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Dell Alienware 17 A5117A3AU 17.3inch



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Dive into mind bending virtual reality experiences with a VR ready system that passes the Oculus Ready and Vive Optimized certifications. Selected bundles & VR Goggles (or Headset) sold separately. Powered by NVIDIA VRWorks technology, a new level of presence is achieved by bringing physically realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions, and simulated environments to virtual reality. And with NVIDIA GeForce 10 series graphics, the Alienware 17 goes beyond what’s expected. Built with premium materials and up to 7th Gen Intel Core i7 and i7k Series processors, the Alienware 17 is the ultimate evolution in high performance gaming technology. Utilizing magnesium alloy for rigidity, copper for better performance, anodized aluminum for extra protection and steel for tactile comfort, it a high quality design for high performance gaming. And with support for up to NVIDIA GTX 1070, overclocked CPUs at 4.4GHz, and high speed DDR4 system memory capable of up to 2667 MHz, you can experience gaming on a whole new level.

Display Size Inch 17.3
Processor Speed GHz 3.8
Installed RAM GB 16
Hard Drive Capacity GB 1000