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Electronic Arts Need For Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition PS3



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Get your hands on this Limited Edition of Need For Speed Most Wanted, which provides extra Double Speed Points for your first 4 Hours of multiplayer and 2 Limited Edition Vehicles - The Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale and the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S. This will definitely come handy when you are the Most Wanted and evading cops while racing rivals! Designed to be an immersive sandbox driving experience, Need for Speed: Most Wanted lets you decide how you drive. Whether it's hitting jumps, taking shortcuts, hiding out til the heat is off or outrunning the cops by heading off-road – play the way you want to play. Instead of being bogged down with menus, lobbies or restrictions, Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes a novel approach to online gameplay – simply pick your favourite car, meet up with your friends and enjoy a non-stop action-packed PlayList of competitive events. Share all your near misses and high scores and challenge your friends to see who the number one driver really is. You can even teach the Autolog 2.0 function who you want to beat and it'll customize the recommendations it makes, so you'll always know when your rival posts up a new best time. The Limited Edition includes 4 Hours of earning Double Speed Points in Multiplayer. It also comes with early access in online multiplayer to two of the World's best cars with exclusive Satin Black livery and the latest performance modifications. First is the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale with it's racing engine and brakes tuned for increased power and control as well as the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S With an optimised Aerodynamic body and a more sustained speed boost with Nitrous Burn.

Type Game Racing