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  1. An easy guide to property investments including chapters on negative gearing, financing your investment, managing your property, capital gains tax and other tax issues.
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  2. This guide gives a quick introduction to the basics of writing essays and reports. It presents the key principles of academic writing, explains the structure of essays and reports and examines the use of language.
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  3. Peppa Pig and her family are enjoying a trip to the swimming pool. Who do they meet there? For over thirty-five years, the best-selling Read it yourself with Ladybird has helped children learn to read. All stories feature essential key words....
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  1. The highly successful Education, Change and Society helps students situate educational activity in its broad social and policy contexts. In Australia the way that schools, school funding, school markets, universities and the responsibilities of government for education are organised have all been subject to radical reform in recent decades. It has never been more important for students of education to be able to understand the connections between the local and the global in explaining contemporary educational change.Every chapter not only describes and analyses what is going on, but each interprets the evidence in particular ways. Discussion of the issues raised in this book is encouraged, and students are given every opportunity to analyse and question. Also, pedagogical features throughout encourage discussion of the issues raised. Some of the questions explored include: How do Aboriginal students experience Australian schools? Who writes education policy documents and what purpose do they hold? Why did state, private and corporate schools emerge as they did in Australia? How do social class and gender differences affect schooling and its outcomes? What constitutes the work of teachers, and can teachers `make a difference’? How has the role of research become increasingly significant in education and to teachers in particular? New to this edition New pedagogical features link theory and practice. These include Vignette stories to open chapters, Theory to Practice Boxes with examples of how theories work in real life, Research in Action Boxes highlight current field research and pause and reflect questions to help readers reflect on their learning Two new authors: Arathi Sriprakash and Helen Proctor, who wrote chapters 5 and 10 Content on bullying has been highlighted throughout the book
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  2. Free Delivery Worldwide : Going Beyond the Theory/practice Divide in Early Childhood Education : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415464451 : 0415464455 : 11 Aug 2009 : Aims to identify the gaps needing to be bridged to achieve a more inclusive and early childhood education, in relation to class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, disabilities and age. This book explores various ways of bridging these gaps. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of early childhood education.
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  3. Your formula for managing innovation and transforming learning #EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education is a refreshing change from the negativity so common in the world of education today. Over the course of a 3-month solo road trip across the United States, author Grant Lichtman discovered that there is much to be positive about in today’s K-12 schools. Lichtman, one of the country’s leading experts in educational innovation, interviewed over 600 teachers, administrators, students, parents, and trustees to find out what kind of innovations they’re doing right?and how others can leverage their successes. Innovation in education takes hard work, planning, and cooperation. With examples from around the country and findings from the latest education research, #EdJourney maps out how administrators and teachers can embrace the innovation process that schools and learners need now. Today’s 21st century education presents unique challenges and opportunities to students, and this is a trailblazing practical guide to making sure education is ready for the future. #EdJourney focuses on four key questions: What new learning strategies are the top schools implementing to prepare our students for their future rather than for our past? How do teachers and administrators manage transitions to new types of teaching and learning? What are the key obstacles to shifting away from the assembly line model of education? How can we all leverage the lessons of success from the most innovative schools? The concrete examples and advice in this book will help you bring innovation and educational design concepts into your school. #EdJourney goes beyond the theoretical need for change?by now a familiar topic to almost everyone?and takes a real-world approach to achieving transformative education in any school.
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  4. Free Delivery Worldwide : Going Beyond the Theory/practice Divide in Early Childhood Education : Hardback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415464444 : 0415464447 : 21 Sep 2009 : Aims to identify the gaps needing to be bridged to achieve a more inclusive and early childhood education, in relation to class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, disabilities and age. This book explores various ways of bridging these gaps. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of early childhood education.
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  5. Learn and understand thousands of new English words Clear, comprehensive, and easy to use, McGraw-Hill Education: Essential ESL Dictionary for Learners of English was developed to meet the needs of ESL students like you. Inside you will find more than 9,000 English terms, each with a simple definition so you willunderstand its meaning and usage. Every entry is accompanied by its phonetic translation, definition, and explanation. You’ll find example sentences throughout that show English words in context. Hundreds of illustrations are also used throughout the dictionary, giving you visual reinforcement of word meanings. INCLUDES:9,000+ American and British words, explained in easy-to-understand languageGrammar and usage boxes to aid your understanding of key conceptsA grammar summary that highlights parts of speech, idioms, sentence structures, and moreA special section of illustrations—featuring thematic groups of words including animals, nature, electronics, music, the classroom, and more—to help you remember common termsA conversation guide that identifies important phrases for everyday situations such as meeting people, asking directions, going shopping, and more Whether you use it at work, in school, or at home, McGraw-Hill Education: Essential ESL Dictionary for Learners of English will become your trusted reference as you learn the language and build your English skills.
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  6. “New Kinds of Smart is an intelligent book about intelligence, the many things that go into it, and how educators can help students to get more of the cornucopia.“Professor David Perkins, Harvard University, USA “This is an important and welcome book. It cuts through the hype about what the latest findings from cognitive neuroscience can, and more important, cannot tell us, and provides a comprehensive overview of what we know about learning.“Professor Dylan Wiliam, Institute of Education, University of London “This immensely readable book explains the developments of learning theory and then applies those developments to classroom practice and takes that next vital step of explaining what that means for a learner.“Professor Mick Waters, Chairman of The Curriculum Foundation 20th Century schools presumed that students’ intelligence was largely fixed. 21st century science says that intelligence is expandable – and in a variety of ways. New Kinds of Smart argues that this shift in the way we think about young minds opens up hitherto unexplored possibilities for education. For the first time ever, New Kinds of Smart brings together all the main strands of research about intelligence in one book and explains these new ideas to practising teachers and educators. Each chapter presents practical examples, tools and templates so that each new strand of thinking can be woven into their work as teachers and into their lives as learners. Topics covered include: Composite intelligence Distributed intelligence Expandable intelligence Social intelligence Practical intelligence Strategic intelligence Intuitive intelligence Ethical intelligence
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  7. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Routledge Companion to Education : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415583473 : 0415583470 : 28 Nov 2011 : Who are the key thinkers in education?What are the hot topics in education?Where will education go from here?The Routledge Companion to Education presents the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide available to the key theories, themes and topics in education. Forty specially commissioned chapters, covering all aspects of education, introduce you to the ideas, research and issues that have shaped this most diverse, dynamic and fluid field.Part one provides an introduction to the key theories, thinkers...
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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : Education in Urban Areas : Hardback : ABC-CLIO : 9780275946586 : 0275946584 : 01 Jan 1994 : This volume looks at urban problems related to education cross-nationally, beginning with a definition of what is distinctly urban in educational settings. The book goes on to examine such topics as trends and issues; bureaucratic dynamics; goals; politics; and neighbourhood movements.
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  9. Free Delivery Worldwide : Integrated General Education Spring 2010 : Paperback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780470626344 : 0470626348 : 16 Jul 2010 : General education has been an essential part of American higher education for a long time. Unfortunately, it is often seen as something to get out of the way so that the student can go on to take the more important courses within a chosen major. This volume changes that perception.
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  10. Free Delivery Worldwide : An Education : Paperback : Penguin Books Ltd : 9780141039558 : 0141039558 : 01 Nov 2009 : When the journalist Lynn Barber was 16, she was picked up at a bus-stop by an older man who drew up in his sports car - and her life was almost wrecked. A confident girl on course to go to Oxford, she began a relationship which was encouraged by her suburban parents that took her into the semi-criminal world of west London just as the 1960s began.
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  11. Starting school for the first time is a significant milestone in every child’s life. But how do you know when your child is ready? And what can you do to help them prepare? Educational and parenting expert Kathy Walker explains how to assess your child’s readiness, sets out all the factors to consider, and gives you the information you need to be confident you’re making the right decision for your child. She also provides advice on how to pick a school, and explains the strategies schools use to familiarise children – and their parents – with school. An essential guide for parents of preschoolers, Ready, Set, Go? will help you give your child the best possible start to their education.
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  12. Free Delivery Worldwide : Racism and Education in the U.K. and the U.S. : Hardback : Palgrave MacMillan : 9780230103795 : 0230103790 : 15 Jul 2011 : Extends Marxist analysis to include key concepts from the work of neo-Marxists Antonio Gramsci and Louis Althusser. It looks in detail at racism in the U.K. and the U.S. and goes on to examine the differences between schooling and education, and their relationship to racism in those two countries and in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Research Methods in Education : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9781138209886 : 1138209880 : 12 Dec 2017 : This thoroughly updated and extended eighth edition of the long-running bestseller Research Methods in Education covers the whole range of methods employed by educational research at all stages. Its five main parts cover: the context of educational research; research design; methodologies for educational research; methods of data collection; and data analysis and reporting. It continues to be the go-to text for students, academics and researchers who are undertaking, understanding and using educational...
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  14. Education for Inclusion and Diversity 5e continues to build on the concept of inclusive curriculum and the diversity of learning needs. Each edition has brought innovation, matching and extending developments in teaching practices and student learning. It provides the standard that other textbooks in the field use as their model for content and presentation. This Australian text gives students a broad understanding of the principles of inclusive education, and the ways in which teachers can accommodate the differing learning needs of their students. It has been written by experts in the field of inclusion and special needs education with the particular aim of teaching students how to apply the ideas that have been presented in each chapter.For special education courses in schools of early childhood, primary and secondary education.
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  15. Experience and Educationis the best concise statement on education ever published by John Dewey, the man acknowledged to be the pre-eminent educational theorist of the twentieth century. Written more than two decades after Democracy and Education(Dewey’s most comprehensive statement of his position in educational philosophy), this book demonstrates how Dewey reformulated his ideas as a result of his intervening experience with the progressive schools and in the light of the criticisms his theories had received. Analysing both “traditional” and “progressive” education, Dr. Dewey here insists that neither the old nor the new education is adequate and that each is miseducative because neither of them applies the principles of a carefully developed philosophy of experience. Many pages of this volume illustrate Dr. Dewey’s ideas for a philosophy of experience and its relation to education. He particularly urges that all teachers and educators looking for a new movement in education should think in terms of the deeped and larger issues of education rather than in terms of some divisive “ism” about education, even such an “ism” as “progressivism.” His philosophy, here expressed in its most essential, most readable form, predicates an American educational system that respects all sources of experience, on that offers a true learning situation that is both historical and social, both orderly and dynamic.
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  16. Free Delivery Worldwide : Adventures in Writing : Paperback : Dover Publications Inc. : 9780486802619 : 0486802612 : 17 Jun 2015 : Capitalization, punctuation, composition, and more: there is a lot that goes into good writing. This giant-sized workbookwill help young writers sharpen their skills with fill-in-the-blanks, matching games, storytelling, simple papercrafts, and more.
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  17. Free Delivery Worldwide : Feel Bad Education : Paperback : Beacon Press : 9780807001400 : 0807001406 : 05 Apr 2011 : One of education's most outspoken voices presents a challenging and entertaining writing on where we should go in American education. Kohn argues in the title essay with those who think that high standards mean joylessness in the classroom.
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  18. Free Delivery Worldwide : Developing a Pedagogy of Teacher Education : Hardback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415367301 : 0415367301 : 01 Jan 2006 : A pedagogy of teacher education must go well beyond the simple delivery of information about teaching. This book describes and explores the complex nature of teaching and of learning about teaching, illustrating how important teacher educators' professional knowledge is and how that knowledge must influence teacher training practices. The book is divided into two sections. The first considers the crucial distinction between teaching student-teachers and teaching them about teaching, allowing practice...
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  19. Free Delivery Worldwide : Child Care and Education 6th Edition : Paperback : HODDER EDUCATION : 9781471863639 : 1471863638 : 24 Jun 2016 : Deliver an in depth programme of teaching for level 3 and level 4 with this classic textbook that inspires your students to go further.
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  20. Free Delivery Worldwide : Futures of Education : Hardback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415333740 : 0415333741 : 31 Aug 2005 : Provides an overview and analysis of current tensions, debates and key issues within OECD nations, particularly Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK, with regard to where education is and should be going.
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  21. Free Delivery Worldwide : Children, Their World, Their Education : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415548717 : 0415548713 : 20 Nov 2009 : Suitable for students, teachers, researchers, educational leaders and all who are interested in primary education, this book examines children's development and learning, their needs and aspirations, and their lives in a diverse society and fragile world. It explores what goes on in schools, from the early years to educational aims and values.
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