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Iron Storm takes place in 1964 with World War I still grinding on. Wanadoo's alternate history is broken down into two sides. These are the Eastern Empire, which features Eastern Europe, Russia and even Mongolia, versus the Western Empire - essentially, the allies. Players control a young American soldier and must explore the complex alternative world and attempt to find out why the war is still continuing. World War Zero is first-person-based gameplay thus offers the best possible view of its stealth and combat-based action. Using a mixture of covert and combat skills, the player must go behind enemy lines and pass through the devastated Germany where Ungenberg and his powerbase is located. As such, missions take the player from the Western Front, through the Anton Denikin Russo-Mongol front, into the occupied Wolfenburg and ultimately into the Berlin-based fission centre where the Baron's experiments are nearing their conclusion. Features: - 16 Unique Levels set in mud-infested battle-scarred trenches, cities under martial law, secret weapons factories, nuclear power stations, and even a level where the player navigates through and over the top of a fast-moving armoured train. - Weather Effects rain, snow, wind and stun-ningly atmospheric sun glare effect. - Enemy Flags that blow in the wind and can be set on fire. - Distract Enemies by creating diversionary noises. - Living Environment take part in desperate trench warfare in a fight to the death against Russo-Mongolian hordes. Watch as aircraft fly overhead, battles rage and Anti-Aircraft tracer sweeps across the sky.

Type Game Shooting