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Eidos Interactive Imperial Glory



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Imperial Glory is a strategy title from the creators of Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, offering an in-depth management model along with graphically stunning real-time land and naval battles in full 3D. Choose which of the five great 19th century Empires to lead: Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia or Austro-Hungary, each with their own unique attributes. Features: - TWO DISTINCT GAMEPLAY MODES Turn-based Imperial Management Model, plus Real-time Land and Naval Battles in full 3D; spectacular land battles striking environments provide the backdrop for gruesome scenes of combat; Fully interactive battle maps allow you to gain a defensive advantage by occupying buildings, forests, boulder fields and more; The varying climates and terrains of the 50 plus maps dramatically change the look and feel of battles; Realistic weather effects influence your troops' ability and will to fight; historically accurate units and weaponry faithfully reproduced units, who differ from empire to empire, reflect the color and splendor of the era; Authentic period formations and maneuvers provide great tactical depth; crews with differing skills and abilities man breathtaking naval battles varying classes of ships; Choose to sink your enemy, or immobilize, board and capture their vessels.

Type Game Strategy