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  2. The Serif Fairy has lost her wing, keeping her from performing magic. This book follows her through an airy, immaculately designed typographic landscape as she hunts for it. Along the way, she makes friends and has adventures as she wanders through the Garamond Forest, visits Futura Town and eventually ends her quest at Shelley Lake. An amazing book for type aficionados and their children, “The Serif Fairy“epitomizes the synthesis of form and function, the ultimate goal of good design. In this Type Director s Club award-winning children s book, readers both young and old are sure to delight in the tale and illustrations. Children will marvel at the unique visual renderings of trees, towns and animals, hardly realizing that they are learning about typography. More than a lesson, however, this book is entertaining for all readers, who are sure to root for the Serif Fairy as she searches for that part of her that makes her complete. This archetypal story told through such innovative illustrations furthers the genre of children s books, proving how they can be fun and informative for both the young and young at heart!”
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  4. Ten Functions: (1)Early childhood education E is able to answer children's questions and develop their ability to express and think. (2)Sound control Voice control ROBOT E to singing, dancing, opening APP, etc. (3)APP/PC control Control of ROBOT E by PC software and mobile phone APP (4)Voice chat With a robot, you can talk to your baby at any time. (5)Video chat Not only can voice chat, but also can see your lovely baby in real time (6)Video surveillance Take control of the situation at home for the first time (7)Diverse functions More than 40 languages, more than 500 service skills, and hundreds of early education content are available through Internet access (8)Home security Any organisms that break into the home, ROBOT E will sensed by infrared sensing and then notify the host. (9)Intelligent management home ROBOT E can be controlled by voice to turn on TV, air conditioning and other tools with infrared reception function. (10)Memorandum Features: (1)Secondary development Open the secondary development interface, you can use PC side software, APP editing robot action, or input your own voice, create a unique robot (2)Infinite application The Robotics Alliance allows the APP on the phone to be installed on the ROBOT E, allowing the ROBOT E to expand its functionality infinitely. Three core technologies: (1)Hardware and software combination Four systems: servo control system, planetary deceleration system, sensor feedback system, DC drive system. High precision motion control algorithm based on pid. Large torsion: alloy gear + double bearing. Bus control: link complexity reduced, reliability improved, more beautiful (2)Cloud platform Robot group service, cloud service, provide upgrade management, big data service, video data processing, semantic recognition (3)Robot running system: Robot action operating system FreeRTOS. Underlying hardware system Linux. Application software system Android Specifications: Fuselage size: 43x20.6x10cm. Network connection: GSM / 2G / 3G SIM Card. GSM : 850 MHz 900MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz. WCDMA : 2100MHz 850MHz. GPRS:Class12 TCP IP build in GSM MODULE. WiFi: 2.4G support for B / R / N. CPU:MTK6572. APP fit for IOS7.0 Android 4.0 or more. Standby time: 3-4 days. Battery capacity: 5000mAh. Bluetooth: v2.1 + EDR 3.0 + HS 4.0LOW ENERGYLE). Box size: 47.7x27.8x14.4 cm. Fuselage weight: 2200g Package included: 1x Robot E1 1x Power adapter
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  5. For courses in computer science and software engineering The Fundamental Practice of Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering introduces students to the overwhelmingly important subject of software programming and development. In the past few years, computer systems have come to dominate not just our technological growth, but the foundations of our world’s major industries. This text seeks to lay out the fundamental concepts of this huge and continually growing subject area in a clear and comprehensive manner.The Tenth Edition contains new information that highlights various technological updates of recent years, providing students with highly relevant and current information. Sommerville’s experience in system dependability and systems engineering guides the text through a traditional plan-based approach that incorporates some novel agile methods. The text strives to teach the innovators of tomorrow how to create software that will make our world a better, safer, and more advanced place to live.
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  6. Free Delivery Worldwide : Beginning Software Engineering : Paperback : John Wiley & Sons Inc : 9781118969144 : 1118969146 : 23 Mar 2015 : A complete introduction to building robust and reliable softwareBeginning Software Engineering demystifies the software engineering methodologies and techniques that professional developers use to design and build robust, efficient, and consistently reliable software.
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  7. The revolutionary study of how the place where wegrew up shapes the way we think, feel, and act—with new dimensions and perspectives Based on research conducted in more than seventy countries over a forty-year span,Cultures and Organizations examines what drives people apart-when cooperationis so clearly in everyone’s interest. With major new contributions from MichaelMinkov’s analysis of data from the World Values Survey, as well as an account ofthe evolution of cultures by Gert Jan Hofstede, this revised and expanded edition:Reveals the “moral circles” from which national societiesare built and the unexamined rules by which people think,feel, and actExplores how national cultures differ in the areas of inequality,assertiveness versus modesty, and tolerance for ambiguityExplains how organizational cultures differ from nationalcultures-and how they can be managedAnalyzes stereotyping, differences in language, cultural rootsof the 2008 economic crisis, and other intercultural dynamics
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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems : Hardback : Chapman and Hall : 9780412784606 : 0412784602 : 01 Nov 1996 : Significantly, the following topics are addressed: * definitions and requirements of software for control technology * system design, describing forms of control software * CASE tools for the generation of a code * configuration, adaption of standard software variants, and re-usability of software * and man-machine interface.
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  9. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Product Assurance : Hardback : Pearson Education Limited : 9780135005057 : 0135005051 : 01 May 1988 : Based on the authors' extensive experience in the software industry, this volume describes and extensively illustrates practical techniques for transforming any software development endeavor into a visible, traceable, and hence manageable process. It offers a self-contained and hands-on in approach that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and that leads readers into the details of how to provide software that does what the customer asked that it do, is delivered on or before the date the customer...
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  10. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Quality Engineering : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471713456 : 0471713457 : 24 Mar 2005 : This book tells you how to meet people's expectations with quality planning, software quality, automation, execution, validation, verification, measurement and analysis, and support. It is divided into four major parts: Part I introduces all the major topics and covers quality planning. Part II is devoted to software testing topics.
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  11. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software, Growth, and the Future of the U.S Economy : Paperback : National Academies Press : 9780309099509 : 0309099501 : 30 Apr 2006 : Starting in the mid 1990s, the US economy experienced an unprecedented upsurge in economic productivity. This workshop convened academic experts and industry representatives from leading companies such as Google and General Motors to participate in a high-level discussion of the role of software and its importance to US productivity growth.
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  12. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Architecture : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780470167748 : 0470167742 : 01 Sep 2009 : Software architecture is foundational to the development of large, practical software-intensive applications. This brand-new text covers all facets of software architecture and how it serves as the intellectual centerpiece of software development and evolution. Critically, this text focuses on supporting creation of real implemented systems.
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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Defined Networks : Paperback : O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA : 9781449342302 : 1449342302 : 02 Oct 2013 : Explore the emerging definitions, protocols, and standards for SDN - software-defined, software-driven, programmable networks - with this comprehensive guide. Two senior network engineers show you what's required for building networks that use software for bi-directional communication between applications and the underlying network infrastructure.
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  15. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Testing : Paperback : Pearson Education (US) : 9780672327988 : 0672327988 : 08 Aug 2005 : Provides insight into the world of software testing and quality assurance. This book helps you find problems in any computer program, how to plan an effective test approach and how to tell when software is ready for release. It includes a chapter which deals with testing software for security bugs, the processes.
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  16. Highlights *Wacom Intuos CTH-490,Small Pen and Touch 3.7” x 6” Black with Art bundled software Dimensions: 27CM x 21CM x 5CM Weight: 0.65KG
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  17. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Testing : Hardback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471793717 : 047179371X : 07 Aug 2007 : Software Testing presents one of the first comprehensive guides to testing activities, ranging from test planning through test completion for every phase of software under development, and software under revision. Real life case studies are provided to enhance understanding as well as a companion website with tools and examples.
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  18. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Studies : Hardback : MIT Press Ltd : 9780262062749 : 0262062747 : 30 Jun 2008 : A cultural field guide to software: artists, computer scientists, designers, cultural theorists, programmers, and others define a new field of study and practice.
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  19. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Design for Real-time Systems : Paperback : Chapman and Hall : 9780442311742 : 0442311745 : 01 Feb 1991 : WHAT IS THIS BOOKABOUT7 In recent times real-time computer systems have become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Frequently they are hardware oriented with limited coverage of software, or software texts which ignore the issues of real-time systems.
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  20. Free Delivery Worldwide : Global Software : Paperback : Springer-Verlag New York Inc. : 9780387977065 : 0387977066 : 01 May 1992 : John Sculley In the short history of personal computing, the task of the software programmer has been one of the least recognized-but one of the most significant-in the industry. In addition to defining the prob­ lems, and presenting the solutions, the software programmer is con­ fronted with the challenge of having to predict what combination of ideas and technologies will move the industry forward in the most compelling way. Even though we've seen the development of tremendous applications in ...
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  21. Free Delivery Worldwide : Advanced Software Testing : Paperback : Rocky Nook : 9781937538507 : 1937538508 : 10 Oct 2014 : This book teaches test managers what they need to know to achieve advanced skills in test estimation, test planning, test monitoring, and test control. Readers will learn how to define the overall testing goals and strategies for the systems being tested. This hands-on, exercise-rich book provides experience with planning, scheduling, and tracking these tasks. You'll be able to describe and organize the necessary activities as well as learn to select, acquire, and assign adequate resources for testing tasks. You'll learn how to form, organize, and lead testing teams, and master the organizing of communication among the members of the testing teams, and between the testing teams and all the other stakeholders. Additionally, you'll learn how to justify decisions and provide adequate reporting information where applicable. With over thirty years of software and systems engineering experience, author Rex Black is President of RBCS, is a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing, and is the most prolific author practicing in the field of software testing today. He has published a dozen books on testing that have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. He is past president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and a director of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB). This book will help you prepare for the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager exam. Included are sample exam questions, at the appropriate level of difficulty, for most of the learning objectives covered by the ISTQB Advanced Level Syllabus. The ISTQB certification program is the leading software tester certification program in the world. With about 300,000 certificate holders and a global presence in over 50 countries, you can be confident in the value and international stature that the Advanced Test Manager certificate can offer you. This second edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the new ISTQB Advanced Test Manager 2012 Syllabus, and the latest ISTQB Glossary. This edition reflects Rex Black's unique insights into these changes, as he was one of the main participants in the ISTQB Advanced Level Working Group--
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  22. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Engineering Techniques: Design for Quality : Hardback : Springer-Verlag New York Inc. : 9780387393872 : 0387393870 : 02 Oct 2006 : This volume provides an overview of current work in software engineering techniques that can enhance the quality of software. The seven sections of the volume address the following areas: software architectures, modeling, project management, software quality, analysis and verification methods, data management, and software maintenance.
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  23. A great place for your child to eat, play or be creative with arts and crafts, the Transport table is both strong and lightweight for portability. Well-proportioned for your child's comfort, Teamson Design Corp Transport chairs are hand-painted with unique designs and a quality smooth wooden finish at the top of our priorities. Features: -Transport collection.-Environment: Indoor.-Table Shape: Square.-Storage: No.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Table Height - Top to Bottom: 55.25.-Table Width - Side to Side: 71.12.-Table Depth - Front to Back: 71.12.-Overall Product Weight: 6.
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  24. Free Delivery Worldwide : Software RX : Paperback : Pearson Education (US) : 9780134726632 : 0134726634 : 02 Nov 1996 : Useful for courses in Software Engineering, this book is a collection of software engineering essays for software development. It includes examples throughout to give readers a better understanding and feel for best practices that can be applied to the development, test and release management of software products.
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