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It's the puzzle craze that's sweeping Britain, and this is the only Sudoku product you'll ever need. Infinite Sudoku is packed with unlimited challenges to keep even the most avid puzzle buff happy and now there's no need to wait for tomorrow's newspaper! It's so easy to use! Don't worry if you've never played Sudoku before - illustrated, easy-to-learn instructions are included so you can learn how to play in minutes. Each puzzle has a logical solution, and doesn't require any mathematical or arithmetic skills. It most often consists of a 9x9 broken down into 9 smaller boxes containing 3x3 squares. To solve a puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 through to 9. Features: - An endless supply of new puzzles to solve - Four grid sizes: 9x9, 8x8, 6x6, 4x4 - Print any puzzle, along with its solution - Email puzzles to friends and family - Solve puzzles from any source - Reveal possible numbers - Highlight wrongly entered numbers - Graded puzzles, from Easy to Devilish - Timer to help you set your pace - 'Panic' button for when the boss appears! - High score table - Save game feature - Number or letter puzzles - Plus many more features!

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