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  1. Sandra Cabot's "Raw Juices Can Save Your Life" Book

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  2. What does a cuddly stuffed teddy bear dowhen no one else is at home? Chances are, he s not quietly sitting on the bed, staringat the wall. He s out and about havingadventures like the teddy bear in this book.Cats and dogs beware!"

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  3. Kids and kitties will be happy to cozy upfor these comical adventures starring a catwith attitude. Ideal for newly independentreaders and cat lovers everywhere.

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  4. Time and again, the work performed at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has demonstrated that children from birth to age six are capable of learning better and faster than older children. How To Teach Your Baby To Read shows just how easy it is to teach a young child to read, while How To Teach Your Baby Math presents the simple steps for teaching mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills. Both books explain how to begin and expand each program, how to make and organize necessary materials, and how to more fully develop your child's reading and math potential. How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge shows how simple it is to develop a program that cultivates a young child's awareness and understanding of the arts, science, and nature-to recognize the insects in the garden, to learn about the countries of the world, to discover the beauty of a Van Gogh painting, and much more. How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence provides a comprehensive program for teaching your young child how to read, to understand mathematics, and to literally multiply his or her overall learning potential in preparation for a lifetime of success.The Gentle Revolution Series:The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has been successfully serving children and teaching parents for five decades. Its goal has been to significantly improve the intellectual, physical, and social development of all children. The groundbreaking methods and techniques of The Institutes have set the standards in early childhood education. As a result, the books written by Glenn Doman, founder of this organization, have become the all-time best-selling parenting series in the United States and the world.

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  5. Glenn Doman has demonstrated time and time again that very young children are far more capable of learning than we ever imagined. He has taken his remarkable work -work that explores why children from birth to age six learn better and faster than older children do – and given it practical application. As the founder of The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, he has created home programmes that any parent can follow. “How To Teach Your Baby To Read” shows just how easy and pleasurable it is to teach a young child to read by providing skills that are basic to academic success. It explains how to begin and expand the reading programme, how to make and organise necessary materials, and how to more fully develop your child’s reading potential. By following the simple daily programme in a relaxed and loving way, you will enable your child to experience the joy of learning – as have millions of children the world over. With “How To Teach Your Baby To Read”, you can give your baby a powerful advantage that will last a lifetime.

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  6. Flap Your Wings : I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Book Series

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  7. How to Teach Your Baby to Read : The Gentle Revolution

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  8. When a strange egg appears in their nest, Mr. and Mrs. Bird kindly take it upon themselves to raise the baby bird inside. But when the egg hatches, the Birds are in for a big surprise--Junior is the oddest-looking baby bird they've ever seen--with big, long jaws full of teeth and an appetite to match. In fact, he looks more like a baby alligator than a baby bird! Nevertheless, the devoted Birds run themselves ragged feeding Junior until he gets so big, he must leave the nest or it will collapse underneath him. But how can Junior fly without wings? To the delight of the Birds--and readers!--the dilemma is solved when Junior takes off from a branch overlooking a pond. About The Author P. D. Eastman was one of the stars of the Beginner Books line with beloved classics like Are You My Mother?; Go, Dog. Go!; The Best Nest; and more!

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  9. What's the first thing a woman does when she thinks she might be pregnant? She Googles. And it all goes downhill from there. The internet is littered with hyper-judgmental message boards and heaps of contradictory, scolding information. Stop Reading Baby Books guides parents through the trenches of new parenting, warning readers of the pleasures and perils of 'mommy blogs', new parent groups, self-described 'lactivists,' sleep fascists, incessant trend pieces on working versus non-working mothers, and the place where free time and self-esteem goes to die: Pinterest (back away from the handmade flower headbands for baby!). With refreshing humility and riotous humour, J. J. Keith cuts to the truth-whether it's about 'perfect' births, parenting gurus, the growing tide of vaccine rejecters, the joy of blanketing Facebook with baby pics, or germophobia-to move conversations about parenting away from experts espousing blanket truths to amateurs relishing in what a big messy pile of delight and trauma having a baby is. About the Author JJ Keith has written about parenting for Reader's Digest, Bitch magazine, the Huffington Post, Salon, Babble, Mamamia, The Hairpin, iVillage Australia, Role/Reboot, The Rumpus, Thought Catalog, The Sunday Morning Herald, and others. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young children.

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