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A once proud civilization is on the brink of destruction. A terrible disaster has left their home world shattered into many pieces. These flying islands are the homes of the survivors. Among these survivors are beautiful Susie, smart John and strong Goliath. Choose one of these characters, then turn your islands into powerful fortresses, solve mysterious quests and save your two lost friends. Special magic artifacts will enable you to construct factories, power stations and defensive structures. You will produce machines, doubledeckers and zeppelins, which will be used to collect further artefacts and raw materials used as energy sources, and protect them from enemy attacks. Project Nomads is a richly created 3D action adventure. The eventful gameplay makes it easy to learn, whilst still remaining a challenge for the hardened of gamers. Breathtaking 3D worlds with spectacular graphics; 3 different heroes to choose from: smart john, strong goliath and beautiful Susie; individual tactics depending on the choice of character; 8 main quests with numerous sub quests; more than 40 different opponents; special effects, buildings etc. for each character; unusual, innovative story; fight enemies with fireballs and spell bombs; unlimited freedom of movement between the floating islands; control your own flying island; the opportunity to turn your island into a flying fortress or munitions factory; complete control of units such as double-deckers and turrets; aircraft with selectable a-controlled autopilot during battles; easy-to-use interface complete with tutorial; dynamic weather system with day and night cycles; a world consisting of 3 graphically entirely different levels; 2 spells per hero; real-time shadings; multiplayer game for up to 8 players via LAN or the internet.

Type Game Action