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A magical interactive story from the book based on the study of dragons. Players use the Wii controls to fly on the back of a variety of dragons in an epic adventure to save dragonkind from the evil Silus Copperbone. Lessons learned from the books will help players advance on their quest, but it is not essential. Features: - Take Control of a Dragon -- Using the Wii Controls, players can experience what it’s like to fly on the backs of dragons over visually stunning landscapes. The dragons have unique personalities, all characterized with professional Voice Acting. - Be a Part of a Magical Dragon World -- Inspired by the book series, Dragonology will feature a distinct artistic style, allowing players to explore the myriad environments they imagined in the Dragonology books. During their quest they will explore many different environments from the cliffs of the British isles to the stunning Northern lights at night above icebergs and polar bears. - Variety of Gameplay -- Players choose to play as a boy or girl and are able to add their name. They will perform a variety of exciting tasks including racing through rings, taking photographs and collecting Dragon eggs.

Type Game Adventure