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Conspiracy Entertainme Offroad Extreme



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Enter the super-turbo-driven world of OffRoad Extreme! Here, you'll be racing huge V8 powered monsters around rugged terrain, including islands, massive arenas and volcanoes. OffRoad Extreme utilizes an ultra-realistic physics system to ensure every bump, nudge, crash and crunch on the race track affects your vehicles as it should. You can also play against a friend, either in single races or competing together in Challenge mode. Race well and claim victory against your opponents to earn prize money, which you can use to unlock extra secret Trucks and if you're really good, the ability to race through down the gullies and through the canyons at night! Be careful, though - every time your truck takes too much damage, you'll lose some of your prize money on repairs! Pay for your own repairs with prize money - don't overspend! Challenge your friends in the multi-player mode, allowing you to compete head to head in these awesome machines. Features: - Race through visually stunning backgrounds, rugged terrain, along valleys and ancient cave structures - Choos from a vast selection of detailed offroad machines - 32 unique track variations including quarries, canyons and mines - Earn prize money to unlock secret vehicles, extra challenges an vehicle upgrades

Type Game Racing