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  1. DJI Inspire 1 Drone

    The DJI Inspire 1 takes aerial filmmaking and photography to the next level. Designed for professional filmmakers and serious enthusiasts, it has a raft of improvements over the previous Inspire 1 to create a truly versatile platform capable of shooting virtually any scene in any light. The built in FPV camera is complemented by forward and downward vision system that allow the drone to detect obstacles up to 30 metres ahead.

    $2299 - $3099
  2. DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone

    The DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAW are the smallest, easiest professional aerial filmmaking platforms in the world. They combine DJI’s unparalleled leadership in aerial technology with world-class M4/3 imaging capabilities. Whether you are a professional photographer or a Hollywood filmmaker, the Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAW  are ready to take your work to new heights. The DJI go app gives you an unprecedented level of control over your camera while you fly. Use the intuitive auto focus mode to compose the perfect shot and change everything from focus to shutter speed and aperture with the tap of a finger. Through the same app, you also control how your Inspire flies, from auto, take off and landing to fine tuning of your flying experience and even a set of intelligent flight modes.

  3. Veho Muvi Q1 Drone

    The Muvi Q-1 drone from Veho is a complete remote controlled aerial camera system that's ready and easy to fly within minutes, allowing you to create high quality high definition aerial videos and photography. Following on from the popular Muvi X-Drone, the Q-1 now features a new universal 3-axis gimbal that removes vibration and in-flight movement, to ensure you capture ultra-smooth videos, whatever manoeuvres you try. The universal 3-axis gimbal is compatible with the Muvi K-Series range and GoPro HERO range. Go handsfree with the Muvi Q-1 drone with the new follow me feature. The GPS tracker watch included with the Q-1 allows you to easily capture incredible shots without you leaving the shot, so the focus is always on where the action is.

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  5. Spare battery for the Fly Eye Quadcopter. Compatible with the Fly Eye Quadcopter Use it as a replacement or backup battery Buy multiple batteries to extend each flight, capture more footage and fly for longer!

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  6. This product has gone through an official DJI refurbishment process – performance is guaranteed! Includes a normal DJI warranty Refurbished to provide the same high-performance as a brand new DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 Tested by DJI under strict factory conditions Soar across the sky and capture visually stunning 4K video and 12MP stills from the air with the light but powerful DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 with Professional 4K Camera and Single Controller. Designed to handle the demands of advanced flight, while increasing efficiency and reliability Capture 4K footage that records at up to 24-30 fps 360 degree vision on any flight path Fly indoors and without GPS using a unique vision positioning system Aerodynamic design for greater control Stunning camera and advanced gimbal system Marvel at stunningly clear 4K footage that records at up to 24-30 frames per second or record 1080p at 24-60 frames per second. The advanced 3-axis and 360 degree rotating gimbal also ensures the drone is always stable so you can enjoy smooth footage in any flight condition. Unique vision positioning system Thanks to the specially designed camera that utilises sonic waves, the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 makes indoor flying effortless. Manoeuvre, stop and fly the intelligent drone anywhere even when GPS signal is unavailable. Aerodynamic design Cleverly engineered, the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0’s aerodynamic design will sensationally cut through the sky and provide you with greater control of your aircraft. The stunning design also allows you to enjoy the freedom to capture unobstructed 360 degree vision on any flight path!

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  7. Compatible with the Inspire 1 Remote and TB48/TB47 Battery Apply with the 100W Power Adaptor AC Cable

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  8. The Car Charger for Inspire 1 is used to charge the Intelligent Flight Battery or remote controller through a car's cigarette lighter port. It comes with low-voltage protection and overheating protection which automatically cut off charging if your s

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  9. The DJI Tello Part 1 Battery is inserted into the aircraft and charge the battery by connecting the Micro USB port on the aircraft to a charger.

    + Shipping: $9.95
  10. Please note you must activate your Care refresh within 48 hours of activating your Mavic Pro. DJI Care Refresh is an effective, comprehensive warranty for DJI products, offering you greater peace of mind every time you fly. For a small additional charge, DJI Care Refresh offers up to two replacement units within one year.

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