Crampeze Capsules (120) from $24.23
Crampeze Capsules (120)

Crampeze Capsules (120)

Description Crampeze Capsules is a natural alternative for the relief of night cramps. It helps provide relief from and helps to prevent muscle cramps, spasms and tired legs. Directions / Dosage Take2 capsules twice daily with water for first 4 weeks. Thereafter 1 capsule twice daily to maintain the therapeutic benefit. Dosage to be taken in the morning and 30 minutesbefore retiring at night.Initial relief should be experienced within 10 days, with maximum therapeutic benefit occurring after 4 weeks. Indications Crampeze is a natural alternative that:- assists in the improvement and maintenance of peripheral circulation- provides relief from and reduces the risk of night cramps- provides relief from and helps to reduce the risk of muscle cramps and spasms, tired, aching and restless legs- relieves aching legs associated with varicose veins- provides magnesium and vitamin B6 supplementation- protects and maintains capillary health. Ingredients Each capsule contains:Rutin 200mg, citrus bioflavonoids extract 150mg, magnesium oxide 125mg, magnesium sulfate (dried) 25mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 10mg.Free from calcium excipients and sugar (including lactose). WarningsIf symptoms persist, seek the advice of your healthcare professional.... Shipping varies according to your location and the product...    
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CRAMPEZE Night Cramps Capsules 120

CRAMPEZE Night Cramps Capsules 120

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Crampeze Night Cramps 120 Capsules

Crampeze Night Cramps 120 Capsules

Crampeze Night Cramps 120 Capsules more info

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Crampeze Capsules 120

Crampeze Capsules 120

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