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Myst has been re-designed for release on Nintendo DS to take full advantage of the dual screens and stylus facility the handheld offers. What hasn't changed is the essence of Myst; that is, of a deep, deep role-playing experience. The game's myst-erious world contains no instructions, no inventory and no dialogue. It's intriguing to say the least. The absence of other characters makes for an initially strange experience, but once you get wrapped up in the problems, mazes and puzzle-solving. However, you will soon realise that your actions may help individuals who are somehow trapped in a parallel dimension. In a way, you don't actually play Myst, you experience it. The non-linear gameplay of Myst allows players to go anywhere at any time. There are many new features available on Myst for the DS. The game has been given a refurbishment tailored to the DS's strengths. New additions to make the most of the technology include new sounds, video clips and effects. There is also an all-new age known as the Rime Age which gamers can explore and uncover many various mysteries. Another element is the ability to save multiple games for various players. Some of the puzzles in Myst are extremely difficult to solve. Only the most accomplished and ardent adventure gamer will be able to complete the game. If you get stuck, instead of quitting in frustration, there are numerous online sites for hints, walkthroughs and even saved games. So if you want to play a challenging adventure game, when and whenever you want, there's no real mystery: we recommend you look no further than Myst for the DS.

Type Game Adventure