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Elevate your game to the highest level with NBA LIVE 10. Be a Pro with new passing and shot features, and an improved playcalling system that gives you more control than ever before. With improved realism on both ends of the court and simplified gameplay controls, play your way to NBA super stardom by developing your game throughout an entire career with achievement-based incentives. NBA LIVE 10 -- the authentic basketball experience. Features: - Be a Pro -- With new camera angles and the spotlight always on you, groom yourself into becoming the next NBA superstar as 30 levels of achievement-based incentives help you develop into the ultimate pro. - The League is In Your Hands -- Create your own legend with an unstoppable style of play or experiment with existing team and player ratings and change the foundation of the entire league. - New Gameplay Improvements -- A refined gameplay system allows you to navigate through defenders, drive to the basket, and finish with authority—all with simplified moves. - Go on the Defensive -- Apply more pressure on the defensive side of the ball and force opponents into making mistakes. With enhanced defensive controls, cut off open passing lanes, shut down fast breaks, and dictate the tempo of the game. - Execute with Precision -- It’s easier than ever to run the offense with refined passing and shooting systems. Set up scoring opportunities with fakes and cross-court passes, then attempt the exact type of shot you want.

Type Game Sport