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Contour VHR1400



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The Contour GPS is the middle model of the Contour Sports Camera range. It offers Full HD video recording, 5mp still shots, a GPS and only weighs 150 grams. The Contour GPS is compatible with many accessories that will enable you to use it on your head, helmet, surf board, and you can even get a mount that allows you to mount it on your tactical weaponry. With a wide angle lens with a 135 degree field of view you'll be able to capture everything you see and it has a removable lithium-ion battery so you can carry spares around. Included with the Contour GPS is a goggle mount which allows you to mount the camera on surfaces such as goggles, and a rotating surface mount which will allow you to mount it on a flat surface and rotate the camera once placed on it. The GPS will tag your photos and videos with the location of where you were, so you can look back and know where that shot was taken. The Contour GPS also has built in Bluetooth which allows you to connect it up to your iPhone or Android powered phone and with the correct application, you will be able to use your phone as a viewfinder and adjust the cameras settings.

Type Digital
Memory Type SDHC, SD