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Eizo CG275W



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Built-In Calibration Sensor Built-in sensor is housed within the monitor’s bottom bezel and swings up onto the screen when calibration begins. This sensor eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and even operates in portrait mode. Self-Calibrating Monitor Using either the OSD menu or the bundled ColorNavigator software, you can schedule the ColorEdge CG275W to self-calibrate at specific times. Reassuringly, even if the monitor is switched off or not even connected to a computer, it will stick to its preset schedule and self-calibrate. OS-Independent Calibration Since the PC itself is not necessary for self-calibration, the ability to calibrate the monitor is not dependent on using an operating system supported by the ColorNavigator software. Therefore, a calibrated ColorEdge CG275W can be used with Linux even though ColorNavigator currently does not support this OS. Correlation with Other Sensors The ColorEdge CG275W can be correlated to the measurement results of an external calibration sensor. This is convenient if the ColorEdge CG275W is used in a work environment with other ColorEdge monitors and one measurement device must be used as a standard for all calibrating. Correlation is done with a new “Correlation Utility” included with the bundled ColorNavigator software.

Monitor Type LCD
Monitor Size Inch 27