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Will you play is smooth using diplomacy or will you rush into battle crossing blades? - Explore the fantastic world of Westeros into this epic adventurefull of wars, manipulation and secret alliances - Visit famous places such as The Wall or King's Landing - Meet famous characters, faithfully reproduced from the TV series such as Varys the Spider, Jeor Mermont, The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and Cersei Lannister. - Choose your Gamestyle to solve every situation and increase the skills of your characters through two very distinct skill trees - Will you choose diplomacy or your sharp blade? - 30 hours of an epic journey in the fantastic universe of A song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R Martin - Play 2 charismatic characters with their own background, skills and evolution tree - Solve explosive situations using your brutal force of your sillver tongue - Choose between 3 different classes of characters with different combat styles, strengths and weaknesses - Attacker - Deffender - Balanced Use of active Pause: - Active pause will slow down time to let you choose the best strategy to be victorious - Choose your next actions on the skills wheel - you can plan up to 3 actions and cancel them if the situation changes - Use your skill wisely and plan your fight before they start But there is always an alternative to violence... - In the world of Westeros, words are just as sharp as blades - a large number of possible answers lead into different consequences over the scenario - solve situations with dialogs and negociations

Type Game Role Playing