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  1. Used to mount the Broadline on to a colorbond fence
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    3.00m X 6.00m Absco Gable Carport colorbond Colorbond Category 2 Cyclone Proof
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    6.00m X 6.00m Absco Double Roller Door Garage Colorbond W33 Non-Cyclonic
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    Absco 3m X 1.44m X 2.06m Colorbond Regent
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    Absco 3m X 2.18m X 2.06m Colorbond Regent
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    The ratchet wire strainer is a high quality fence strainer, designed to help tighten fences when they may be loose or damaged. This fence wire strainer features an aluminium construction with a steel frame, which allows withstanding against the heavy wear and tear of outdoor weather conditions. It features 2 plane ramps for easy guidance of the wire. For a better control of the wire tension, the ratchet is equipped with a teeth spool. The locking notch at the top of the strainer helps to lock the strained wire in place by pushing against the teeth keeping the fence tight at all times. With its high strength construction and compact size, this fence strainer offer effectiveness and durability.Product Features Aluminium casted tooth wheel with steel frame Constructed with teeth spool for finer control of wire tension Frame with locking notch for improved performance and strainer integrity Two plane ramp for guidance of wire onto spool Easy to set up and long lasting Dimensions: 13 x 3.5cmProduct Content 24 x Ratchet Wire Strainer
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    Absco 3m X 0.78m X 1.95m Colorbond Spacesaver
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    Absco 3m X 2.92m X 2.06m Colorbond Regent
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    Absco 3m X 3.66m X 2.06m Colorbond Regent
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    6.00m X 6.00m Absco Gable Carport Colorbond CATEGORY 2 CYCLONE PROOF
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    Carport 6.00m X 6.00m Absco Gable Carport Colorbond AUSTRALIAN MADE
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    3.00m X 6.00m Absco Gable Carport Colorbond Australian Made
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    5.5m x 5.5m Absco Skillion Colorbond Double Carport (Australian Made)
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    3.70m X 6.00m Absco Single Roller Door Garage Colorbond W41 Non-Cyclonic
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    Absco 2.26m X 1.52m X 2.08m Colorbond Spacesaver
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    Absco 3m X 1.52m X 2.08m Colorbond Spacesaver
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    Installing a frameless glass fence around your pool or outdoor area can be a do-it-yourself project with the use of our Glass Fencing Spigots. A spigot is a metal peg bolted and anchored to the ground while allowing the glass panel to be suspended slightly above ground. The spigot is made from durable, high quality anodised aluminum alloy that makes it weather-resistant, and corrosion resistant. It’s ideal for outdoor use so you won’t have to worry about rust or tarnishing. This friction spigot is lined with rubber grip sleeves designed to clamp and securely hold 8-12mm thick safety glass panels 50mm above the ground. There is no need for holes to be drilled into the glass. With multiple spigots to support your fence, you eliminate the need for posts or frames. Installation is simple and easy, plus you get a clear and unobstructed view of your whole outdoor area! The use of our spigots with 8-12mm thick safety glass conforms to the specifications required by the Spa and Pool Fencing Standards applicable to residents of Australia. Features: Made with high quality anodised aluminum alloy - weather proof and corrosion resistant Designed to hold Safety Glass 8-12mm thick Strong and durable rubber grip sleeves Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation 12 in package Specifications: Dimensions of spigot: 180 x 95mm (L x W) Dimensions of bolt holes: 8 x 8mm Space between bolt hole centres: 70.8mm Includes 2 x rubber grip sleeves Allen key for bolts included
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    “Not a word is wasted. Jaffe’s humour is sly and unerringly finds its mark.” Country Style “I promise you one thing, young lady. Building a fence is not going to keep the world out and won’t keep your children in. Life’s not that simple.” Gwen Hill adores Green Valley Avenue. Here she has built friendships, raised her children and nurtured a thriving garden. So when the house next door is sold, Gwen wonders how the new family will settle into this cosy community. Francesca Desmarchelliers has high hopes for the house on Green Valley Avenue. More than a new home, it’s a clean slate for Frankie, who has moved her brood in a bid to save her marriage. To maintain her privacy and corral her wandering children, Frankie proposes a fence between the properties, destroying Gwen’s picture-perfect front yard. To Gwen, this is an act of war. Soon the neighbours are in an escalating battle about more than just council approvals, where boundaries aren’t the only things at stake. MORE PRAISE FOR THE FENCE “There’s nothing polite about this white picket fence drama. In this green-thumbed social satire of suburban neighbourly conflict, Meredith Jaffe’s wicked sense of humor blooms in the fertile compost of domestic discord. To be enjoyed in all seasons, in full sun or part shade, requiring no watering or weeding. A mischievous treat for anyone who has ever had tricky neighbours. A welcome new talent. “ Caroline Baum, Editorial Director, Booktopia “A keenly observed satire on the boundaries we set. Good fences make good neighbours. Or do they?” Wendy Harmer “reminiscent of the fiction of Liane Moriarty…Written with astute characterisation and alternating viewpoints so the reader can sympathise with both sides, The Fence [is] an engaging and satirical novel about the struggle of whether to preserve the past or look to the future.” Bookseller+Publisher “With her eye for satire, Jaffe does for neighbourly disputes what Liane Moriarty did for schoolyard scandals in Big Little Lies. This is an entertaining, terrifying look at how tensions between neighbours can escalate. The Fence is guaranteed to resonate and will stimulate discussions at book groups, too.” Australian Women’s Weekly
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    5.60m X 5.50m Absco Double Compact Barn Door Garage Colorbond W41 Non-Cyclonic
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    Love the modern look of frameless glass fencing but don’t want to pay a fortune for an installer? Do it yourself with these simple yet sophisticated square spigots. It functions as a Bolt or a Clamp, the former requires drilling a hole in the glass and uses the M8 screw supplied to bolt through the glass. Suitable for 10mm to 12mm glass, the spigots are made from anodised aluminium alloy and are weather resistant. Keep the view and more money in your pocket, install a modern frameless glass fence yourself today. Features Locking device for frameless glass feature walls and fences Locking device is fitted with M8 screw for enhanced stability Improved smooth edges for elegant, modern fencing Extra-durable anodised aluminium alloy construction Easy do-it-yourself installation Weather resistantSpecifications Shape: Square Appropriate for glass with thickness of 10mm~12mm Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 16.5cmProduct Content 1 x Glass Spigot 1 set x Assembly accessories
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    3.40m X 5.50m Absco Single Compact Barn Door Garage Colorbond w41 Non-Cyclonic
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    Absco 5.96m X 3m X 2.3m Colorbond Highlander
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    Tired of finding your livestock making illegal lane-changes on the highway? Had it with late-night mustering on neighbouring properties? Well, with your Baumr-AG, it will be easy for you to keep the animals fenced in.Simply connect the two ends to the fence wires and pull the lever a few times. Tie off the wires. Done. It's so easy, you can do it all by yourself - and thanks to an ingenious swivel mechanism, you can do it whether you're left- or right-handed, too.The result literally speaks for itself; it's easy to tell which fence has been stretched with the 1,000kg Baumr-AG (it's the one that goes ping! when you touch it). And it's a result that the heavy-duty Baumr-AG will pull off year after year. This tool is so tough, it comes with a full one-year warranty (and, yes, we do know what you put your tools through). So, do yourself and your animals a favour and order the Baumr-AG today!
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    Absco 3m X 2.92m X 2.3m Colorbond Highlander
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