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Deep Silver The Magic Roundabout



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Description:The Magic Roundabout - the quirky TV show that has moved several generations to look up from their teas and ask, What the flip was that all about? has thankfully be turned into the kind of DS game that makes you go, I can totally see what that was all about.If youre unfamiliar with Serge Danots masterwork, you can begin by watching clips from the cult show on the handheld. Once up to speed on characters such as Florence, Dougal the dog, Dylan the Rabbit, Ermintrude the cow and Zebedee the... springy chap, you are all set to play the 16 minigames that then enable you to unlock even more of hidden levels. All of these will let you unravel a Magic Roundabout story as quirky as youd hope.As its Friendship Day - well, so Zebedee tells Dougal - the hound is set the task of doing something helpful for all his friends (not something hed do by nature). This sets you on your path for Roundabout fun in a magical way.The DS is put to full and good use with everything from stylus to microphone being pulled in to push the gaming along. Its an easily picked up, hard to put down treasure for the kids (and some adults!).Information:Number of players: 1Development Company: Deep SilverSoftware House: Deep SilverVideo Dimensions: 3DPublisher: Deep SilverPoint Of View: Third-person, floating camera

Type Game Adventure