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Capcom Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth



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Since becoming the youngest prosecutor in the country at the tender age of 20, Miles Edgeworth built quite a reputation for himself by putting away bad guys in short order. However, after several confrontations against Phoenix Wright, he has changed his approach to seeking the truth. Unfortunately, Wright was only the beginning of his troubles. In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the flashy prosecutor in the wine red suit is plagued by a series of deaths that seem to follow him wherever he goes. To obtain the truth, Miles Edgeworth will take center stage in an exciting suspense-filled drama that requires him to dive into the mysterious world of crime scene investigation. Ace Attorney Investigations sheds light on the other side of the judicial system with a whole new gameplay dynamic to the world of Ace Attorney. As Miles Edgeworth, users will investigate various locations, work directly with characters on the scene, find contradictions, and get to the truth by presenting decisive evidence. Miles Edgeworth can also make use of the all-new Logic system, in which he chooses two pieces of information out of the various pieces he has collected and combines them to discover new information. Features: - Starring Miles Edgeworth, the popular rival of attorney Phoenix Wright - Gameplay moves out of the courtroom and onto the crime scene - New investigative style using the Nintendo DS stylus to uncover evidence - Several unique cases to solve with over 15 hours of gameplay - New technique, such as “logic” mode assists you in uncovering the crime - Unique dialog trees and interrogation techniques let you question witnesses to discover the truth

Type Game Adventure