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Dimplex Heaters

  • Dimplex Ritz Electric Fire Heater

    There's nothing quite like the effect of a fire. It creates a wonderful feeling of comfort and cosiness with the added dimension a warm glow brings to any room. Dimplex electric fires require no installation and are 100% efficient, bringing you an incredibly realistic flame effect at the flick of a…

  • Dimplex Courchevel 2kW Heater

    The Courchevel is a mid sized cast iron style electric stove, with its controls discreetly concealed behind its opening door. Adding to its authenticity the stove uses the realistic Optiflame log effect with the illusion of dying embers which can still be noticed when the fire is switched…

    $299 - $328
  • Dimplex QRAD200 Heater

    The Dimplex 2.0kW Q-Rad Electric Radiator has a faster warm up time and greater heat output than traditional oil-filled column heaters, featuring optional wireless communication, electronic timer for desired temperature and lightweight for easy movement.

  • Dimplex BENELF Heater

    Enjoy the comforting warmth of this Dimplex BENELF heater. This freestanding standing heater has a fireplace design, so this product creates an elegant focal point in your family room. This is an electric product, so you won't need to worry about any gas lines. The heat output of 2 kW enables…

  • Dimplex SSeelf Heater

    Enjoy the comforting warmth of this Dimplex SSeelf heater. This freestanding heater is an electric heater, which enables plugging it in anywhere in the room without any hassle. With a fireplace design, Dimplex SSeelf creates an understated elegance in your family room. It has a heat output of 2 kW…

  • Dimplex OFRC15ECCB Heaters

    The Dimplex 1500W Premium Eco Column Heater combines advanced Dimplex Drytech elements with an electronic thermostat to give you direct control for all your heating needs. With a 1500W heat output, the Dimplex Premium Eco Column Heater gives you ultimate control with it's electronic thermostat and…

  • Dimplex QRAD150 Heater

    The Dimplex 1.5Kw Q-Rad Electric Radiator utilises a highly accurate electronic thermostat and Dual-Element heating technology to deliver faster room warming and lower energy usage.

  • Dimplex DHCER20HUM Heater

    Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, helping to reduce allergies and certain skin conditions such as eczema. The Dimplex DHCER20HUM uniquely combines a 300 ml/h humidifier with a 2kW heater so you can bring home the ultimate comfort solution for a chilly day without drying the air too much.…

  • Dimplex OFRC15TI Heater

    1500W / 1.5kW heat output White finish Thermostat control Drytech technology Electronic timer Oil free Lightweight 2 heat settings Greater heating effectiveness than the Dimplex standard oil column heaters Heats up to 8 times faster than the standard oil column heaters Dimplex patented technology…

  • Dimplex OFRC24ECCB Heater

    2.4kW heat output Electronic thermostat control Drytech technology Oil Free Lightweight Electronic climate control Approximately 30% more heat effective than equivalent oil column Up to 8 times faster warm up than oil 24hr electronic timer Castors for easy portability

  • Dimplex MINICUBE Heater

    Enjoy the comforting warmth of this Dimplex MINICUBE heater. This is a freestanding electric heater, so you won't have to worry about any gas lines. Thanks to the fireplace design, this product creates a great focal point in any room. The 2 heat settings enable enjoying different heat levels. This…

    $129 - $139
  • Dimplex OFRC24TIB Heater

    Enjoy the comforting warmth of this Dimplex OFRC24TIB heater. This standing heater is an electric heater, so you don't have to deal with any gas lines. This is a radiant product, designed for quick heating. This 2400-watt heater has a heat output of 2.4 kW, which allows for properly heating any…

    $228.35 - $229
  • Dimplex DHCER24M Heater

    Avoid the chill on cold winter nights and keep the family comfortable with the Dimplex 2400W Ceramic Heater. Featuring an oscillating function, double overheat protection, a range of heat settings and manual controls, this ceramic heater provides comfort and warmth when you need it most.

  • Dimplex OFRC15TIB Heater

    Enjoy the blanketing warmth of this Dimplex OFRC15TIB heater. With a 1.5-kW heat output, this product optimally warms up any bedroom. Thanks to the timer, you can set it and forget it. This product has a digital screen and 2 heat settings, making it ideal for variant heat control. The thermostat is…

    $129 - $171.05
  • Dimplex 2kW LEESILVER Heater

    Enjoy the blanketing warmth of this Dimplex 2kW heater. This is a standing and mountable electric heater, so you won't need to limit yourself to tricky gas lines. Thanks to the fireplace design, this product will create an elegant focal point in your living room. This 2000-watt heater features…

    $399 - $399
  • Dimplex Pemberley Optimyst Heater

    With a vibrant high gloss black fascia and a sleek design, the Pemberley wall fire will add a modern and cosy atmosphere to your room. Using unique patented OptiMyst technology, Dimplex has created possibly the most realistic flame and smoke effect ever seen in an electric fire. The effect is…

    $1221 - $1299
  • Dimplex OFC2400TIFW Heater

    Keep your family warm and comfortable during cold winter nights with Dimplex 2400W Oil Column Heater with Timer & Fan.Featuring thermostat controls, overheat protection, a range of heat settings and manual controls, this heater provides comfort and warmth when you need it most.

    $162 - $219

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What to look out for when shopping for your next heater Heaters vary quite extensively in a number of ways — price, size, efficiency and source-type to name a few — so make sure you’re getting the right model for your space to avoid overwhelming electricity or gas prices, or a cold and dreary room. Heaters can rely on gas, oil, electricity or fan-powered energy in order to heat your house or room, and each of these comes with its own perks and drawbacks. Most significantly, the initial cost as well as the cost of running these heaters will vary considerably between these different types, as will their impact on the environment. Where applicable, you should check out the energy star ratings for an indicator of this. If you’re planning on heating outdoor areas, or larger indoor spaces, you’re obviously going to need a more powerful unit and the costs will reflect this. If you’ve got a large outdoor space, it could be worth considering a portable heater that you can place near your outdoor table and chairs, and move around the patio as you please.