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Cowon iAudio D2 8GB



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The new Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) is a tweaked version of the popular and successful Cowon iAudio D2. The new Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) includes all the features that made the original D2 popular, which includes an extremely long battery life of 50 hours, vivid colour touch screen, multiple format support including high fidelity formats like FLAC, and more. The Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) adds to the impressive features list by including a better sounding Equalizer (EQ) thanks to the BBE+ sound enhancements, a new and improved Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a sleeker new design. Exceptional Sound Quality Let’s face it, sound quality is an important factor when purchasing a digital audio player and you’ll be happy to hear that the Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) will not disappoint. If you’re serious about your music, then you have most probably heard of audio formats such as FLAC and OGG. You will be happy to hear the Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) supports these formats. Bright and Vivid Touch Screen The Cowon iAudio D2+ (Plus) has a 2.5”, 16 Million Colour Touch Screen. Navigate and listen to your music by simply touching the screen. Download your movies and pictures on the D2+ (Plus) for instant eye candy Super Strength battery life 52 Hours of continuous playback of your music! Yes you read right, 52 hours! Best of all, the D2+ (Plus) will integrate your music from the memory card with the internal memory meaning you don’t have to access 2 folders to find music from the same artist.

Storage Capacity GB 8
Storage Type Built-in Memory
Additional Feature Radio & Voice recorder
Supported Formats MP3, WAV, WMA