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Cisco WIP310G4



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Product Features Wireless-G IP Phone Save with low-cost VoIP calls anywhere with Wireless-G network access Business quality VoIP calls over a WiFi Network with wireless handset convenience Configurable provisioning capabilities to enable mass-scale Service Provider activation and deployment Superior Range and Performance with 802.11g Multi-feature support, such as caller ID, call forwarding, call transfer, 3-way conferencing, call history, phonebook, SMS, and built in speakerphone Product Description The Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone enables high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network. The WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone operates in the 2.4GHz band, supports 802.11b/g and the latest VoIP SIP protocols. The large, full-color high resolution display features an intuitive user interface enabling users to easily and quickly configure the handset with network access using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). WPS is a fast, secure way of connecting the WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone with any standards based Wireless-G broadband router. Just press the WPS button and your connection will automatically be configured and secured with a custom SSID using powerful WPA (Wi- Fi Protected Access) encryption. Within seconds you have successfully set up a secure connection. The WIP310 utilizes the same trusted and proven provisioning capabilities presently being used to deploy other popular Cisco SIP-based ATAs and IP Phones on a massive scale. Customers purchasing VoIP service from the service provider and using the WIP310 can be quickly provisioned over a WiFi connection where their configuration profile is received securely right to the handset via a TFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS download.

Type Cordless Phone
Features VoIP/Skype Phone