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Chef Ovens

  • Chef CFG503WB Oven

    The Chef 54cm Freestanding Natural Gas Cooker With Conventional Oven makes food preperation simple thanks to a piezo ignition system, and the options provided by a 4 burner hob and a separate gas grill. The separate grilling compartment of the Chef 54cm Freestanding Natural Gas Cooker with…

    $665 - $708
  • Chef CFE535WB Oven

    A versatile kitchen companion, the Chef 54cm Freestanding Electric Cooker with Separate Grill is packed with features that will help you cook a wide variety of dishes with ease, and allow you to take your cooking skills to a new level. Reinforced with acid-resistant enamel and specially-formed…

    $645 - $769
  • Chef CFG517SB Oven

    Versatile and easy to use, the Chef 54cm Freestanding LPG Gas Cooker With Conventional Oven lets you create a large number of delicious meals from a compact package thanks to a class leading 80L capacity. The Chef 54cm Freestanding LPG Gas Cooker With Conventional Oven has an 80L gross oven…

    $1051 - $1113
  • Chef CFG504SBNG Oven

    Class leading capacity. Flame failure feature. Easy clean convenience. Modern stainless steel finish. conventional oven, timer, light and electric grill in oven. electronic ignition and 4 burner gas hob. 80L conventional oven. Sleek enamel surface. Flame…

    $842 - $908
  • Chef CVE614SA Oven

    24 hour programmable timer.Easy clean formed shelf supports.Cooler door temperatures with air cooled door.

    $595 - $655
  • Chef CVE624SA Oven

    Class-leading capacity With 80L gross oven capacity.Conventional baking in lower oven.Cooler door temperatures with air cooled door.Wall installation.Cooling fan.The Chef range of cooking appliances has all the features you need in a design that you'll love.The Chef oven features a large…

    $1108 - $1197
  • Chef CFG504WBNG Oven

    Class-leading capacity, Flame failure feature, Easy-clean convenience, Sleek enamel surface, Cooktop options, conventional oven, timer, light and electric grill in oven, electronic ignition, 4 burner gas hob.80L conventional oven, 4 burner gas hob, Sleek…

    $749 - $835
  • Chef CVEP614SA Oven

    This Chef pyrolytic oven is a conventional oven and has a stainless steel finish and is electric powered. Its 70 litre capacity allows you to never worry about not having enough oven space. Plus, cook anything your heart desires with the Chef CVEP614SA's 7 cooking functions. Easy Cleaning…

    $977 - $1039
  • Chef CFG517WANG Ovens

    Specifications Model Code CFG517WANG Brand Chef Colour White Height (mm) 915 mm Depth (mm) 610 mm Width (mm) 540 mm Cooktop Fuel Natural Gas Cooktop Type Fan Forced Oven Fuel Natural Gas Oven Type Fan Forced Power Type Gas Volume 80 L

  • Chef CFE536WB Oven

    Chef CFE536WB Oven to be chef freestanding cookers have the largest cavity in the whole 54cm freestanding cooker range with an 80L gross oven capacity. 4 solid hotplates. Separate grilling compartment. Easy clean formed shelf supports. Control knobs, Sleek enamel…

    $626 - $721
  • Chef CFG517WB Oven

    Chef CFG517WB Oven Class leading capacity, Handy separate grill, Easy clean convenience, Sleek enamel surface, fan forced oven, timer, light and electronic ignition separate electric grill, 4 burner gas hob with wok burner. The Chef 54cm ceramic electric oven CFE517WB…

    $940 - $1198
  • Chef CFG517WBNG Oven

    The CFG517WBNG is a 54cm Natural Gas Freestanding Oven and Stove from Chef that comes with fan forced oven, timer, light, electronic ignition, separate electric grill and 4 burner gas hob with wok burner.Chef freestanding cookers have the largest cavity in the whole 54cm freestanding cooker range…

    $1006 - $1099
  • Chef CFE537WB Oven

    Chef CFE537WB Oven, 80L gross oven capacity. 4 solid hotplates. Fan forced oven. Sleek enamel surface . Handy separate grill. Easy clean convenience. 74 Litres Net Capacity. Fan Forced Oven. Separate Electric Grill. 4 Solid…

    $750 - $852
  • Chef CFE547WB Oven

    Chef CFE547WB Oven on the Ceramic stove top, Class leading capacity, Handy separate grill, Easy clean convenience, Sleek enamel surface, freestanding cooker with fan forced oven, timer, light and separate electric grill, electric hob with ceramic…

    $940 - $1101
  • Chef CFG504WBLP Oven

    Chef freestanding cookers have the largest cavity in the whole 54cm freestanding cooker range with a 80L gross oven capacity. Plus, the separate grilling compartment means you can entertain guests and cook big family meals with absolute ease. Save time and effort with easy clean features such…

    $756 - $798
  • Chef CFE536SB Oven

    With a generous 80L oven capacity, easy clean features and electric cooktop, the Chef 54cm Freestanding Electric Cookers versatile functions and stainless steel finish make it an excellent choice for the family kitchen. Ideal for families, the Chef 54cm Freestanding Electric Cooker's 80L…

    $681 - $799

Recently Viewed Ovens

What to consider when shopping for the perfect oven Considering how much of a central role ovens play in the modern kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right one for the job. They come in a variety of sizes and specialities, and can use either gas or electricity to power them. Things like pizza ovens and steam ovens are a nice luxury if you’ve already got your basics covered, but you really shouldn’t be looking at those until you’ve already got a capable regular oven and microwave. Most regular ovens, either gas or electric, will come with a main cavity as well as a grilling door, or sometimes even a double compartment for preparing multiple meals at once. Typically you should go for some of the more trusted brands, like Bosch, Ilve or AEG, as you’ll be wanting this kind of component to last you longer than your average appliance, and the money spent on a premium brand is saved down the line when you don’t have to replace or repair it.