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  1. Primus thermal cooker for camping cookingSlow cooking is enjoying a renascence in contemporary kitchens. Diners cooks and foodies have become reacquainted with this ancient technique that releases flavours, richness, creates tender meets and fabulous, delicious dishes. Now you can do it when you’re camping without the need of your heavy old camp oven and the perfectly managed camp fire.Increasingly, many of the places we choose to camp have restricted fire policies with more and more locations banning open fires all together. Slow cooking in the outdoors requires a decent fire and cast iron camp oven, at least traditionally. With the Primus thermal cooker however, you no longer require either of those things. The conductive and heat retention properties of the Primus Thermal cooker allows you to heat using minimum heating resources, remove from the heat then allow the cooker to do the rest.Simply add the ingredients, heat per instructions, remove from the heat then go about your leisure pursuits while the cooker takes care of dinner. Once off the heat source, you can leave it to go fishing or bushwalking knowing you will return to a delicious hot meal. The meal will be perfectly cooked and the heat retained for up to 8 hours. It is suitable for use with either electric or gas stove tops, induction cookers and infrared stoves. Use it wherever you are for the perfect, flavoursome slow cooked meal that will see your diners coming back for more. They’re priced accessibly and proving very popular. If you close your eyes, you can nearly smell the perfect stew cooking in your Primus thermal cooker.
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  2. Brand New Material: High Heat safe Polypropylene(P/P) Size: 14cm (H) X18 (Dia) Capacity 6 cups Cooked rice (1.4L) Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe The Prep Solutions Microwave larger capacity Rice Cooker by Progressive allows you to make perfectly steamed rice in just minutes Works with a variety of different contents including pasta, rice and vegetables Set includes a locking lid, pasta draining insert, vegetable steaming insert, measuring cup and rice paddle
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  3. Brand New Size: Face 7cm (DIA), 8.5cm (H) Material: Stainless Steel(S/S), Aluminium Suitable to either stand or hang inside the oven, this thermometer will provide an accurate reading of the temperature inside the oven The high-impact shatter-proof case ensures durability of the thermometer Easy to read, the thermometer can be calibrated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius; and is heat resistant up to 600F and 300C High impact shatter proof case Heat resistant up to 600F and 300C Do not immerse in water Wipe clean after use
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