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  1. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Arial; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Red wine is good for us. Alcohol is bad for us. Cut out sugar. Eat less fat. Eat more fat. Every day we’re bombarded by often-contradictory advice on what to do to keep ourselves healthy. How can we separate fact from fad? Written by a medical clinician, this is the ultimate myth-busting guide to what will really help us live a long and healthy life. Professor Thomas looks at each item on the ‘longevity list’ in turn, analysing why it’s come to be considered a health priority, and giving his scientifically backed verdict on how much attention we really need to pay to it. You’ll learn everything from why taking statins to lower LDL cholesterol might not be a good idea for everyone with higher than desirable levels, to whether there’s a connection between donating blood regularly and living a longer life. Along the way you’ll discover stacks of intriguing, entertaining and often very funny facts. Why do people get drunk more quickly on champagne? Is caffeine really a performance-enhancing drug? Can chocolate improve your sex life?This is the one-stop checklist to living a life that might just see you reach your 100th birthday and beyond!
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  2. When Kristian Anderson received the diagnosis that every devoted husband and father fears, he refused to resign himself silently to fate. He began a brave and candid blog as he underwent treatment for cancer: sharing the joy of each small victory, the devastation in every setback, and the agonising realisation that he wouldn’t always be able to protect and comfort his little boys when they were lonely or afraid, or grow old with his wife and soulmate. His posts full of hope, faith, and breathtaking honesty captured Australian hearts, then swept across the Pacific, gathering followers. A poignant video tribute for his wife Rachel became an internet phenomenon, attracting messages from well-wishers across the globe. After his death, their love inspired Rachel to bring together Kristian’s blog entries combined with her own intimate reflections. Days Like These is a heartbreaking account of her husband’s final battle, his strength and courage, but it is also a story about coming back from grief, and learning how to live again.
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  3. Genetics and lifestyle are thought to be the two most important determinants of good health. But that s not the whole story. In The Good Gut, Justin and Erica Sonnenburg, who are doing cutting-edge research on the trillions of microbes living in our gastrointestinal tract, reveal how our gut affects everything, from our immune response to our weight, allergic reactions, aging and emotions; how they are under threat from the Western diet, our antibiotics, and our sterilized environment; and how we can nurture our individual microbiota. This is important news. Our intestinal microbiota plays an important role in the prevalence of predominantly Western afflictions, such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autism, and inflammatory bowel diseases. These gut bacteria are facing a mass extinction, and the health consequences are dire. The average person in the Western world has around 1,200 different types of bacteria residing in his or her gut. That may seem like a lot until you consider that the average Amerindian living in the Amazon has approximately 1,600 species and is much less likely to develop Western illnesses. How can we keep our microbiota off the endangered
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    Australian Family Law in Context provides a contemporary and innovative examination of family law materials from a range of disciplines and a diversity of perspectives. All viewpoints that may be found in the legal literature on family law are represented in the book through extracts, notes and questions. The sixth edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to take account of the latest developments in Australian family law. It includes issues about same-sex marriage, changes to the family courts, the implications of the High Court’s decision in Stanford v Stanford for property division, and debates about the definition of family violence. The new edition also has the latest case law on the requirements for validity of binding financial agreements and on when an intimate partnership satisfies the definition of a de facto relationship, as well as new developments concerning parenting after separation. Australian Family Law in Context contains extensive commentary and materials on: The demographics of the family, including social science evidence on different family forms in Australia; Dispute resolution, covering Family Relationship Centres, child-inclusive mediation, and the Child Responsive Model; Collaborative law; Family violence, covering typologies of violence, feminist perspectives on violence, and best practice guidelines for family lawyers on assisting victims of violence; Third parties and family property; Federal laws on the property of de facto couples; The psychological evidence on what is best for children after parents separate; and The application of Part VII of the Family Law Act to disputes concerning children. Australian Family Law in Context: Commentary and Materials, 6th Edition remains the primary resource for law students and a major reference work for others interested in Family Law.
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    Families, Relationships and Intimate Life Second Edition is a thorough exploration of the controversies, contradictions and broad patterns that characterise contemporary relationships and families. Beginning with the conceptual scaffolding of families in their historical and cultural context this text includes the key cultural differences of ethnicity, class and sexuality. Theoretical perspectives including functionalism, feminist approaches and reflexive modernisation are also clearly outlined. Once the groundwork has been established this book delves into examining the complexity of contemporary family life, covering key elements in the life course – childhood, youth, partnering, parenting and ageing and both the positive and negative sides of family life including intimacy and violence. This edition has been extensively updated with contemporary examples from pop culture and current affairs and incorporates developments currently reshaping families including new technologies and social mobility. New to this editionMore material on culturally diverse and transnational families, adoption and surrogacyNew emphasis on social media and mobile phone use throughoutNew theoretical perspectives on family relationshipsNew discussion on child abuse and elder abuse in chapter 12: Violence in Intimate RelationshipsUpdated discussion questions, contemporary examples and further reading
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    12 Person Family Camping Tent Navy Grey
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    The Sylvanian Caravan has everything needed for staying away from home on a holiday! With over 30 accessories including sink, stove, drawers, cupboards and even a fold out ironing board, the caravan is ideal for those traveling holidays around Sylvania. The caravan can be towed by the Family Saloon Car - SF4827 & SF4611 (sold separately). The Caravan comes with a Tow bar that joins the caravan and the car together. You place the tow bar on to the number plate. Instructions included. Car & Figures Not included. Suitable from 3 yrs+ Caravan Size: approx. 18 (H) x 28 (L) x 18 (W) cm
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    The Original Family Fishing Game Only $19.99 from Catch
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    Demystify family trust planning with this easy-to-read guide Family trusts can be quite complex and difficult to set up correctly, and many people don’t realise just how beneficial a trust can be. Even for families of average income, trusts deserve a second look. Family Trusts: A Plain English Guide for Australian Families of Average Means, 5th Edition is a comprehensive guide to the advantages and disadvantages, investment nuances, taxation regulations, and social security rules surrounding trusts. This book, by author Nick Renton, and newly updated by Rod Caldwell, provides the information you need to make an informed decision and ask the right questions of your financial and legal advisors. The book details all aspects of both setting up and running a family trust, including discretionary versus unitised trusts, trust deeds, and the roles and responsibilities of settlors and trustees. You’ll learn how trusts can be used to benefit philanthropic foundations, and how to manage a trust intended for the financial care of a child with an intellectual disability. This Fifth Edition has been fully updated for the 2014 ? 2015 tax year, and amended to parallel the May 2014 budget. The new material details topics like: Rates and trustee qualifications Hybrid trusts and non-resident beneficiaries Borrowing by trustees, and trustee meeting minutes Protecting assets against creditors, bankruptcy, and divorce The book also includes real-life case studies that provide examples of proper handling and help illustrate important concepts. Additionally, alternatives are discussed for situations where a family trust may not be the best structure to use. If you’re an average person wishing to ensure your family’s financial well-being, Family Trusts: A Plain English Guide for Australian Families of Average means, 5th Edition is the most complete guide on the market.
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    4 Person Family Camping Tent Navy Grey
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    The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in. Whether you have two mothers or two dads, a big family or a small family, a clean family or a messy one, Todd Parr assures readers that no matter what kind of family you have, every family is special in its own unique way.Parr’s message about the importance of embracing our differences is delivered in a playful way. With his trademark bold, bright colours and silly scenes, this book will encourage children to ask questions about their own families.
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    Original Scrabble Game Family Board Game Kid Adult Educational Toy Party GameNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track
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    FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Weber Family Q3100 Natural Gas 56067224 from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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    Hook up the Caravan and take a drive in the Bluebell Seven Seater! The car is large enough for all the members of a family and the doors open and close for easy access. With over 30 accessories the caravan is ideal for those traveling holidays around Sylvania. Package Deal Includes: 1x Bluebell Seven Seater 4699 1x Caravan 5045 Figures sold separately.
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    Family history is one of Britain’s most popular pastimes. Around six million people in Britain are researching their family trees, and genealogy is one of the top categories for online searches. The opening up of public records, the growth of family history societies and the introduction of computers and the internet have made the subject accessible to everyone.As a popular history of the subject, rather than yet another ‘how to’ guide, Family Matters puts the study of family history itself into a historical and social context. The book traces the rise of genealogy from an esoteric interest of gentlemen and scholars to a mainstream hobby enjoyed by millions. It describes in vivid detail the landmark events and the personalities behind them, telling the story of the evolution of family history through the eyes of those involved. It also looks forward to some of the challenges facing family history in the future, as a result of factors such as commercialisation, legislation and new technologies.This original and highly readable work offers a fresh perspective on an activity that is not just a fast-growing leisure pursuit but also a rapidly expanding business sector and an important field for public policy.Family Matters will be fascinating reading for family and local history enthusiasts, providing them with an engaging account ofthe development of their favourite pastime. It will also appeal to social historians and to everyone who is interested in the role of public information and archives in popular culture.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Finding a Family for Tommy : Paperback : CoramBAAF : 9781905664627 : 1905664621 : 04 Jun 2009 : Aimed at pre-school children (aged 18 months to five years), Finding a Family for Tommy provides carers and social workers with an opportunity to discuss the meaning of family and belonging. The book can be read in preparation for a move from foster care and during introductions to permanent carers or adopters, helping to reassure children at every stage of the process. It is also designed to be used post-adoption to remind children that they were chosen for a family and that their family was specially...
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    Family Law Principles is different from other family law texts written in Australia because it covers areas that are important in practice, such as family reports, how courts consider social science research, and emerging areas in family law. This edition deals not only with the family law system but includes a detailed explanation of the family dispute resolution system and legislative obligations of both lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners. It contains a comprehensive analysis of confidentiality and admissibility in family dispute resolution and counselling and recent case law in this area. New chapters have been added and original chapters expanded and some restructured for better flow. Flowcharts and examples have been included in some chapters to provide practical guidance and aid understanding of topics such as property matters, superannuation and maintenance. Significant new and updated content in the second edition includes: Family Law Principles is different from other family law texts written in Australia because it covers areas that are important in practice, such as family reports, how courts consider social science research, and also emerging areas in family law. This second edition deals not only with the family law system but includes a detailed explanation of the family dispute resolution system and legislative obligations of both lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners. It contains a comprehensive analysis of confidentiality and admissibility in family dispute resolution and counselling and recent case law in this area. New chapters have been added and original chapters expanded and some restructured for better flow. Flowcharts and examples have been included in some chapters to provide practical guidance and aid understanding for topics such as property matters, superannuation and maintenance. Marriage, Nullity and Divorce (Ch 3) – discussion of same-sex marriage, including the High Court decision of Commonwealth v Australian Capital Territory. New commentary on forced marriage, including Kandal and Khyatt and legislative reforms. Violence in the Family (Ch 6) – new commentary explores different views about causes or triggers of family violence and examines how State legislation deals with family violence through separate State protection order systems. Parenthood, Parentage and Parental Responsibility (Ch 7) – greatly expanded discussion about surrogacy (including overseas surrogacy), and a new section on gender dysphoria. Relocation of Children (Ch 9) – new chapter focusing on this important and complex area, including international relocation and different approaches to relocation overseas. Expanded case discussion illustrates the impact of the 2006 Family Law Act 1975 reforms, with examination of longitudinal social science research in this area and proposals for further reform. Family Violence and Child Abuse in Parenting Cases (Ch 10) – examines attitudes of decision makers in their interpretation of “best interests”, changes to the legislation, and whether these reflect community views and expectations. Alteration of Property Interests (Ch 12) – extensively revised to incorporate High Court decision of Stanford v Stanford and other recent cases, and explores approaches to determining property cases. Includes discussion of add-backs post-Stanford, and the end of the doctrine of special contributions. A flowchart and examples have been added to provide practical guidance. Advanced Property Topics (Ch 13) – extended commentary on superannuation and greatly expanded discussion of binding financial agreements, including impact of various legislative changes and recent case law. Financial Support for Children (Ch 16) – substantial revision of child support scheme commentary, including the child support formula; and expanded discussion on departing from child support assessment, including a guide to determining child support departures in special circumstances.
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    6 Person Family Camping Tent Navy Grey
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    Owl family and Family the secret to having it all is knowing you already do... wall decal for your home decor. If you need mirror image, please contact us or message us when you order. Features: -Wall decal.-Material: Vinyl.-Can be a compliment in any interior style.-Receive instructions and tips to install your decal on the wall.-Can pre cut them individually to place them any way you like.-Receive 1 sheets of wall sticker attached with application tape.-Install instruction will be provided with any purchase.-Prevent damage to your stickers.-Mailing tubes (free of charge) will be used for postage.-Go on any smooth flat dry surface, so you can even decorate furniture, doors, windows, floors, tables.-Note: Please allow 6-8 weeks on a newly painted surface to complete dry. Example images for illustration purpose only, please refer to the actual size sheet. Colour (the actual colour may vary slightly due to individual monitor setting). Dusty, rough, textured, oily, moisture surfaces will not be as effective..-Product Type: Wall Decals.-Colour: Whites.-Life Stage: Kids.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Name dimensions: 23cm H x 63cm W.-3 Owl in the Tree dimensions: 33cm H x 65cm W.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Families Around the World : Paperback : Heinemann Educational Books : 9781484603796 : 1484603796 : 01 Aug 2014 : Looks at the rich diversity of families around the world and introduces children to the similarities and differences found in families in different cultures.
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    The Australian Women's Weekly The Family Table Cookbook Only $14.99 from Catch
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    Fans of Channel 10’s hit MODERN FAMILY – the No.1 TV show in Australia with 1.1 million consistent viewers – rejoice! The Pritchetts and Dunphys have got together to share their favourite moments and lessons to learn from and laugh about … Every week, the characters on MODERN FAMILY have something to learn. And no matter the lesson, they always find a fresh and incredibly funny way to teach us a little bit about life and love as well. Now, America’s most beloved family has finally opened up their albums to share some of their favourite photos and memories for us to enjoy all over again. touching on everything from motherhood and teenagers to siblings, school, and love, MODERN FAMILY: WIt AND WISDOMS FROM AMERICA’S FAVOURItE FAMILY features some of the funniest lines from the show including: Claire: Look at them: a minute ago they were babies, and now they’re driving, and soon we’ll all be dead. Phil: I called the florist and ordered one dozen Mylar balloons. Good luck staying mad, honey. Gloria: I’m Columbian. I know a fake crime scene when I see one. Jay: She’s my daughter. You’re my wife. Let’s remember what’s important here: there’s a football game on. Mitchell: It’s Cameron’s turn to be out in the world, interacting with grown-ups while I get to stay at home and plot the death of Dora the Explorer. With exclusive chapter introductions by each family member, this book will leave the show’s millions of fans laughing out loud at – and falling even more in love with – the funniest family on television.
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    Enjoy the delightful country charms of the Sylvanian Families Field View Mill. This rustic old windmill is a well known landmark in Sylvania. Field View Mill sits on top of a hill and can been seen a long way away. It used to make flour for all the bakers and cooks, but has now been made into a beautiful three storey house, with space for a bedroom, kitchen Open up the doors and look inside the windmill to find the beautifully decorated interior. There are two circular balconies, and a foldout porch swing for your Sylvanian Families to sit and swing on. The sails of the windmill really turn, and the top floor has a working winch and bucket to carry things to the very top. Sylvanian Families Field View Mill is a great home for one of your Sylvanian Families to live in, and is a great imaginative play set toy. Figures sold separately Suitable from 3 yrs+
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    Click here to read the review first published in Ethos – ACT Law Society Journal September 2013 – Issue 229. The successful practice of family law requires mastery of a complex combination of skills and knowledge. Practising Family Law takes up where theory leaves off, providing clear practical guidance on how to conduct family law matters. Step-by-step coverage is provided on the full range of essential skills required in the day-to-day practice of family law in Australia. The third edition of Practising Family Law has been both revised and substantially expanded. Seven new chapters such as Financial Agreements, Family Law in the Federal Magistrates Court, Child Support, and De Facto Financial Proceedings in Family Law have now been included and coverage on dispute resolution and mediation has been extended. Practising Family Law is an excellent resource for practitioners, aspiring family lawyers and students studying family law wishing to consolidate their skills in this dynamic area of legal practice. Features * Clear step by step guidance provides confidence in conducting family law matters. * Fully updated and expanded to include all key aspects of conducting a family law matter.
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