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  1. Tojiro, from Japan, trace back to the days of the Samurai. When you use a Tojiro knife, you're holding a product of more than one thousand years of evolution and quality craftsmanship. These days, every Tojiro knife is created using same time-honoured techniques developed by Japan's ancient craftsmen.though naturally, Tojiro have added a few of their own technological flourishes here and there. The result? Blades that are the perfect blend of technology and tradition. Tojiro's Flash knives are something truly special. Each blade is crafted from 63 layers of stainless steel, resulting in the beautiful rippled pattern you'll notice on every Tojiro Flash knife. With superior hardness and strength, every Tojiro blade retains flexibility, while also boasting micarta handles that are comfortable in the hand. Just like a Samurai sword, a Tojiro knife will lend an air of distinction to the chef who wields it. If you value craftsmanship, history and tradition, choose Tojiro knives. Flash Chef's Knife & Utility Knife Set features: Made in Japan. Blade made from 63 layers of stainless steel, for the perfect blend of hardness, strength, sharpness and flexibility. Handles crafted from micarta - a unique, durable blend of resin and linen - with a matte stainless steel inlay. Hand wash recommended. Beautifully presented in a wooden Tojiro gift box. Set Contains: 21cm Chef's Knife. 15cm Utility Knife.
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    Description : KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife Sets Kitchen Cutlery Rust Proof Chef Knife Slicer Peeler Cutter KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife set is made of nanostructured zirconia, rust-proof, stain-proof, germ-resistant, hygiene and never corrodes, which keeps you away from germ and bacteria. It is almost as hard as diamond, super sharp and hardly wears. It works best for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables. This knifet is typically half weight of the metal knife. Highly controlled grip and ergonomic arched handle provides unique support for maximum performance. The fact that ceramic knives can keep the original taste, smell and color of your food, also, maintain the food's freshness and nutrition. Ceramic does not absorb any food element and allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel, which is resistance to oils and acids and won't leave any taste or strange smell on the blade. Feature : Germ-resistant : Supprort Hygiene : Supprort Lightweight : Supprort Ultra Sharp : Supprort Stain-Proof : Supprort Never Rusts : Supprort Never Wears : Supprort Never Corrodes : Supprort Easy To Clean : Supprort Ergonomic Designs : Supprort No Chemical Leakage : Supprort Leaves No Aftertaste : Supprort No Browning Or Oxidizing Food : Supprort Impervious To Acids, Oils And Odour : Supprort Specification : Brand : KCASA Material : Nanostructured zirconia Color : Black Size : Chef knife : 27 cm Slicing knife : 24 cm Fruit slicer : 21 cm Fruit paring knife : 18.5 cm Peeler : 13.0 cm Package Includes : AS YOU CHOOSE 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 3'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 4'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 5'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 6'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Peeler In Stock 1 x KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife Set In Stock
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    BN 72pcs Stainless Steel Cutlery Knife Spoon Splayd Set With Wooden Box Brand new Quantity: 1 set Material: Stainless steel Come with 12x Forks 12x Spoons 12x Knives 12x Teaspoons 12x Dessert Forks 1x Cake Knife 1x Soup Ladle 1x Gravy Ladle 1x Sugar/Ice Clip 5x Round Spoons 1x Salad Fork 2x Coffee Spoons 1x Wooden box
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    With An Enviable Strength To Weight Ratio, Quality Finish And Oral Friendly Shape These Titanium Cutlery Options Make Ideal Presents. Whether You Want To Treat Yourself Or Others You Can Feel Good About Being Generous As These Products Add To The Outdoor Expedition Eating Experience And Are Made To Stand The Test Of Time.
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    The Alphalight Cutlery Uses A Durable Aluminum Combined With A Sleek-Yet-Strong Shape To Create An Extremely Lightweight Utensil At A Surprisingly Affordable Price. By Hard Anodizing The Aluminum It Forms A Kind Of 'Exoskeleton', So The Utensils Can Be Slimmer And Lighter. This Hardened Shell Also Encapsulates The Aluminum, To Eliminate The Risk Of The Alloy Leaching Into Food.
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    Brand new Material: wooden Quantity : 100pcs spoons, 100pcs knives , 100pcs forks Great to be used in parties and many events
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    Description: KCASA KF-1 5 Pieces Zirconia Ceramic Knife Set Multi-function Ergonomic Chef Knife Peeler Slicer Kcasa KF-1 ceramic knife set comes with brand new ergonomic design, non-rust, non-toxic and without heavy metal ions. Made from nanostructured zirconia material. Durable and sharp,modern and eco-friendly. We made it for a delicate modern kitchen,so you can enjoy its comfortable ergonomic handle and sharp blade. The Kcasa KF-1 ceramic knife set will reach you in 5 pieces high-quality kitchen knives, they'll be good helpers for your kitchen. With shreding, peeling, cutting and slicing functions, to meet your various needs. Feature: Spot pattern handle. Durable sharp edge. Ergonomic and protective handles Easy to clean with a little detergent, which have little food residue. Specification: Material: Nanostructured zirconia Style: Spot pattern handle Size: Chef knife:27.2cm Slicing knife:23.9cm Fruit slicer:20.0cm Fruit paring knife:17.6cm Peeler:13.0cm Package includes: 1 X KCASA KF-1 Chef Knife 1 X KCASA KF-1 Slicing Knife 1 X KCASA KF-1 Fruit Slicer 1 X KCASA KF-1 Fruit Paring Knife 1 X KCASA KF-1 Peeler 1 X Holder (Comes with original package)
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    Safe and secure knife sharpener Takes seconds requires no skill Suitable for sharpening kitchen knives scissors etc bread knives suction pad and zinc blades locking handle. Fixed the sharpener to any flat surface and pull down the grip to lock the sharpener by suction pad. Put the knife that you want to sharpen to and fro on the sharpener. Easy to use and store Ideal for use around the home and workshop.ideal surfaces include laminated bench tops glass marble granite fiberglass.NoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track. If this product requires a charger An Australian Certified Charger will be provided with this product instead of the original charger.Selected product only
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    FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Bosch SMZ5100 Vario Cutlery Basket from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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    Sea to Summit Polycarbonate Cutlery is lightweight and durable : perfect for hiking and camping . This 3-piece knife/fork/spoon set comes with a lightweight mini polycarbonate carabiner clip to prevent losses . Sea to Summit have created their cutlery with their own mould to ensure top-quality, oral-friendly edges . That means no more sliced-open mouths from poorly-moulded cutlery! Easy to clean , this classic bone-coloured cutlery is dishwasher-safe and very hardy , cutting better than you would think plastic could. If you want to eat your meals without wasting time fussing with your cutlery, try Sea to Summit Polycarbonate Cutlery. Weight: 32g
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    Inflatable Chef Suit - Fan Operated Costume   The party-goers at your next gathering will be relieved to see a professional chef arrive at the party. Save the day and crash the party with our Inflatable Fan-Operated Chef Costume. Youll be comfortable in this costume made of feather-light material. Youll be cooking up a lot of fun with this charming and comical costume. Note of caution: Keep this chef away from the chips and dip.   This durable, one-size-fits-all costume is constructed of an extremely light polyester material called terylene. It is a super material that keeps you cool and free of perspiration. Included with the costume is a compact fan unit that keeps the costume inflated and never lets it droop. The battery pack clips onto your pants or belt under the costume. The batteries will keep you inflated for at least several hours.   Add fun and excitement to your next party by arriving in our inflatable Chef costume. You will be the center of attention and you wont even have to bring a casserole. A good time will be had by all!   Specifications: · One-size-fits-all inflatable costume · The costume is air-sealed by neck, leg, and arm fasteners · Lightweight battery-powered fan included · Battery pack clips onto your pants/belt · Stays inflated for hours of fun · Terylene Polyester construction keeps you cool and comfortable · Costume folds for easy storage · Accommodates wearer adult 200 cm or less in height · 4 AA batteries required (not included)   NOTE: Do NOT iron  
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    Asko D5456SS Built-in Dishwasher with Cutlery Flexitray (S/Steel) Only $1,899.00 from JB Hi-Fi
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    Shimano's premium knife range feature non-slip, textured handles with flexible stainless blades and protective sheaths. Available in 3 sizes from 15-23 Cms.
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    Description: The best tool for cutting the fish, fruits, vegetables, meat and guaranteeing the family, especially the baby's health and the food's cleanness and health. Super hard, high-density and for sharp blade, not easy to be blunt. No reaction with any food and can preserve the original color and taste of the food, keep the food's freshness and nutrition. Made from zirconium oxide, anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Specification: Brand: SURVEN Blade material: Zirconia Handle material: ABS Blade length: 5in/12.5cm Color: Blue,orange,green Kindly Reminder: Intended for cutting fruits, vegetables and boneless meats,not intended for pry, flexing, violent chopping or boning. Be used on plastic or wood cutting board and avoid cutting hard food or on the surface of marbles, glass and steel board. Wash the knife after each single use, preferably by hand with a mild detergent and do not wash it in the dishwasher. Keep it away from children Package included: 1 x 5 Slicing knife 1 x cover
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    Cooper & Co. Ebony 16-Piece Cutlery Set - Matte Copper Only $34.99 from Catch
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    5 Star Chef Cold Press Slow Juicer Fruit Vegetable Processor
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    Asko D5546FI Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Cutlery FlexiTray Only $1,699.00 from JB Hi-Fi
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    Shimano's premium knife range feature non-slip, textured handles with flexible stainless blades and protective sheaths. Available in 3 sizes from 15-23 Cms.
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    FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the V-Zug W83586 Cutlery Basket Insert from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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    Global G Series 16cm Cooks Knife (G-58)
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    The 270EX II Speedlite is the perfect speedlite for the entry level DSLR photographer. It allows you to control your lighting situations easily to capture high quality photos. Ideal for travel and everyday photography. A lightweight, compact flash for on the go The Canon Speedlite 270EX II weighs just 155g (without batteries) aming it as the ideal everyday flash. High power output for long ranges Speedlite 270EX II boasts a guide number of 27 metres at ISO 100 for long-range flash photography. Bounce flash head powers lighting The Speedlite 270EX II has a bounce head for flash output to be bounced off the ceiling delivering soft, shadowless lighting. Easy to use off-camera flash The Speedlite 270EX II can be triggered remotely by a compatible camera or another Speedlite flash and is easy to use in off-camera mode and hotshoe. Designed to deliver soft, shadowless lighting from 27m, at ISO 100, you can get the perfect lighting for every photo.
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    Controls up to 2 groups of i-TTL compatible wireless flash units Compatible with SB-800, SB-600 and SB-R200 remote Speedlight units Works with Nikon Creative Lighting System The Nikon Speedlight SU-800 Flash controls the flash outputs levels of your Nikon DSLR camera.
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    Works with Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting System Compatible with SB-800 and SB-600 units in multiple lighting situations Lightweight and compact The Nikon Speedlight SB-R200 Wireless Remote Flash offers a guide number of 14/46. It can easily be attached to the front of the lens, held by hand or freely positioned with the complementary stand.
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    Never let poor lighting ruin that perfect shot again with this fantastic, easy to use external flash. Advance Distance Integration flash metering balances flash output with subject distance 10 levels of output intensity Wireless flash ratio control capabilities LCD panel with control dial Dust and moisture resistant design With the Sony F43M External Flash, you’ll never be left in the dark ever again. This external flash allows you to take photos even in the darkest of settings, by illuminating your subject to perfection with 10 different levels of output intensity to choose from. Breathtaking snaps every time The Sony F43M External Flash does the thinking for you, with Advance Distance Integration flash metering that takes camera-to-subject distance into account and provides the best flash output. And with its dust and moisture resistant design, take the flash with you wherever you go with peace of mind.
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