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  1. The perfect tool for teaching future nurses and emergency technicians to care for their patients, this human manikin is both practical and educational when it comes to bringing real world situations to the classroom. A visual and a hands-on aid for teaching medical procedures, this life size female manikin is easy to assemble with movable joints that mimic those of an actual human body. Made from sturdy, soft, and hard PVC that’s easy to clean and maintain, the model contains several injection pads of varying sizes for procedures involving puncturing, while also including 20cc plastic bottles that can be filled with liquids to demonstrate phlebotomy procedures. Some of the procedures that can be demonstrated on this model include: washing & bathing cleansing the mouth nasal feeding stomach lavages puncture of the chest, liver, kidney, abdomen, medulla and lumbar injections - deltoid and hypodermic deltoid heart injections vein injection, puncture and transfusion female catheterization muscular injection (of buttocks) Specifications: Height: 150cm (approximately) Includes pajamas
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  2. A life size model of the human torso, accurately and intricately detailed to give students and teachers a hands-on tool for studying human anatomy. Designed to bring clarity tostudents' understanding of the structures of the head, neck, and internal organs of the human body by giving a visual of the relative positions, morphological characteristics and anatomical structures of the head and torso regions. Along with a special focus on several anatomical systems of the human body, the model also comes equipped with both male and female genitalia, with a fetus in the female uterus, and an exposed spinal cord with removable vertebra. All these details come together for the perfect educational material when it comes to studying general human anatomy. Specifications: Height: 80cm Package Dimensions: 80 x 43 x 30cm
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  3. This lab teaches kids how to build an electric circuit to activate a motor and make the fan spin! They can also learn how to change the direction of the motor and create a spinning colour wheel
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  4. Young Secret Agents can follow the suspects, create a profile and solve the case! The set includes rearview glasses, a badge, ID card, magnifying glasses, mustache, detectives pad and pencil, a LED finger light, secret code wheels, ink pad, fingerprint powder and brush, print lift tape, an invisible pen, decoder filters, coloured pencils, a sketch artist kit and more!
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  5. This 13cm brightly coloured harmonica from Sevi features the cdelightful animal decoration that runs throughout Sevi's fantastic instrument range. Your child can move the harmonica and blow into the different holes to make their own songs.
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  6. A triangle shaped activity centre that includes six individual activities that help develop eye-hand coordination and recognition of colors and shapes. While not specifically musical it's a great fine motor skill developer. A quality wooden product. Product size: 18 cm x16.5 cmx20.5 cm
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  7. This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and color and shape identification. Made of wood. Base measures 17cm Height x 17cm Width, Blocks measure approx. 6.5cm Height Ages: 12 Months
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  8. Create an eruption with National Geographic’s exciting Volcano Science Kit. Your child will get to cast their own volcano (plaster and mold included), paint it (paint and brush provided), and then make it erupt (includes eruption powder)! This is a great family activity and provides hours of fun for all ages. Learn about tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcano formation, and volcanic rocks. National Geographic’s learning guide provides many interesting facts and is designed to promote a love of geology and science.
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  9. Why pretend with one little drum, when you can be a real drummer? Your little one will enjoy hours of musical fun with this junior drum kit that consists of two drums of different sizes, a cow bell, a cymbal and two beautifully-crafted wooden drum sticks: Unleash your little drummers imagination with the real deal a perfectly scaled-down junior drum set, with all the extras! Nurture world-class hand-eye coordination as your child learns to hit more than one element at a time, creating full and satisfactory rhythms Challenge their creativity with a range of different sounds, from the low drums to the tinny cow bell and a big crashing cymbal! Every kid deserves the chance to explore music in some way help them cultivate a great sense of rhythm to prepare them for the rest of their musical life with this kit Trust in the strength of this wooden frame it will withstand even the most enthusiastic of young drummers! RECOMMENDED AGE: 3+
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  10. Some people have lives; some people have music. John Green Early musical education is an important part of developing childrens listening, cognition and coordination skills. Learning to play simple instruments such as tambourines, miniature xylophones and castanets also helps prepare them for learning grown-up instruments later on! If youre looking for a great way to encourage your childs musical aptitude, this set by award-winning French designer Vilac is perfect! A tambourine, a triangle, castanets and an 8-note wooden xylophone are included Unleash little imaginations with an orchestra of rhythm and simple melodies the sensory play will stimulate their ears and their minds! Bright colours and bold illustrations (including the cutest tambourine frog) will have inquisitive eyes transfixed When youre little, less isnt always more small hearts will cherish the whole musical package at once! Their fine motor skills and creativity will also thank you in years to come RECOMMENDED AGE: 3+
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  11. Nurture your childrenrsquos musical talents with the Jazz Drum Play Set. These mini drums are designed to simulate the feel of actual drums to give them a head start. Made from child safe materials making it ideal for your boys and girls. The Drum set helps improve their coordination skills. This is a great investment for parents looking to improve their kids musical talents or development. Painted in soothing blue color this set makes the perfect gift for any occasion
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  12. Does your little one love listening to music singing and pretending to play along Then theyll absolutely adore this cute little acoustic guitar by Vilac a leading French toy manufacturer since 1911. Painted and styled just like a six-string electric guitar this scaled-down version is perfect for little hands. They can learn to play real notes and chords NB tuning required or just have fun making sounds whilst developing their hand-eye coordination. This guitar is suitable for ages 3 and up and is the perfect preparation for a real size guitar in years to come.
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  13. Get your favourite Australian animals in these lovely wooden magnetic letters. Each animal is cut in a wooden shape and printed ontop, with the underside having a slim magnetic layer which is perfect to stick onto fridges or whiteboards. Great to encourage kids to learn about Australian animals. Comes in a unique milk carton pack.
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  14. Experience how water is filtered in a simple and pure way. This purifying system demonstrates the scientific way of extracting salt from sea water. All you need is a water glass and your on your way to creating your own desalination plant.Contains a set of plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper and detailed instructions. Contains small parts.
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  15. Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn to write letters.
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  16. The Busy House keeps little ones busy with a houseful of activities in the one cube. This educational toy includes a clock, matching picture game, shape sorter, hammer toy and blocks, an abacus and more. Assembled with bright colours from sustainable rubberwood, the Busy House is hours of fun and fine motor skill development for your child.
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  19. A perfect introduction into the world of music and sounds. The first sound workshop for small discoverers. Here there is everything to explore; sounds, chimes and tunes! 4 pieces made of beech wood: mini magic sound flute (9 cm), drum (10 cm), mini xylophone (9 cm) and beater (12 cm).
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  20. Help your toddler develop their hand-eye coordination and creativity, while stacking this set. Comes with nine adorable garden themed wooden pieces. Build a toadstool, tree and flower to top with a garden friend. Ideal for little hands. This sweet toy encourages manual dexterity which offering the opportunity for open-ended play. Dimensions: H: 10cm, L: 20cm Recommended Age: 12+ Months Petilou is a toy brand developed by Le Toy Van. Le Toy Van is a multi-award winning toy producer who ensures fair trading at every stage of production and ethical conditions for their workforce. Their painted wooden toys are made from various materials including certified sustainable plantation rubberwood and non-toxic paint.
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