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  1. Makeblock mBot Ranger - STEM 3-in-1 Educational Robot Kit (Bluetooth)  Expand the world with mBot Ranger, a three-in-one educational robot kit for both learning programming and having fun. Product Features• 3-in-1 Robot Kit - Three forms for different scenarios: robot tank, self-balance car, and…

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  2. Research confirms that student achievement improves when you reach out and involve parents in their children's education! That's why this Parent Involvement Math Activity Grades K-3 is such an easy to use resource. It provides over 300 math activities and games that parents can do at home with…

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  3. For use with the Radius Audio Learning System (item LER6910, sold separately). Build story problem-solving skills with directed and guided audio lessons that model when and how to use a skill or strategy, then support students as they apply it to a new problem. Great for preparing for standardized…

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  4. The colourful Noah's 3 in 1 Ark can be easily turned into Noah's Car or Noah's Aeroplane!

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  5. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Make learning a fun experience for your little ones with the LeapFrog LeapStart Learn to Read Level 3 Volume 1 Book Set. Featuring fun illustrations and sounds, this learning set lets kids interact with letters and words to develop early speech skills and reading…

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  6. Bring some action for the littles one, Ride On Motorcycle with a rechargeable 6V battery, this electric ride on toy gets a manageable 3km/hour for your little racer. Ideal for active kids (maximum capacity 25kg), this kids ride on toy encourages imagination, engagement and independence while…

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  7. This first riding toy encourages imaginative play while helping learn farm sounds. The three-in-one design allows toddlers to scoot along, push along, or be pushed along by an adult. Features normal/low/off volume setting for sounds – the #1 feature requested by parents! Seat flips out to reveal…

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  8. The 3-D Solar System contains eight colourful glow-in-the-dark planets, plus Pluto, over 200 adhesive stars, string, putty and a solar system guide to recreate a glowing solar system in any room. Contains 240 pieces Hang all the planets from your ceiling Glows longer and brighter with glowminite…

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  9. Rubber test tube stoppers suitable for Glass or Plastic Test Tubes and Erlenmeyer Flasks. These long lasting stoppers are made from excellent grade rubber, with a low sulfur content. Contains 10 Size 3 stoppers. Specifications Material Chemical Resistant Rubber Size #3 Top (mm) 18 Bottom (mm) 15…

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  10. 3 Prong Universal Clamp designed to attach to retort stands and hold flasks, condensers and other glassware Made from die-cast zinc with nickel-plating, the clamp is 20 cm long with independently operating 3 prong jaws...

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  11. This solar-powered robot is compact yet multifunctional. It climbs along clothes lines, walks under sunlight and can be transformed in to a cool solar vehicle. - 4M: Science Eco-engineering 3-in-1 Mini Solar Robot

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  12. Andy is going off to college. Woody, Buzz, and their toy box friends find themselves at their new home, Sunnyside Daycare. Are they ready for the surprises awaiting them? Only your word skills can help them navigate a whole new kind of game! Works with the Leapster Explorer and LeapPad Explorer…

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  13. Flip through the letters to spell the picture shown. Also makes 106 additional words with no pictures. Phonics Flipper is your child's primary tool to build better reading skills.� Stand measures 16 H x 31cm W. Ages 3 yrs+

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  14. KIDS BACTERIA FARM SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS KITGetting kids excited about science can be challenging. Who wants to read text and look at illustrations... it's just so boring! Which is why the Kids Bacteria Farm Science Experiment Kit is so awesome! Your child can learn about the fascinating world of…

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  15. 4M 3-IN-1 MINI SOLAR POWERED ROBOT ENGINEERING KITRobots are awesome. Can you really think of anything you’d rather build than your very own solar-powered robot? If that sounds good to you, then how about being able to build three solar-powered robots? With this kit you can use your solar panel and…

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  16. Manufacturer SKU: ZT-0A-ZT3-KIT Build bigger richer models. Step up to the next level of size and complexity in your models; the number of interesting things you can build increases exponentially when you have more parts! This kit is also ideal for family building. Product Details Includes 738…

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  17. Manufacturer SKU: MW-10051-3-1SK The MudWatt bundle is perfect for classrooms if you want to engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way - merging disciplines like microbiology decomposition renewable energy electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience? Or…

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  18. Clayton Coconut Shell Exotic Picks 3-Pack Coconut shell is a durable and bright organic material that you're sure to want to add to your guitar pick collection. It creates increased volume during play and has very tough and dense properties. Each pick is hand-made with a smooth polish on one side…

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