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  1. Forget boiling smelly cabbages to extract pH indicator. Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice is bottled and ready to use. Safe and easy, Jiffy Juice is a pre-bottled red cabbage extract that makes colourful solutions when mixed with acids and bases. Acids like lemon juice...
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  2. A handy refill bottle for when you've used all your original Jiffy Juice. Because you can never have enough red cabbage juice!Safe and easy, Jiffy Juice changes color to indicate acids and bases. As the pH of a solution increases, red cabbage juice changes gradually from purple/red to green...
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  3. The Pocket Drone is the most stable and easiest to fly drone available! Press the Juice button and the Pocket Drone will take off and hover approximately 1 metre from the ground, waiting for you to take control.Four channels, gyro stability...
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