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Epson EBS8



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Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson EB-S8 3LCD Multimedia Projectors. Bright, stylish and compact, these versatile multimedia projectors are available at a resolution to suit a wide range of applications. Priced to please, the ‘8’series delivers performance and reliability to business and education environments in style. KEY FEATURES: Powerful 2,500 Lumens Brightness – All the power you need to create big, bold presentations and dazzling home theatre Stylish, Compact Design – Powerful enough to be used as an installation projector, light and compact enough to be used as a portable. The 8 series delivers a professional appearance however it is used. 1.35X Optical Zoom Lens – Flexible placement for either desktop or installation usage. Front Exhaust – Directs hot exhaust air away from desktop users and their audience. The Epson EB-S8 projector offer a stylish new design, and impressive performance. A powerful 2,500 lumens enables use in bright environments, and their wide variety of input options ensures compatibility with a broad range of multimedia input devices including computers, home theatre equipment and gaming consoles. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Powerful 2,500 lumens brightness The new Epson 8 series projectors deliver a bright 2,500 lumen image thanks to Epson’s unique E-TORL lamp technology and efficient optical engine. This makes the 8 series bright enough to be used as either an installation or desktop projector in even the brightest of rooms, without the need to dim the lights or close the curtains. Stylish, Compact Design With stylish flowing lines, and compact form, the Epson 8 series conveys an attractive, professional appearance whether installed on a ceiling mount, or used as a portable presentation tool. White colouring enables the projector to blend unobtrusively with the ceiling when mounted, leaving the presentation room appearing clean and professional.

Image Brightness Ansi 2500
Type LCD Projector
Max Resolution 800x600