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  1. Marvel’s newest Ghost Rider puts vengeance in overdrive! Robbie Reyes has been given a new awesome power, but will he submit to the sprit inside him and go too far in protecting his neighbourhood? As a war brews in the criminal underworld, the streets of East LA are up with drug-fuelled gang violence from Dr Zabo’s power-enhancing narcotics – and Mr Hyde launches a diabolical plan to expand his underground empire. The all-new Ghost Rider takes on Mr. Hyde, with all-out action…and a twist that will hit you at 100 mph!
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  2. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Children of the Atom go to war in the ultimate super-hero showdown. The world destroying Phoenix Force is back – and while the Avengers are intent on stopping it, Cyclops and his X-Men have other ideas. To Captain America, the Phoenix threatens doom. To Cyclops, it could mean salvation. Marvel’s top writers and artists present a space-faring, world-changing epic – the culmination of a decade’s worth of incredible event storytelling. Collecting: Avengers vs. X-Men 0-12, material from Point One
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  3. Written by Mark Waid Art and cover by Alex Ross Eisner Award-winning artist Alex Ross provides an amazing new cover painting for this new edition of KINGDOM COME, which features a deluxe foldout cover only on its first printing! (Subsequent printings will not include the foldout.) Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Ross, this is the unforgettable, best-selling tale of a world spinning inexorably out of control. Waid and Ross weave a tale of youth versus experience, tradition versus change, and what defines a hero. KINGDOM COME is a riveting epic that pits the old guard – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their allies – against a new, uncompromising generation of heroes. Advance-solicited; on sale September 10 * 232 pg, FC, $17.99 US
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