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Euroflex Monster A75



Euroflex Monster A75 Vacuum

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The A75 vacuum cleaner uses a revolutionary new concept in vacuum filtration technology. Designed and used by the Europeans, a water filtration vacuum cleaner (or simply called “water vac”) uses water to capture and trap dirt entering the vacuum cleaner. The dirt entering the water vac becomes emulsified with (i.e. mixed with) the water, making it impossible to separate the dirt from the water. The trapped dirt does not escape into the ambient air we breathe like conventional bagged or canister vacuum cleaners. A HEPA filter acts as secondary filtration barrier to trap even fine particles of dust. The churning of the water bath within the water vac acts like a turbine maximising the suction power of the water vac. The water vac also has an air blowing function that can be used to blow dirt out of tight areas and crevices. When it comes time to empty the dirt simply open the water vac and throw out the dirty water. You never need to come in contact with dirt again. Ideal for people with respiratory difficulties, asthma sufferers, and people with skin sensitivities such as dermatitis who do not want to come in contact with dust particles. Accessories Include: · Telescopic extension tube · Water filler cup · Floor/Carpet brush · Crevice tool · Dusting brush · Upholstery tool Height: 50 cm

Type Barrel Vacuum