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D3 Fossil League Dino Tournament Championship



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Description:Jump into a time travelling adventure to help Taiga recover his famous fossil from the sneaky Syndicate X. Explore prehistoric eras, battle and capture 100+ dinosaurs to compete in the legendary Fossil League Finals.The present day is where all of your adventures start. As the game goes on, new areas of your city will become available to travel to. You can move around the city by using the touch screen or the control pad. You can go to several different places from here: your home, the Dino Pit, the Shop, or Time Travel. Adventuring through the past, you will find dinosaurs to fight with, and dinosaurs to make friends with. Youll also meet fellow time travellers to talk to, and items to discover and use. With six time periods to visit in all, most of your battling and searching will take place here.Theres a touch of Pokemon about the Fossil League experience, along with an emphasis on the RPG element. Skills can be acquired and equipped just as in any other (more famous) role-player. Fossil League hits all the right points for those curious enough to enter Taigas world.Information:Number of players: 1-2Development Company: MTOSoftware House: MTOVideo Dimensions: 2DPublisher: D3 Publisher of JapanPoint Of View: Top-down, Multi-way scrolling

Type Game Adventure