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  1. These Gaviscon Tablets will help to relieve pain and discomfort of heartburn and indigestion. It will quickly soothe burning sensations and keep digestive acid in the stomach where it should be.
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  2. Mylanta Ranitidine 12 Hour Action 28 Tablets 150Mg
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  3. Agarol Vanilla Flavoured Laxative Emulsion 500ml Agarol Vanilla liquid is an effective, gentle, pleasant tasting laxative. It provides relief from constipation and promotes regularity of the bowel. Each 15ml contains: Paraffin Liquid 4.83ml Preservatives Benzoic Acid 7.5 mg Sorbic Acid 7.5 mg Also contains Saccharin Sodium and Anhydrous sodium sulphite Directions: Adults and children over 6 years: 15 ml to 30 ml. Children 3-6 years 10 ml to 15 ml.To be taken at bedtime with plenty of water. Caution: To avoid possible loss of food and vitamins, do not use other than at bedtime, except on medical advice. Prolonged use without medical advice is undesirable. If symptoms persist consult a doctor.
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  4. Microlax Enemas 12 x 5ml Pack Microlax is a fast acting enema. It Eefectively helps to relieve constipation or open the bowels and provides gentle relief of constipation usually within 30 minutes. ►View allMicrolax Products
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  5. Hydralyte RTU Electrolyte Solution Lemonade 1 Litre�Hydralyte may be taken on the first signs of fluid loss due to vomiting and diarrhoea.�Hydralyte may also be taken to help manage dehydration due to the loss of fluids through heavy sweating. This can be caused by a hot or dry environment, fever or strenuous exercise.�Hydralyte helps to restore fluid lost as a result of the diuretic effect of alcohol and is best taken before you go to bed.�►View all Hydralyte Products�
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  6. PPC Herbs Tri Plex 50ml Tri Plex is offered by PPC Herbs as a traditionally used herbal medicine to help rid the body of worms and other intestinal parasites. It can also help to maintain a healthy digestive system and digestive function. Indication Tri Plex contains traditionally used Australian grown herbs for parasite defence. Tri Plex helps rid the body of worms and also helps to maintain a healthy digestive function. Each 1ml contains: Fresh green hulls of black walnut, Juglans nigra 670mg Cloves flower bud, Syzygium aromaticum 20mg Wormwood leaf, Artemisia absinthium 115mg Dosage Shake bottle well before use. Adult as Below (children 1/2 dosage). Note that 20 drops is approximately equal to 1ml: First week: Take 10 drops, 3 times a day before meals, in water or juice. Second week: Take 20 drops 3 times a day. Third week and for a maintenance dose from then onwards: Take 30 drops 3 times a week only. For example, take 30 drops on Monday, 30 drops on Wednesday and 30 drops on Friday. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Triplex is based on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark who is convinced many diseases result from the invasion of parasites in the colon. Parasites are scavenger organisms living inside us. Parasites thrive in the intestinal tract, liver, pancreas and brain. Dr. Hulda Clarks original parasite cleansing formula was based on the ingredients which were in powder form. Since 1996 Triplex has combined these three powerful herbs into one convenient liquid extract to provide a remedy true to the original formula. Green Hulls of Black Walnut PPC prepare this extract from fresh Australian green hulls of black walnuts in March each year. Black walnut promotes intestinal health and has beneficial microbial activity. It is active against common intestinal infestations. Black walnut hulls provide many health benefits due to its unique composition of juglones, tannins, and natural iodine. Cloves The British Herbal Pharmacopeia lists Clove as a Carminative, it creates a environment
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  7. Pretorius PRO Biotic Forte 60 caps PRO Biotic Forte formula contains four powerful, shelf stable probiotics. These strains assist in maintaining and reducing the occurrence of flatulence, indigestion, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea as well as maintaining a normal healthy immune system. PRO Biotic Forte assists in restoring benefi cial intestinal bacteria, especially useful after balance is upset with poor diet, antibiotic use and lifestyle factors. Indications/Professional Recommendations: Healthy function of the immune system May help the digestion and absorption of nutrients May help to prevent diarrhoea Beneficial to replace good bacteria after antibiotic use May enhance general wellbeing May help to reduce sick days resulting from the symptoms of gastrointestinal illness May assist in the management of food intolerance Added Benefits: Suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age Shelf Stable Powerful combination of 4 different strains of probiotics Size: 60 capsules Caution: If diarrhoea persists for more than 48 hours seek medical advice. Drink plenty of water. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Not recommended for children under 12 years. Not suitable for people allergic to yeast.
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  8. Multi-Health Fibre with 100% Natural Psyllium Feel lighter and more active Helps body's natural toxin removal process via cleansing effect Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels Is a daily cleanser for your insides Directions Each dose (6 capsules) of Metamucil Fibrecaps contains the same amount of fibre as two bowls of cornflakes. Now you can take that fibre whenever and wherever you like. With Metamucil Fibrecaps, you get the benefits of 100% natural psyllium fibre. Simply take 2-6 capsules, one at a time, with a 250 ml glass of water. Drink plenty of water. Ingredients Not All Fibres Are Created Equal. Sure, fibre supplements are a convenient way to increase your daily fibre intake. But what you may not have realized is that not all fibres are the same. Metamucil is the only leading fibre supplement brand with 100% natural psyllium fibre Ñ and that makes all the difference. Psyllium husk, a natural dietary fibre originating from plantago ovata, has been th
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  9. Overview - Fruit Laxative with prunes, apple pulp, flax seeds and Senna. - Easy to store, dose and consume. - Re-sealable. - Great taste. - One teaspoon at night. Prunelax Smooth Laxative contains Senna (Senna alexandrina leaf extract powder 150 mg/ 7.5 g providing 30 mg of Sennosides B per 7.5 g dose), prunes, apple pulp, flax seeds, honey & sucrose. Directions Adults and children over 12 years: take 7.5g (equal to one 5mL medicinal measuring spoon) once daily, before bedtime. Children under 12 years: consult your healthcare professional for advice. Warnings Before using laxatives, drink plenty of water and increase your fibre intake. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before taking laxatives. Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea are present. Prolonged use of any laxative is undesirable and may cause serious bowel problems. Keep out of reach of children.
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  10. Dulcolax SP Drops 30mL
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  11. Dulcolax 5mg Tablets 200
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  12. Dulcolax tablets help relieve constipation by softening stools and stimulating bowel movement. Dulcolax 50 tablets provides effective and dependable constipation relief overnight. Other benefits: - two-way action to accumulate water in the intestine thereby softening the stool, and stimulation of the bowel muscles - tablets are resistant to gastric acids and intestinal fluid. The special coating only releases the active ingredient in the bowel where it is needed most - gluten free Directions Adults and children over 10 years: Take ONE or TWO tablets at night. Children 6-10 years: Take ONE tablet at night. Children under 6 years: Not recommended Tablets should be swallowed whole. Active ingredients Bisacodyl 5mg Precautions Do not take Dulcolax tablets within 1 hour of taking milk or antacids. Drink plenty of water. Patients requiring laxatives should increase the fibre in their diet except in cases of medication-induced constipation. Prolonged use of laxatives is undesirable and may lead to dependence. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Contains sucrose and lactose.
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  13. Mintec Capsules 20 The medicinal use of peppermint dates back to the herbal pharmacopoeia of ancient Greece where peppermint leaf was used traditionally as a digestive aid. Peppermint oil is prepared through distillation of the ground parts of the peppermint plant and contains the active ingredients menthol, menthone, cineole and several other volatile components. In clinical studies, enteric coated peppermint oil has been shown to provide targeted relief of the symptoms of medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, such as abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and wind.
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  14. A GENTLE OPTION FOR SUPPORTING HEALTHY CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION Assuring optimal protein digestion and proper blood flow is necessary for effective nutrient delivery, a healthy immune response, and the body’s natural detoxification processes. Our second highest formula in proteolytic activity with 375,000 HUT per capsule is a good choice for sensitive individuals who would prefer a gentle introduction to protease.* Protease Blend. Optimal circulation is dependent upon the presence of effective proteolytic enzymes. Supporting circulation with Protease 375K encourages delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cell for health and vitality, removal of metabolic wastes from the cell, and transport of immune cells throughout the body to help maintain a healthy internal environment.* Why Choose 375K? Consider using this formula instead of our Professional Protocol™ Protease to support cardiovascular health for those with an intolerance to bromelain (pineapple) and/or papain (papaya) as well as to promote optimal circulation for individuals who would benefit from limiting calcium intake.* Health Benefits: Transformation’s Professional Protocol™ Protease 375K includes highly active, GI stable systemic proteolytic enzymes containing no bromelain, papain, or calcium designed to support optimal protein digestion and proper blood flow for effective nutrient delivery, a healthy immune response, and timely detoxification.*
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  15. SUPPORTS THE URINARY SYSTEM FOR HEALTHY KIDNEY FUNCTION The kidneys are often taken for granted, but they are needed to remove metabolic waste. Each and every day, the kidneys filter nearly 200 liters of fluid from the bloodstream, thus allowing toxins to be excreted while simultaneously reabsorbing crucially needed metabolic by-products. K-Drain has been created with the sole intent of helping the kidneys perform their normal daily function—the filtration of waste from the blood.* This concentrated, rapidly-assimilated herbal product assists the kidneys to eliminate metabolic waste and support kidney health.* Herbal Ingredients. The herbal extracts asparagus, juniper, buchu, and goldenrod are included in this product to help support a healthy urinary system.* Vegetarian-Friendly. K-Drain is a liquid formula in a glycerine base. Glycerine (glycerol) is a sugar alcohol but is not metabolized the same as sugar and therefore will not negatively affect blood sugars.* Natural Support. For optimum results, combine with a protease formula and H-Drain or L-Drain. Health Benefits: Transformation’s K-Drain is a safe and effective formulation of herbal extracts with diuretic and urinary cleaning properties that support healthy kidney function.*
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  16. LACTEEZE Lactase Enzyme Drops 15.5ml work differently to the caplets and tablets. They are not taken orally but are added to liquid dairy products to convert the lactose into more easily digestible glucose milk sugars. Lacteeze Drops contain a form of Tilactase derived from yeast. This type of lactase enzyme has been used for many years to hydrolyse the lactose in milk to make lactose-free products. Once Lacteeze is added to milk (or any other liquid dairy product) a conversion process takes place where the lactose is broken down into simple glucose and galactose milk sugars which can be more easily digested. A common use of Lacteeze Drops is to reduce the lactose content of baby’s feeds. Clinical trials have shown significant improvement in the symptoms of babies with colic associated with lactose intolerance after pre-treating their feeds with lactase enzyme drops. Lacteeze Drops are suitable for breast and bottle feeding. Reduces symptoms of colic associated with lactose intolerance. Enables mothers to continue breastfeeding even when ababy is lactose intolerant. Can be used to make your own lactose-free products. Can be used in cooking or frozen once the conversion process has taken place. Lacteeze is all natural, contains no drugs and nothing is absorbed by the body. Lacteeze is safe for newborns. Lacteeze is safe during pregnancy.
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  17. DERMEZE Sensitive Skin Ointment 500g.
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  18. Strepsils Lozenges Honey & Lemon 36pk
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  19. Nature's Sunshine Heavy Metal Detox is designed to facilitate the elimination of toxic heavy metals from the body, while also protecting cells against the adverse effects of heavy metal exposure. Heavy Metal Detox also supports liver function and healthy elimination in order to minimise re-uptake of heavy metals from the bowels.In addition Heavy Metal Detox contains a blend of ingredients that provide essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for cellular detoxification and repair.Heavy metal-induced toxicity resulting from chronic exposure to heavy metals is quickly becoming a serious health problem around the globe. Conservative estimates state that upwards to 25% of the population suffer to some degree from heavy metal poisoning. Contamination of the air, soil, water and food supply from heavy metals results in the accumulation of toxic heavy metals in the body. The heavy metals frequently encountered are aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel. Even at minute levels these toxic metals can have detrimental effects on virtually every system of the body, with the integrity of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological and urological systems being especially vulnerable to heavy metal induced impairment. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include fatigue, immune system dysfunction, behaviour and mood disturbances, musculoskeletal complaints and gastrointestinal and neurological problems as well as anaemia, high blood pressure, kidney and liver dysfunction and endocrine disorders. Benefits:Binds with and removes heavy metals from the body.Absorbs heavy metal ions.Support the liver.Helps the body replenish vital minerals.
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  20. In spring, to rediscover balance and vitality, a cleansing programme is often recommended. Manufactured by a process which maintains the maximum content of the active components, Weleda Birch Juice gently supports the cleansing processes of the body. The skin can also benefit from this programme, helping to purify the complexion to leave the skin looking clear and healthy. Birch has long been used in both beauty and medicinal formulations and is helpful where there is a reduced ability to rid the body of toxins. The key ingredient in Weleda's Birch products is organic Silver Birch (Betula Alba) grown in South Bohemia (the Czech Republic) and hand picked from certified organic wild harvest. The Birch has an incredibly high sap flow, with 70 litres of water per day being drawn up through the roots right through the tree to the tips of the leaves and out into the atmosphere it's a tree with great circulation. Another feature of the Birch tree is that it separates out the hard mineral deposits and directs them into the bark (Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). The sap that goes through to the leaves is relatively mineral free which is why they're so light, flexible and youthful looking. These unique properties of the birch enabling it to loosen deposits and bring flow to the body make it ideal for use in detoxification products. A cleansing programme is recommended in the spring and autumn, and as an ideal complement to a diet regime. For maximum benefit cleansing can be complemented with revitalising Weleda Sea Buckthorn Elixir.
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    HORRIBLE SCIENCE: DISGUSTING DIGESTION is full of the stinkiest, smelliest, most gooey and revolting facts about the human digestive system. Readers can not only find out exactly what goes on inside their stomachs when they eat, but also: which people used to eat their dead relatives, how food can painfully poison you, what mysterious minerals are found in school dinners and the sickening science of spew. Redesigned in a bold, funky new look for the next generation of HORRIBLE SCIENCE fans.
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    Sizes: 90 Tablets @@Source.meta_description.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Digestion: Eat Your Way to Better Health : Hardback : Quadrille Publishing Ltd : 9781849495431 : 1849495432 : 02 Jun 2015 : Tackle digestion complaints and eat your way to better health with TV's Medicinal Chef and nutrition expert Dale Pinnock. Around 40% of people have at least one digestive symptom at any one time and this book explains how changing your diet can help you to alleviate symptoms.
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    Young Genius is a bright little boy who escorts children through the pages of amusing and instructive color-illustrated books that describe the human body. In this book, Young Genius tells kids about food and its nutrients, and how it is digested in the stomach and intestines. Books in Barron’s “ Young Genius “ series show and tell kids how different body organs work, with questions that will prompt boys and girls to giggle—but also to get a clearer understanding of how their bodies function. The language is easy for younger children to understand, and though the information is presented in simple terms, its details are scientifically correct and reliable. A special illustration in each book includes tabs for kids to lift, examine what is hidden beneath them, and better understand how their bodies work. Cartoon-style color illustrations on every page.
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