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  1. Applaws Cat Pot, Succulent Tuna Fillet with Crab, 60g x 10 PacksThis simple but nutritious cat food contains minimal ingredients: Just tuna fillet, fish broth, rice and crab. It's a delicious meaty meal that any cat will enjoy.Cat pots are a complementary cat food for adult cats. They can be fed daily along with a complete and balanced food such as Applaws Complete Dry Food or Applaws Cat Pate.NO artificial flavourings, additives or preservatives.High in natural Taurine and Arginine from muscle tissue.Only uses the prime cuts of fish.
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  2. Applaws Cat Pot, Succulent Tuna Fillet with Crab, 60gThis simple but nutritious cat food contains minimal ingredients: Just tuna fillet, fish broth, rice and crab. It's a delicious meaty meal that any cat will enjoy.Cat pots are a complementary cat food for adult cats. They can be fed daily along with a complete and balanced food such as Applaws Complete Dry Food or Applaws Cat Pate.NO artificial flavourings, additives or preservatives.High in natural Taurine and Arginine from muscle tissue.Only uses the prime cuts of fish.
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    HUGE RANGE OF GREAT VALUE CRAB TRAPS AND POTS! The Jarvis Walker range of crab traps and pots is arguably the most comprehensive in the country so regardless of where you live, you can find an affordable and effective crab trap that complies with the laws
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    Three-pack of rope ideal for crab pots and drop nets.
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    BEST VALUE FLOATS! The polystyrene float is a handy accessory for your boat and has a multitude of uses including crab pot float; Dan buoy, when you want to leave the anchor to chase a fish; or hanging berley or bait cages. TIP: Write your name or boat re
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    PRO ROUND 4-ENTRY POT! This Pro model has an 800mmdiameter with 300mm PVC upright support stays. It's a collapsible heavy-duty unit. It features 8mm-diameter galvanised rings and heavy-duty nylon mesh with four entrance funnels for crabs.
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    The new Jarvis Walker Deluxe Heavy-Duty 4-Entry Crab Pot is a stand out, with a high-quality build you notice on inspection. This new pot was designed after extensive consultation with pro crabbers. It has a 12mm hot galvanised steel base and 10mm ring on
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    Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures PacketThe Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures are a brilliant realistic crab design made specifically for targeting crab eating fish in Australian waters. A finesse bait, the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will be tossed and worked for species such as Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch, Drummer, Flathead and more. Of course, if you’re hunting Drummer, expect your work cut out for you as these immensely powerful fish will play hard on light gear.One of the great features of the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures is the multiple rigging options. Choose your jig head (not included) and rig to suit the area you are fishing. For example a 90 degree jig hook will be perfect for dragging across heavy structure such as oyster racks. Less cluttered waters will suit a standard Cobra style jig head. Whichever way you rig, you can expect superior, genuine crab like actions that crab eating species will find impossible to resist.Each crab is infused with a secret formula shellfish scent. Few soft plastic anglers today fish scent free and the reasons are clear. A good, well designed scent turns the fish into eating mode and can often spark an aggressive feeding frenzy.For those that love finesse style fishing and understand the power of the crab as bait, the Strike Pro Enticer Crab Lures will prove a potent force in your lure arsenal and are definitely worthy of a position in the top shelf of your tackle box. Available now in convenient packs of 6 crabs.
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    Cranka Crabs by Cranka LuresHeads up Bream specialists, Cranka crab are now for sale and you’re going to want one like so many other anglers. But let’s not relegate these little gems to the Bream boys and girls. Think of the species that love a crab or two for breakfast. Yes, Flathead, Snapper and of course Whiting, they all love a little cranka crab action. Now you can save yourself the countless hours hunting the rock holes and crevices, the sand and mud flats for these determined little critters. This time is better spent with your line wet. Now you can do it with the introduction of Cranka Crabs for sale. This fantastic new crab fishing lure is extremely life like. As you rig it up you will be sure it’s going to nip you. No need to recoil, it’s fake but the fish won’t have a clue. It looks like any other crab meal. They are available in one size, two weights and several different shell colours. What’s more, it even has an internal scent chamber to add your favourite fishing attractant scent.This Australian owned and designed crab lure is already an award winner. It comes complete, ready rigged with DECOY Y-S25 trebles. You will notice how beautifully the trebles are connected to the lure. Sitting on the nippers, the trebles are in the perfect strike zone as the floating arms put the cranka crab fishing lure into a natural defence position. 10 years of research and development have finally provided us with the ultimate crab lure.
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    Summer Cool Cat Aluminum Pots Bed NoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 3 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by Internationagistered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track
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    Hurricane Spider Crab Lures or Jig Heads For SaleThese guys have to be seen to be believed. It doesn’t get any closer to real life than the action of the Hurricane Spider Crab Lures. Floating, or weighted with the lure specific Jig heads (sold separately) you will not get a better a better Crab Lure. These Fishing Lures are a Bream special, but there are several fish that have crab has a regular part of their feeding menu. Hit protected areas on the Ocean rocks for huge Bream and expect plenty of interest from other fish that reside there aswell.Hurricane Spider Crab Lures and Jig Heads are hands down top shelf and you will find that they are priced accordingly. Whatever you do don’t be deterred. Without these crabs in your fishing lure kit you will likely miss some of the best results you’ve ever had on the water. There are benefits to making the investment. Firstly, you’ll get plenty of outstanding fish. Secondly, construction is second to none with materials incredibly durable. Constructed from Flexitech Plastics, these lures are ten times stronger than the materials used in other soft plastic fishing lures. You’ll get plenty of fish and countless casts out of every lure. This represents great value.Fitting the Spider Crab Jig Heads requires the use of a super glue gel that doesn’t spoil the plastic. After significant testing, the manufacturer recommends Loctite Gel Control for fixing Jig Heads to Lures. It won’t come unstuck. Allow time for accurate placement before setting and will have no negative impact on the integrity and appearance of the lure.Take it from the Peter Nord the brains behind this amazing crab lure and from other Bream experts. The Hurricane Spider Crab Lures for sale now are worth the effort and worth every penny. Grab a pack or two now.Features and SpecificationsHurricane Spider Crabs are sold in a Packet of 4 lures (jig heads which are sold separate on this listing also come in a packet of 4).Crab Lure Colours in Natural styles and coloursNatural crab actionHurricane Spider Crab Lure floats when unweightedClaws float in a natural position weighted or unweightedConstructed from Flexitech Plastics, 10 times stronger than standard soft plastics materialIdeal for bream, flathead and a huge variety of other fish in lakes and rivers, beach gutters and off the rocks.Notes: Prices of the lures and jig heads vary Price is for 1 packet only and lures and jig heads are not sold as a combo, they are priced separately and you can order them from our order menu above.BenefitsThe brilliant imitation of a real crab ensures the fish attack Hurricane Spider Crab Lures aggressively.The ability to use weighted or unweighted provides the angler with flexibility and options.Durable construction materials ensure you keep your lure for countless casts.For those anglers who enjoy fishing with crab baits, you now have the perfect imitation available that is shore to yield astonishing results. The Hurricane Spider Crab Lures and Jig Heads are your fast track to crab bait glory. Grab a selection now.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Crab Moon : Paperback : Candlewick Press,U.S. : 9780763623135 : 076362313X : 01 Apr 2004 : One June night, under the full moon, Daniel's mother wakes him up to see the horseshoe crabs spawning on the beach, just as they have for 350 million years. But when Daniel returns in the morning, he finds one lonely crab upside down in the sand. Can he save it? Full color.
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    This cat condo will be your cat’s meow! He’ll play, have fun and scratch to his utter delight.  Your cat will be the king of his own condo. This cat play house features a plush scratching post 150cm in height that will keep his claws off your furniture. The kitty condo also comes equipped with a play string, ladder, balconies and two hammocks where your cat can kick back and relax. Cats love to hide and this house has many compartments that will accommodate that desire.   The entire cat condo is covered in a soft plus fabric and sisal scratching material that will intrigue your cat and keep him occupied for hours. This attractive cat haven has high quality construction and workmanship and is sturdy enough for multiple cats to enjoy. Cats are independent. Your cat will love having his own place and you’ll love keeping your furniture scratch free. Features: Beige/Brown in colour Deck and ladder Soft plush material Police material: Sisal Two hammocks Scratching poles Play string Specifications: 150cm height Dimensions (W x D): 60 x 40cm Door entrance: 13 x 17cm Hammock diameter: 30cm Deck dimensions: 28 x 15cm Pole diameter: 7cm Ladder dimensions: 48 x 7 x 22cm 
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    Thanks to its super-soft plush covering and well thought-out design your feline will surely love the NeataPet Cat Tree. It’s the perfect little sanctuary for encouraging scratching to take place and energy to be expelled – or simply for lounging around all day long!Designed with fun in mind, the hanging toy balls and mouse will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts, and they’ll play to their heart’s content. A generously-sized base and solid construction ensures stability and durability, making it a safe haven for your beloved pet and surrounding furniture.So, treat your cat and order your NeataPet Cat Tree today – so that they can get on with the business of stretching and napping!
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    Samaki Mud Crab Shirt – Adult Fishing ApparelHit your favourite fishing grounds in amazing fishing style with a Samaki Mud Crab Shirt. The design is out of this world. Amazing 3D detail launches a massive mud crab right of the shirt. It’s looks so real you’ll be reluctant to put a hand anywhere near its powerful 3D claws. The design captures the living environment of our favourite crab with the finest artistry. It proudly sports the Samaki logo on the breast and across the upper back.The long sleeve, collared shirt has a lot more going for it than simply ‘look at me’. Manufactured from the finest modern materials, the Samaki mud crab shirt is super lightweight, breathes, and most importantly has a 50 plus UPF rating, perfect for keeping the whole family protected from the Australian sun. With a good hat, sun screen and sunglasses, you can fish knowing that the UV rays will be far less likely to damage your skin and aid in preventing nasty skin conditions such as melanoma.There is nothing quite like a dedicated fishing wardrobe, clothes you reserve for fishing and only for fishing. Having said this, the Samaki Mud Crab Shirt makes for great casual garb at any back-yard BBQ. Fashionable styling with a fantastic design will turn heads and spark conversation.Make like a mud crab, get fierce and cut through the weeds and mangroves looking outrageous in your Samaki Mud Crab Shirt for sale now. You’re sure to catch more wearing Samaki fishing apparel.Features and SpecificationsAdult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL or 3XLFull Length Long Sleeve Fishing ShirtCollar design3 button ChestSamaki logo on Breast and across upper backBrilliant 3D mud crab design50+ UPF RatingNote: Price is for 1 shirt only – Choose which size you require when orderingBenefitsExcellent protection from the sun.Eye catching 3D design.Samaki logo shows your support for your favourite brand.Button upper chest for ventilation control.Lightweight fabric for staying cool in the hot Australian Sun.Unsex design so a fantastic shirt design for both male and female anglers.Easy wash. Ideal for fishing, camping and all outdoor activityGet out and sport the Samaki colours in your 3D crab Samaki fishing shirt. Ideal for all sorts of outdoor activity and casual social events, the Samaki mud crab shirt is a head turner with bold design and sun smart materials.
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    Looking for fun ways to entertain your cat and protect your furniture? This cat tree house will be appreciated by the most discerning cats. Cats love heights, scratching, and toys, and this provides the trifecta. The adjustable platform can be moved higher as your cat grows older and gains confidence moving around the tree. The four hanging toys (toy balls and a mouse) will provide ample entertainment while you are out of the house. Made out of strong wood, the tree has a soft plush covering, sisal for scratching, and a solid platform that will prevent it from tipping over. Stop worrying about your sofa and chairs being scratched and invest in this cat tree house!Features Suitable for multiple cats Well finished with soft plush covering Tested for quality and health hazards Adjustable platform 3 Hanging toy balls 1 Hanging mouse Sisal arc bridge and sticks Cat print shaped platform Easy to assembleSpecifications Height: 45cm Base plate: 37 x 36xm Colour: BeigeProduct Content 1 x Cat Tree 1 x User Manual
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    FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Westinghouse WHSC03SS 3 Pot Slow Cooker from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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    Chasebaits Smash Crab JuniorDesigned by lure master Grainger Mayfield the Smash Crab Junior is a result of market demand requesting a smaller version of the highly successful Smash Crab to widen the appeal, attracting a larger range of species. The request was granted and now, the Smash Crab Junior rides on the back of its older cousin, looking set to outstrip the bigger versions enormous success. Straight of the line the Smash Crab Junior was already a winner taking out runner up at the ICAST trade show in the US and achieving the same feat here in Australia at the AFTA trade show.Being so highly regarded by industry legends and angling masters is one thing, but for Mayfield, it is the performance on the job, out in the water on the end of your braid that gives him the greatest satisfaction. The performance has been outstanding attracting fish such as Flathead, Trevally, Snapper, Jacks, Mulloway and a host of reef fish such as Tusk fish and others, and all in great numbers.Constructed from the brilliant 10X material, the Junior is as robust and hardy as it is fluid and flexible. The action is unrivalled. On the drop the legs and claws vibrate just like a real crab. Flipping straight onto its belly, its swims and crawls in an astonishingly realistic way. The action is so natural and effective, the angler need put little work onto the lure, letting the current take care of bringing the crab to life or you can slow roll or jig.The Smash Crab Junior measures in at 75mm, is available in some amazing colour finishes and comes fitted with a custom Shogun 2/0 hook. It is perfect for the inshore waters and performs just as well in nearshore applications such as shallow reefs. Use the Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior for sale now where ever crabs live. Drop from rock ledges, pylons and such structure, and let your Junior do the work for you. The Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior is a must have.Features and SpecificationsProfile: Crab fishing lureSize: 75mmHook: Single Shogun 2/0 – Rigged into the crab, ready to fishWeight: approx. 18gSink Rate: 3.3m/secRetrieve: Jig, Slow roll or set your rod in the holder using natural current actionMaterial: 10X durable soft plasticIdeal for saltwater fishing applications, inshore or offshore, if it eats a crab at some point in its diet it’s sure to eat a Chasebaits smash crab junior. Some of the common species to target will include, flathead, snapper, mangrove jack, trevally, barramundi and wide range of other saltwater fish.BenefitsSized to attract a broad range of species from multiple locations, inshore or offshore making it quite a versatile lure.Constructed from 10X material giving the Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior superior action but more importantly additional durability.Attracts fish from the moment it hits the water and begins to drop due to its amazing life like vibrating legs.Supplied rigged and ready to go. There is no mucking around. Simply tie the Chasebaits smash crab junior lure to your line and you are ready to start casting.Super easy to work with little effort required to achieve peak action.The Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior lure for sale now will prove a master fish catcher. Such is the performance of the Junior you would be missing out if you didn’t have this option in your fishing tackle box. Grab one now or a selection of Chasebaits Smash Crab Juniors now and hopefully bag out.
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    Fish Candy Crusty Crab Lure (pack of 2) – Ideal for bream, Flathead and moreThe Fish Candy Crusty Crab Lure will prove an excellent weapon in your estuary lure arsenal. They’re a brilliant design with size, colour and action designed to mimic the Australian shore crab perfectly, and that they do. Any fish partial to a crab will be a target when using your Fish Candy Crusty Crab Lure and, apart from being and awesome performer, they come in packs of two, with each uniquely rigged to cover all fishing styles. Now that’s a great innovation.The Fish Candy Crusty Crab fishing Lure is a soft plastic with a hard inner. The plastic construction is 10X, super durable and strong yet has a natural feel in the mouth of a fish, encouraging the fish to hang on aggressively. The first design, or model, is side rigged. It’s perfect for throwing at structures such as sea walls and pylons using vertical jigging techniques. It is weighted to sink belly first every time and sinks at a rate of about 1 meter per 3.5 seconds.The second model is designed for cast and retrieve. The crab is towed from the rear and is ideal for retrieving over sand flats, drop offs and through weed beds. Super strong fine gauge wire is used in the twin hook design. The hooks are discrete enough to mitigate against snagging yet well positioned to ensure secure hook ups on strike.There are a couple of colours available for sale (price is for 1 packet of 2 crabs only) with each colour representing the most commonly found Australian shore crab colours.It’s worth reiterating that both models come in your twin pack. This is a brilliant idea, cost effective as well as providing you with target and technique options.Grab yourself a selection of twin pack Fish Candy Crusty Crab Lures. It’s wise to have a few colours on hand if your budget allows. They’re definitely a fish magnet and will drive great results in the salt water lakes and estuaries. Get your Fish Candy Crusty Crab Lures, for sale now.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : The Crab with the Golden Claws : Paperback : Egmont UK Ltd : 9781405266963 : 1405266961 : 05 Jun 2013 : Still selling over 100,000 copies every year in the UK and having been adapted for the silver screen by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson in 2011.The Adventures of Tintin continue to charm more than 80 years after they first found their way into publication.
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    Thanks to its super-soft plush covering and well thought-out design, your feline will surely love this NeataPet Cat Tree. This veritable theme park for your cat comprises of no less than four Sisal covered scratching posts. Sisal rope is the ultimate material in terms of texture to encourage scratching and will last a lifetime – great news for your furniture!Designed with fun in mind, the hanging toy mice will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts and allow for expelling energy. Or for a change of pace, the three-level design boasts many platforms, plus a cosy cave for simply lounging around all day. The generously-sized base and solid construction ensures stability and durability, making it a safe haven for your beloved pet and surrounding furniture.       So, treat your cat and order your NeataPet Cat Tree today – so that they can get on with the serious business of stretching and napping!
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    Specifications: Condition 100% Brand New Material Steel Height Approx. 30cm/11.8'' Diameter of the Top Approx. 21cm/8.26'' Diameter of the Bottom Approx. 25cm/9.84'' Package Weight Approx. 340g Features: Collapsible and easy to be opened and folded for fast storage, very portable to carry. It can be universally used to keep fishes, smelt, minnows, crab, shrimp, lobsters and so on. This fishing net adopts steel as its material, instead of nylon, more durable and solid. Ingenious design helps you to raise your fishing efficiency. It is a great fishing accessory for fishing enthusiast. The diameter of the top and the bottom is different, which contributes to store more fish. Packing Content: 1 x Steel Fishing Net Note: 1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. 2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data. 3. Please allow 1cm-2cm error due to the hand measurement .
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    Crabs, Hermit Crabs and Allies will familiarise the amateur naturalist, beachcomber, diver and others who have an interest in the marine environment of crabs, hermit crabs and their close relatives.
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    Marukyu Crabs Pack of Fishing LuresIt stands to reason that after one success you will be hell bent on creating another. Marukyu enjoyed great results with the release of the Isome Worms. The next chapter in the Marukyu lure story are the Marukyu Crab Lures.Available in packs of 8 or 10 depending on lure size, we fisher folk can relax our crab hunting skills because now an awesome crab replication is available here in our online fishing store.The Marukyu Crab does a splendid job behaving just like the real thing. Your favourite crab eating species like Bream, Drummer and Snapper will find it nigh on impossible to leave these crab lures alone. The Marukyu Crab is so very easy to use. It can be fished with a small internal weight jig head or by hook. The great thing is that painful nips from angry live models are now a thing of the past.The Marukyu Crab doesn’t rely on look and action alone. Natural crab scents are infused into the lure giving it even greater fish attracting properties. Available in 2 sizes and a few different colours the Marukyu Crab comes ready for you to add you favourite hooks or jig head depending on your target and likely fishing conditions.
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