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  1. D-4D - Easy Clip Power Trim Cordless Rechargeable trimmer for fast touch-ups - Cordless convenience - lightweight - ideal for touch-ups - quiet operation - detachable blade system
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  2. Get rid of tough cat & dog airborne and surface odors with this specialized pet odor remover. Product Overview: Nature's Miracle 3-in-1 Odor Destroyer is an ideal solution for pet owners looking to eliminate tough airborne and surface odors. Our 3-in-1 Odor Destroyer is the only Nature’s Miracle product that works to eliminate difficult airborne, hard surface, and fabric odors. Unlike many products that may simply mask odors for short periods of time, our advanced triple-action, bio-enzymatic formula goes to work to break down and actually destroy organic odors. Nature’s Miracle 3-in-1 Odor Destroyer may be used to eliminate odors in the air, carpets, kennels, tile, and other hard surfaces and is ideal for odors caused by dogs and other pets. How it works: Nature's Miracle 3-in-1 Odor Destroyer works quickly to get at the source of even the most stubborn odors by actually surrounding organic odor matter. This breakdown works to actually neutralize odor rather than simply masking them as other products may do. The process works best when allowed to dry naturally (sometimes taking up to two weeks on fabrics and carpets) and it is especially important that the product reach all of the affected areas.
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  3. paragard-allwormer-dog-5-10kg-green
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  4. new-dogit-2-in-1-bowl-red-feeding-accessories
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  5. Buy Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs at Vetsupply. Comfortis is a once a month tablet for the control of fleas in Dogs.
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  6. Buy Milbemax All Wormer tablets For Large Dogs for your pet, shop online with Vetsupply today.
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  7. Dogtra 4.8v battery for most Dogtra transmitters and large dog collars: 175NCP Transmitter (remote), 200NCP transmitter, 202NCP transmitter, 280NCP transmitter, 282NCP transmitter and all large collars.
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  8. Nemtek Electric Fence Tread in posts - 1200 mm white (5 Pack) Only from DogMaster Trainers
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  9. 3 Months Supply Monthly treatment with SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews for Small Dogs will: 1. Prevent heartworm infection. 2. Control adult roundworm, immature roundworm, adult whipworm, adult hookworm, adult tapeworm infection. 3. Provide long term protection and control of flea infestations and control of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs between 4 and 11kg bodyweight. *Does not kill adult fleas. DIRECTION FOR USE: 1. Test for Heartworm Before starting SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews, you should have your veterinarian confirm, by a simple test, that your dag does not have heartworm. 2. Give SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews with a FULL MEAL Give your dog one Tasty Chew once a month with a FULL MEAL. Most dogs will take a Tasty Chew from your hand. If this is not the case, try hiding the chew in their food. 3. Dose Monthly SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews must be given every month, preferably on the same date each month, to ensure complete protection for your dog. A simple and helpful email or text reminder service is available. To sign up log into SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews are also suitable for Puppies SENTINEL SPECTRUM Tasty Chews are available in small dog sizes that can be given to puppies for six weeks of age. FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (Ph: 13 1126)
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  10. Advantix Tick and Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is a spot-on tick and flea treatment for dogs weighing 4-10kg. Advantix Tick and Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is made from a special formula designed to repel and kill deadly paralysis ticks. Advantix Tick and Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is also effective in breaking the flea life-cycle and stops fleas from feeding within 3 to 5 minutes of application and kills adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes. Advantix Tick and Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is applied monthly to provide month long flea protection or fortnightly to provide protection against ticks and it is also water resistant. Advantix Tick and Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg comes in a pack of 1 and is also available in packs of 3 or 6.
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  11. Advantage Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is a spot-on flea treatment for dogs weighing 4-10kg. Advantage Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is effective in breaking the flea life-cycle and stops fleas from feeding within 3 to 5 minutes of application and kills adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes. Advantage Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg only needs to be applied monthly as it provides month long flea protection and it is also water resistant. Advantage Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs 4-10kg is a pack of 6 and is also available in packs of 1 or 4.
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  12. 2 in 1 Car Seat Cover Cat Mat Blanket
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  13. Iams Purrfect Grain Free Succulent Chicken Breast With Tuna Shreds In Sauce Canned Wet Cat Food 70gm x 24
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  14. Yours Droolly CarSafe Two In One Safety Harness Small Size 2 For Dogs
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  15. Pet owners are raving about Essential Dog�s spray on, leave in conditioner. It cuts bathtime in half with the added benefit of 7 organic extracts, antioxidants, proteins and heavenly aromatherapy scents. Sulphate and paraben free - no toxic chemicals.
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  16. Is your pooch an Angel? Angel Wings Cotton Dog Singlet Tank Top. Black with white printed Angel Wings with a tiny bit of sparkle. No Sleeves. Fabulous for Christmas, Halloween or just for fun. Available in sizes 1 - 7 Sizing examples (GUIDE ONLY): SIZE Breed Examples BACK (cm) CHEST (cm) NECK (cm) 1 (XS) Chihuahuas & Pups 20 26-30 16-19 2 (S) Poms, Toy Poodles, Lrg Chihuahuas etc 23 30-35 19-22 3 (M) Mini Foxies, Sml Maltese, Silkies etc 30 35-40 22-26 4 (L) Lrg Maltese, Corgi, Pugs, Jack Russell, King Charles etc 33 40-46 26-30 5 (XL) Beagles, Border Collies, Sml Kelpies, Cattle Dogs etc 40 51-58 33-38 6 (XXL) Lrg Staffies, Sml Collies, Sml German Shepherds etc 45 58-65 36-41 7 (XXXL) Labradors & most large breeds 50 64-72 39-44
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  17. Hurta Motivation Canine Cooling Coat in Lilac The cooling coat is designed to make your dog more comfortable in hot weather and when exposed to the sun. The product is ideal for summer training for active dogs and for outdoor dog shows. The coat cools the dog's back and chest and helps to make the heat more tolerable for your dog. The coat has an adjustable belt and collar and a detachable belly flap. An opening on the back allows the leash to be fed through when using a harness. Machine washable 40ºC/105ºF (warm). Rinse the coat thoroughly in cold water. Wring dry carefully until the coat no longer drips. The coat works through the cooling effect caused by the water evaporating. The duration of the cooling effect depends on air temperature, humidity and the size of the dog. Please note! A dog wearing a cooling coat must not be left alone in hot weather. The coat's cooling effect reduces as the lining dries.
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  18. Attachment metal guides for Wahl KM Clippers Colour coded for easy identification Wahl Colour Guide #4 - 13mm Cut length
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  19. Automatic Pet Feeder Having a pre-set and regular feeding schedule is essential for the health of your pet. With the��four separate food trays, this Automatic Pet Feeder pet��food dispenser can be programmed for up to��4 different feeding times for up to 24 hours and you can even record a personal greeting for your pet. Perfect for pet owners with unpredictable schedules, this automatic feeder also includes an ice chamber to keep the food fresh! Keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule, even if you're not at home! Now that you've got food under control, what about an automatic water fountain? The Drinkwell Pet Fountain will keep you pet well hydrated throughout the day with fresh filtered water! Are you interested in the latest techy products for pets? Check out our latest cat tech products here and latest dog tech products here!
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  20. Rufus And Coco Back in Black Rufus And Coco Back in Black shampoo is a professionally formulated Blackening shampoo for dark coloured coats. The pH balanced formula contains colour enhancers to gradually restore back colour to your pet's coat. The key features of Rufus And Coco Back in Black include: Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Made in Australia. Professionally formulated darkening shampoo. pH balanced. Sulpate and paraben free. Helps restore black colour to your pet's coat. Volume: 200ml. Ingredients: Water. Sodium cocoyl glycinate. Hydrolysed Wheat protein and Hydrolysed wheat starch complex. Cocamidopropyl betaine. Lauramide DEA. d-Panthenol. Glycerine. Citric acid. Perfume. Colour (Basic blue 99 & Basic brown 16 & Acid violet 43 & Basic red 76 and Basic yellow 57) Preservative. The Australian owned Rufus & Coco brand was founded in 2008 and quickly developed a reputation for itself.��Rufus & Coco is now the��fastest growing pet brand in Australia.��They are committed to producing high quality pet products that are ethically sourced and use natural alternatives wherever possible. Their range of pet products and accessories are developed in consultation with world leading formulators, manufacturers and developers��to ensure that they are of the highest standard. Looking for a shampoo for light coloured coats? Rufus��And Coco Bright White Wash is a professionally formulated whitening shampoo and conditioner for brightening white and light coloured coats. Looking for a new brush to use while grooming your dog or cat? For dogs, check out the Gripsoft Rubber Curry Brush! For cats, check out the Kong Cat Zoomgroom! Please note, to ensure the speediest delivery of items to customers,��they are sometimes shipped directly from their warehouse locations. This may result in customers receiving items in separate packages.
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  1. Features: Version Type: US version The PCB Bondingfinger thickness is 1.6mm, support 98% new made game players in the market. Length is 84mm. Not support DIY save function. Game: Raiden Trad Note: 1. The game card is used for Sega 16-bit MD game console, commonly known as three-dimensional black card, 16-bit gaming machine cassette, can not be used for 8-bit game console. 2. The game card will appear standard problem, our game cassette automatic delivery are based on the Japanese N system, this system can meet most of the market, 16-bit MD game. Package included: 1 x 16 bit MD2 Black Game Card Raiden Trad Item details:
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  3. Highlights BROTHER TZe325 9mm x 8m Standard laminated White Dimensions: 9cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm Weight: 0.2kg
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  4. Do you remember mum or dad wearing this style of cable knit as a kid? If you missed this fashion, its back! Features: -Material: 100% Wool.-Miyow and Barkley knits are all designed to allow our furry friends to go to the bathroom conveniently.-Handmade cable knit with Beautiful big brown buttons.-Designed in Australia.-Colour: .-Apparel Type: Sweater / Shirt.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Size XS dimensions: Back - 20cm, Chest - 30cm, Neck - 20cm.-Size S dimensions: Back - 25cm, Chest - 34cm, Neck - 22cm.-Size M dimensions: Back - 30cm, Chest - 38cm, Neck - 22cm.-Size L dimensions: Back - 35cm, Chest - 46cm, Neck - 26cm.-Size XL dimensions: Back - 40cm, Chest - 52cm, Neck - 30cm.-Size XXL dimensions: Back - 45cm, Chest - 60cm, Neck - 32cm.-Size 3XL dimensions: Back - 50cm, Chest - 64cm, Neck - 42cm.
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