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Cambridge Audio MINXXL Speaker

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High power, efficient woofer magnets deliver deep bass without putting stress on your amp,Custom-designed bass driver with treated paper cone for a smooth and even frequency response,Silk dome tweeter combines a soft, smooth sound with high levels of detail,Dedicated foam damper behind the tweeter reduces reflections and increases sound stage depth for a truly spacious, room-filling experience where you can pick out every instrument,Precisely optimised crossovers give the smoothest and most linear response,Rigid MDF cabinet modelled using CAD so that the speaker dimensions minimise standing waves, for a more precise bass response.

Speaker System2-Piece Speaker System

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  1. Simplicity of design and incredible performance. The Minx XL is a compact speaker that offers an immense hi-fi sound stage but still with unrivalled value. Description Features Specifications Following our Sound First principles the XL speakers are designed to sound truly stunning at a fantastic price. Through our focused design approach we pay close attention to the components that truly add to the speaker s performance to ensure your audio experience is unrivalled. The XL was designed from the

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  • The Cambridge Audio MINXXL Speaker was added to the Speakers category in August 2016.
  • The lowest price Getprice has found for the Cambridge Audio MINXXL Speaker in Australia is $479.00 from Addicted to Audio.
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