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Good decision-making skills make or break nations in real life and in this game, where there are lots of choices and decisions to be made. SuperPower has four main goals: remain in power, balance national resources, rid the nation of domestic rebels and terrorists, or world domination. Luckily, players have numerous actions that they can deploy to reach their chosen goal, everything from spying to assassination, rigging elections to terrorist actions, and more. The political features of SuperPower put the player in the all-powerful driving seat. As the leader of a nation, players will need to negotiate treaties and build relationships with other countries. They can also decide to use secret service organizations, which can also turn against you. But sometimes, unfortunately, countries need to go to war. SuperPower’s WarArt system gives players the power to be the ultimate armchair general. Design the battle, instruct the troops with a plan, then the troops need to be left alone to execute. Players don’t control every individual unit. Instead, the player places their troops and supplies them with their orders. Hopefully, these troops have enough training, morale, experience and firepower to perform their orders and come back alive. Combat takes place in real world locations generated from the game’s complete topographical map.

Type Game Simulation