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She is young, she is pretty and she comes from rich parents: Sunny Blonde has little to worry about in her life. Especially not today: the 17-year-old American beauty is on a luxurious Atlantic cruise with her parents, celebrating their wedding anniversary. But it’s not really a party after Sunny’s taste – she’d rather be getting down with her friends. That’s why she uses every chance she gets to get away from her parents and explore the ship. Just when the ship passes by the Bermuda Islands, the inevitable occurs: a heavy thunderstorm rolls in, the cruise ship is overwhelmed by the sea. Sunny passes out and is transported into one of the vessel’s lifeboats… Features - As Sunny, you can talk to the 30 or so inhabitants of the island, explore 55 different areas, and pick up, examine and manipulate objects with a few simple clicks of the mouse. - If hard gamers can get past the introduction, and the meaty part of the game, then they'll find a light-hearted and fresh adventure to keep them occupied. - On the other hand, players that they are new to adventure games, will find a simple, yet effective, introduction to the genre and mechanics.

Type Game Adventure