller is included which enables you to fire remotely from up to 10 metres away, giving you plenty of opportunities for exciting and insightful selfies. This Bluetooth technology is compatible with iOS 5.0 and above, and Android 4.2 and above.

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  17. Benro Slim Travel Tripod Choosing a tripod for travel is often a difficult task, but hopefully this Benro option makes this task a little easier. The Benro Slim travel tripod closes down to a manageable 30cm, while when fully opened it provides a respectable 145cm of height. The 5-section legs of this tripod are suited to tricky terrains, utilising 3 leg angles and featuring non-slip rubber at the bottom. A weight hook sits at the underneath of the tripod, which avoids the tripod falling in windy conditions, which is obviously harmful to your camera equipment. The Benro slim travel tripod can even be used as a monopod, thanks to a removable leg, which can be added to the centre column. The centre column itself is grooved to prevent twisting and it can be reversed for shooting at low angles. At the top this tripod features a removable aluminium ball head, allowing for fast and precise adjustments to composition. A quick-release plate provides you with a quick and easy mounting and dismounting option for your camera, while a compact carry case is included to help you take things on the road.

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  18. Travel light without compromising a solid platform for your interchangeable-lens camera or other camera. Extra-compact, light and strong, the VCT-P300 tripod effortlessly packs in your bag, yet can support even large zoom lenses. With a flexible head and a wide height range, it’s an ideal compact tripod for practically anyone to shoot stills.

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  19. The PROMASTER SCOUT TRIPOD has features carefully chosen and designed for the active photographer. Its 4-section legs can be independently spread and adjusted at multiple angles and heights so you can level your camera on uneven ground. The center column has a retractable weight hook so you can add stability, especially in windy situations. The column can be separated into two parts so the Scout can get your camera down to ground level, perfect for macro photography and/or a unique compositional perspective. The Scout ball head operates smoothly, and incorporates the ProMaster dovetail quick release system (arca-swiss compatible) so you can use the included quick release plate, an L Bracket, and a host of other compatible accessories. The Scout is a pleasure to use so you can enjoy photography even more while advancing your skills.

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  20. Manfrotto Triman Camera Tripod Black Without Head Tripods [028B]Strong, sturdy and reliable, the Triman tripod is the ideal studio tripod. The geared centre column has a non roll-back feature and has a threaded 3/8'' mount on the bottom of the column to allow low angle shots.Twin shank leg desig

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A plethora of camera accessories are available in the market today for anyone who wants to go from being an average photographer to a great one. These accessories are mostly for camera maintenance, protection and for in-camera effects. Camera accessories range from the simple lens hood and cap, to the batteries and charges available from camera manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Some of the most essential accessories are the camera bag (of course), the tripod or monopod kits, remote or cable shutter releases, various lens filters, camera and sensor cleaners and flash equipment. Myriad companies manufacture different accessories, and most will offer some very good deals.
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